1519 in History
January 4 1st Altenburger sermon (Luther and Karl von Miltitz)
March 13 Cortez lands in Mexico
May 9 Austrian adel/burgerij in uprising against central government
June 28 King Carlos I elected Roman Catholic German emperor Charles V
July 16 Public debate between Martin Luther and theologist John Eck
July 25 San Cristobal de la Habana forms in Cuba
July 26 Pizarro receives royal charter for South American west coast
August 10 Magellan's 5 ship set sail to circumnavigate Earth
August 15 Panama City founded
September 2 1st Battle of Tehuacingo, San Salvador vs Mexico
September 5 2nd Battle of Tehuacingo, Mexico: Hernan Cortes vs Tlascala Aztecs
September 20 Ferdinand Magellan starts 1st successful circumnavigation of world
November 4 Flood ravages Dutch/Friese coast
November 7 University of Leuven convicts teaching of Luther
November 8 1st meeting of Montezuma and Hernando Cortes in Mexico