1521 in History
January 3 Martin Luther excommunicated by Roman Catholic Church
March 6 Magellan discovers Guam
March 16 Magelhaes' fleet discovers Zamal (Samar)
March 16 Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reaches Philippines
March 17 Ferdinand Magellan discovers the Philippines
March 17 Magelhaes lands on Homohon
March 31 Magelhaes takes possession of Homohon, Archipelago of St. Lazarus
April 7 Inquisitor-general Adrian Boeyens bans Lutheran books
April 7 Magelhaes' fleet reaches Cebu
April 16 Martin Luther arrives at Diet of Worms
April 18 Parliament of Worms: Cardinal Alexander questions Maarten Luther
April 21 Battle at Villalar: Emperor Charles I beats Communards
April 22 French king Francois I declares war on Spain
April 28 Treaty of Worms: Emperor Charles names his brother Ferdinand Arch duke of Netherlands-Austria
May 20 Ignatius Loyola seriously wounded by a cannon ball
May 28 Pope Leo X signs treaty with German emperor Charles V
July 25 About 300 heretics burned in Vrijdagmarkt Gent
August 13 Spanish conquerors Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) from Aztecs
August 28 Turkish sultan Suleiman I's troops occupy Belgrade
September 28 Turkish sultan Suleiman I's troops occupy Belgrade
September 29 Turkish troops occupy Belgrade
October 11 Pope Leo X titles King Henry VIII of England "Defender of the Faith"
October 25 Emperor Charles V bans wooden buildings in Amsterdam
November 19 Battle at Milan: Emperor Karel V's/pontifical/Spanish/German troops beat France and occupy Milan
November 20 Arabs attribute shortage of water in Jerusalem to Jews making wine