1529 in History
April 19 2nd Parliament of Spiers bans Lutheranism
April 22 Treaty of Saragosa: Spain and Portugal divide eastern hemisphere
May 6 Battle at Gogra: Mogol emperor Babur beats Afghans and Bengals
May 27 30 Jews of Posing Hungary, charged with blood ritual, burned at stake
June 9 Zurich declares war on Catholic kantons
June 18 Blackfriars begin: Henry VIII and Catharina of Aragon
June 21 Battle at Landriano: Leyva beats France
June 24 Zurich and catholic kantons sign Peace of Kappel
June 29 Emperor Karel V and Pope Clemens VII sign Treaty of Barcelona
July 26 Francisco Pizarro appointed governor of Peru
August 3 "Ladies' Peace" (treaty of Cambrai)-emperor Charles V and King French I
September 22 Cardinal Thomas Wolsey lays-off English Lord Chancellor
October 1 Meeting between Maarten Luther and Huldrych Zwingli
October 14 Sultan Suleiman II ceases Vienna
October 26 Thomas More appointed English Lord Chancellor
November 4 English cardinal Thomas Wolsey arrested