1535 in History
January 6 City of Lima Peru founded by Francisco Pizarro
January 15 Henry VIII declares himself head of English Church
January 18 Francisco Pizarro founds Lima Peru
February 10 12 nude anabaptists run through Amsterdam streets
March 10 Bishop Tomas de Berlanga discovers Galapagos Islands
March 28 Bloemkamp Abbey (Oldeklooster) attacked and destroyed
June 14 Karel V's fleet sails under Andrea Doria to Tunis
June 17 English Catholic Cardinal John Fischer state rights
June 24 Anabaptists Protestants conquered and disbanded
June 24 Hessische troops occupy Munster
July 1 Sir Thomas More goes on trial in England charged with treason
July 14 Emperor Charles V conquerors Tunis
July 22 Christians captured in Tunis in uprising against Admiral Barbarossa
August 15 Asuncion, Paraguay founded
August 31 Pope Paul II deposed and excommunicated King Henry VIII
September 1 French navigator Jacques Cartier reaches Hochelaga (Montreal)
October 2 Jacques Cartier discovers Mount Royal (Montreal)
October 4 1st full English translation of the Bible printed in Switzerland