1547 in History
January 13 Earl Henry Howard of Surrey sentenced to death
January 16 Ivan IV the Terrible (17) crowns himself 1st tsar of Moscow
January 28 9-year-old Edward VI succeeds Henry VIII as king of England
February 3 Russian czar Ivan IV (17) marries Anastasia Romanova
February 20 King Edward VI of England was enthroned following death of Henry VIII
March 31 Henry II succeeds Francois I as king of France
April 24 Battle of Muhlberg: Emperor Karel V vs ruler Johan F the Brave
May 16 Protestant German monarch surrenders to Karel in Wittenberg
May 19 Monarch Johan Frederik surrenders to Karel
June 13 King Ferdinand of Austria subjects himself on Turkish sultan Suleiman
June 20 Count Philip van Hessen captured
June 21 Great fire in Moscow
September 1 Charles demands creation of Imperial League (German state)
September 10 Battle at Pinkie, Midlothian: English beat the Scots
September 10 English demand Edward VI, 10, wed Mary Queen of Scots, 5