1559 in History
January 13 Elizabeth I crowned queen of England in Westminster Abbey
February 16 Pope Paul IV calls for deposition of sovereigns supporting heresy
March 14 Storm floods ravage Gorinchem, Dordrecht and Woudrichem, Netherlands
April 2 England/France signs 1st Treaty of Le Cateau-Cambresis
April 3 Spain and France signs 2nd Treaty of Le Cateau-Cambresis
May 10 Scottish Protestants under John Knox uprise against queen-mother Mary
May 13 Excavated corpse of heretic David Jorisz burned in Basel
June 22 Jewish quarter of Prague burned and looted
June 30 Duke of Montgomery wounds king Henri II during tournament
August 9 Willem of Orange becomes viceroy of Holland/Zealand/Utrecht
August 14 Spanish explorer de Luna lands in Pensacola Bay,Fla
August 22 Spanish archbishop Bartholome de Carranza arrested as heretic
September 19 5 Spanish ships sinks in storm off Tampa, about 600 die