1582 in History
January 15 Russia cedes Livonia and Estonia to Poland, loses access to Baltic
February 19 Francis of Valois becomes duke of Brabant
February 24 Pope Gregory XIII announces New Style (Gregorian) calendar
March 18 Prince Willem of Orange injured in attack at Antwerp
April 3 French van Valois honored as duke of Gelre/earl of Zutphen
June 20 Bishop Domingo de Salazar of Manila suppresses the Philippines
July 22 Willem van Orange moves from Antwerp to Delft
August 22 King James IV of Scotland captured
August 23 French van Valois pays tribute to earl of Flanders
October 4 Last Julian calender day in Spain/Portugal/pontifical states
October 5 Gregorian calendar introduced in Italy, other Catholic countries
October 15 Many Catholic countries switch to Gregorian calendar, skip 10 days
November 27 William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway
November 28 Playwright and poet William Shakespeare weds Anne Hathaway
December 10 France begins use of Gregorian calendar
December 14 Zealand/Brabant Netherlands adopt Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is 12/25
December 15 Leidse university names Rembert Dodoens professor of botany/medicine
December 15 Spanish Netherlands/Denmark/Norway adopt Gregorian calendar
December 21 Flanders adopts Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is Jan 1 1583
December 25 Zealand/Brabant adopts Gregorian calendar, yesterday was Dec 14th