1591 in History
February 3 German monarchy forms Protestant Union of Torgau
March 1 Pope Gregory XIV threatens to excommunicate French king Henri IV
March 13 Battle at Tondibi: Moroccans army under Judar beats sultan Askia Ishaq II of Songhai
April 19 Chartres surrenders to king Henri IV in France
May 20 Spanish troops in Zutphen surrenders to Willem Louis/Mauritius
June 20 Mauritius and Willem van Nassau occupy Devente
August 19 French king Henri IV occupies Rouen
September 9 Battle at Flores Azores: Spanish beat English
September 21 French bishops recognize Henri IV as king of France
October 21 Nijmegen surrenders to Earl Mauritius van Nassau
October 29 Giovanni A Facchinetti elected as Pope Innocentius IX
November 12 Castiliaans army occupies Zaragoza