1643 in History
January 23 Sir Thomas Fairfax takes Leeds for Parliamentarians
February 25 Dutch U.S. colonists kill Algonquin-indians
April 27 Tirso de Molina's "Bellaco Sois, Gomez," premieres in Madrid
May 13 Battle at Grantham: English parliamentary armies beat royalists
May 13 Heavy earthquake strikes Santiago, Chile; kills 1/3 of population
May 14 Louis XIV (4) becomes king of France
May 19 Battle at Rocroi/Allersheim: French army destroys Spanish army
May 19 Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut and New Harbor form United Colonies of New England
June 15 Able Tasmania returns to Batavia after discovering Tasmania
June 18 Skirmish at Chalgrove Field: Prince Rupert parliamentary armies
June 30 Battle at Atherton Moor: Royalists beat parliamentary armies
July 5 1st recorded tornado in U.S. (Essex County, Massachusetts)
July 13 Battle at Roundway Down: Royalists beat parliamentary armies
July 27 Cromwell defeats Royalist at Battle of Gainsborough
September 20 1st battle at Newbury: King Charles I vs Robert Devereux' armies
October 11 Battle at Wincebt: English New Model-army beats royalists
November 24 Battle at Tuttlingen: Beiers army under General Mercy beats France