1657 in History
February 4 Oliver Cromwell grants residency to Luis Caravajal
March 23 France and England form alliance against Spain; England gets Dunkirk
March 31 English Humble Petition offers Lord Protector Cromwell the crown
April 3 English Lord Protector Cromwell refuses crown
April 20 Battle in Santa Cruz Bay, Tenerife: English fleet under Robert Blake sinks Spanish silver fleet
June 1 1st Quakers arrives in New Amsterdam (New York)
July 13 Oliver Cromwell constrains English army leader John Lambert
September 19 Brandenburg and Poland sign Treaty of Wehlau
September 24 1st autopsy and coroner's jury verdict is recorded in state of Maryland
October 1 Treaty of Raalte: Willem II no longer viceroy of Overijssel
October 3 French troops occupy Mardyke
November 6 Brandenburg and Poland sign unity of Bromberg