1658 in History
March 8 Peace of Roskilde between Sweden and Denmark
March 17 Pro-Charles II plot in England discovered
May 24 Battle of Dunes (Spanish-French War) fought
June 14 Battle at Dunes: English and French fleet beat Spanish
June 23 Dutch troops occupy last Portugese Fort Jafnapatnam Ceylon
June 24 French fleet recaptures Duinkerk
June 25 Spanish garrison at Duinkerk surrenders to French and British
July 31 Aurangzeb appoints himself Mongol emperor
August 12 1st U.S. police corps forms (New Amsterdam)
August 15 France/Sweden/Bavarian/Brunswick/Munster/Hessen-Kassel form Rijnbond
August 24 Battle at Grevelingen: English fleet beats Spanish
September 3 Richard Cromwell succeeds his father as English Lord Protector
November 8 Battle of Sont: Swedish fleet beats Dutch
December 9 Dutch troops occupy harbor city Quilon (Coilan) India