1661 in History
March 10 French King Louis XIV ends office of premier
April 23 English king Charles II crowned in London
April 29 Chinese Ming dynasty occupies Taiwan
April 30 Tsjeng Tsj'eng-Kung begins siege of Dutch fort Zeelandia, Formosa
May 3 Johannes Hevelius observes 3rd transit of Mercury ever to be seen
May 25 King Charles II marries Portuguese princess Catherina the Braganca
June 5 Isaac Newton admitted as a student to Trinity College, Cambridge
June 21 Treaty of Kardis: Russia and Sweden sign peace treaty
June 23 Marriage contract for Charles II of England and Catharina of Portugal
July 3 Portugal gives Tanger and Bombay to English King Charles II
July 16 1st banknotes in Europe were issued by Bank of Stockholm
July 27 Parliament confirms Navigation Act
August 6 Holland sells Brazil to Portugal for 8 million guilders
September 1 1st Yacht race, England's King Charles vs his brother James
September 5 French superintendant of Finance Nicolas Fouquet arrested
October 1 Yachting begins in England; King Charles II beats his brother James
December 20 Corporation Act enforced in England