1663 in History
January 6 Great earthquake in New England
January 10 King Charles II affirms charter of Royal African Company
January 23 King Louis XIV affirms covenant with Ronstaten
February 5 Earthquake in Canada
April 1 Gemert fines unwed motherhood (50 guilder penalty)
April 6 King Charles II signs Carolina Charter
April 18 Osman declares war on Austria
May 7 Theatre Royal in Drury Lane London opens
June 8 Battle at Amegical: English and Portugese fleet beats Spanish
July 8 King Charles II of England grants a charter to Rhode Island
July 26 France annexes Venaissin
July 27 English parliament accepts Staple Act
September 13 1st serious slave conspiracy in colonial America (Virginia)
September 25 Austrian Fort Neuhausl surrenders to Turkish invasion army