1667 in History
January 3 Resistance of Androsovo in Russia-Poland
January 3 Russia and Poland sign Truce of Androsovo
January 20 Treaty of Andrussovo-ends 13 year war between Poland and Russia
January 30 Treaty of Andrussovo: Russia and Poland sign peace treaty
February 9 Treaty of Andrussovo: Russia/Poland signs peace treaty
February 25 Abraham Crijnssens fleet reach Fort Willoughby on Suriname River
February 27 Abraham Crijnssen conquerors Fort Willoughby (Zeelandia), Suriname
February 28 English colony Suriname in Dutch hands
March 31 France/England signs anti-Dutch military accord
April 9 1st public art exhibition (Palais-Royale, Paris)
May 23 King Afonso VI of Portugal flees
May 24 French troops attack into Southern Netherlands
June 12 Michiel de Ruyter destroys English fleet
June 21 Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter occupies Sheerness, England
June 25 Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys, French doctor, performs 1st blood transfusion
July 31 Peace of Breda: 2nd English war-Suriname vs New-Netherlands ends
August 5 State of Holland obtain Eternal Edict
August 27 Earliest recorded hurricane in U.S., Jamestown, Virginia
October 18 English fleet plunders Suriname plantations
October 26 Aru Palakka's occupies Makassar (Goa)
November 7 Jean Racine's "Andromaque," premieres in Paris
November 18 Treaty of Bongaja: King Hassan-Udin of Makasar and VOC
December 15 Brandenburg declares himself neutral in Devolutie War