1674 in History
February 9 English reconquer New York from Netherlands
February 19 Netherlands and England sign Peace of Westminster (New York City becomes English)
April 22 Netherlands and Munster sign peace treaty
May 11 Netherlands and Cologne sign peace treaty
May 21 General John Sobieski chosen King of Poland
May 28 German Parliament declares war on France
July 1 Spain, France and Netherlands form Triple Alliance
July 19 Court of Holland bans books of Hobbes/Spinoza/Meyer
August 11 1st Battle of at Seneffe (Louis II Conde vs Willem III)
August 18 Jean Racine's "Iphigenie," premieres in Versailles
September 20 2nd West Indie Company forms
October 11 Pierre Corneille's "Surena," premieres in Paris
October 16 Emperor Leopold I fires chancellor Furst Wenzel Lobkowitz
October 26 Prince Willem III occupies Grave
November 10 Dutch formally cede New Netherlands (NY) to English
December 4 Father Marquette builds 1st dwelling in what is now Chicago