1702 in History
March 8 England Queen Anne ascends throne upon death of King William III
March 11 1st English daily newspaper "Daily Courant," publishes
March 19 James II's daughter Anne Stuart becomes queen of England
March 21 Queen Anne Stuart addresses English parliament
April 20 Comet C/1702 H1 approaches within 0.0437 AUs of Earth
May 14 England and Netherlands declares war on France and Spain
May 14 Swedish troops under King Charles XII occupy Warsaw
May 15 War of Spanish Succession, 1st American conflict between England and France
July 19 Swedish troops under King Charles XII occupy Crackow
August 19 Battle at Santa Marta Venz: English fleet beat French
September 16 Emperor Leopold I declares war on France, Cologne and Bavaria
October 7 English/Dutch troops under Marlborough occupy Roermond
October 12 Battle of Bay of Vigo: Dutch and English fleet destroy and occupy Spanish silver fleet and French squadron
October 13 Dutch/English troops occupy Luik
October 23 Battle in Bay of Vigo: Netherlands/English fleet destroy Spanish/French fleet
October 27 English troops plunder St. Augustine, Florida
November 26 Premiere of Colley Cibber's "King Imposter"