1742 in History
January 24 German leaders elect Charles VII Albert Emperor
February 1 Sardinia and Austria sign alliance
February 2 British Walpole government resigns
February 9 British ex-premier Walpole becomes earl of Orford
February 16 Earl of Wilmington becomes British premier
April 13 George Frederic Handel's "Messiah" performed for 1st time (Dublin)
May 17 Frederick great (Emperor of Prussia) beats Austrians
May 28 1st indoor swimming pool opens (Goodman's Fields, London)
June 9 Battle of Bloody Marsh-Spanish assault on Simons Island, Georgia
June 11 Benjamin Franklin invents his Franklin stove
July 28 Prussia and Austria sign peace treaty
August 29 Edmond Hoyle published his "Short Treatise" on the card game whist
September 24 Faneuil Hall opens to public
November 18 Prussia and England sign anti-French military covenant
December 1 Empress Elisabeth orders expulsion of all Jews from Russia
December 13 Willem KH Friso tests his mothers potatoes