1746 in History
January 3 Bonnie Prince Charlies army leaves Glasgow,
January 8 Bonnie Prince Charlie's troops occupy Stirling
January 14 Bonnie Prince Charlie's army leaves Glasgow
January 17 Battle of Falkirk, Scotland-Edward I defeats and massacres Scots
January 19 Bonnie Prince Charlies troops occupy Stirling
February 10 English Pelham government resigns
February 14 Henry Pelham appointed English premier
February 20 Bonnie Prince Charlie occupies Castle of Inverness
February 22 French troops conquer Brussels
February 22 Jakobijnse troops vacate Aberdeen
February 25 Cumberlands troops occupy Aberdeen
March 3 Bonnie Prince Charlie occupies Castle of Inverness
March 5 Jakobijnse troops leave Aberdeen
March 8 Cumberland's troops occupy Aberdeen
May 22 Russia and Austria signs treaty of cooperation
June 1 French troops conquer Antwerp
June 2 Russia and Austria sign agreements
June 16 Battle at Piacenza: Austria and Sardinia beat Spanish and French army
July 10 Bonnie Prince Charlie flees in disguise to Isle of Skye
September 20 Bonnie Prince Charlie flees to France from Scotland
September 21 French expeditionary army occupies Labourdonnais and Dupleix Madras
September 23 Jacob Gilles appointed Dutch pension advisor
October 1 Bonnie Prince Charlie flees to France
October 11 Battle at Rocourt: French drive out English/Austria/Netherlands armies
October 22 Princeton University in New Jersey received its charter
October 28 Peruvian cities of Lima and Callao demolished by earthquake, 18,000 die