1752 in History
January 3 East Indies invasion "Geldermalsen" leaves at Malakka: 92 killed
January 15 Tobias Smollett publishes pamphlet accusing Fielding of plagiarism
February 3 Dutch States-General forbid export of windmills
February 11 Pennsylvania Hospital, the 1st hospital in the U.S., opened
March 23 Pope Stephen II elected to succeed Zacharias, died 2 days later
May 10 Benjamin Franklins 1st tests the lightning rod
May 11 1st U.S. fire insurance policy issued (Philadelphia)
June 3 Moscow houses and churchs destroyed by fire
June 5 Prince Willem van Orange becomes Knight of Garter
June 6 3rd great fire in Moscow in 2 weeks; 1/3 of city destroyed
June 9 French army surrenders to the English in Trichinopoly India
June 10 Ben Franklin's kite is struck by lightning-what a shock!
June 15 Ben Franklin's performs his kite-flying experiment
September 1 Liberty Bell arrives in Philadelphia
September 2 Last day of Julian calendar in Britain, British colonies
September 2 Last Julian calender day in U.S. and England (no Sept 3-Sept 13th)
September 3 This day never happened nor next 10 as England adopts Gregorian Calendar. People riot thinking the government stole 11 days of their lives
September 3 U.S. adopts Gregorian calender (becomes Sept 14)
September 14 U.S. and England adopts Gregorian calender (no Sept 3-Sept 13th)
October 18 Premiere of Rousseau's opera "Le Devin du Village"
November 3 Georg Friedrich Handel undergoes (failed) eye operation
November 11 Theresianische Military Academy opens in Vienna