1791 in History
February 17 Messier catalogs M83 (spiral galaxy in Hydra)
February 25 1st Bank of U.S. chartered
March 3 1st internal revenue act (taxing distilled spirits and carriages)
March 3 Congress establishes U.S. Mint
March 4 1st Jewish member of U.S. Congress, Israel Jacobs (PA), takes office
March 4 President Washington calls the U.S. Senate into its 1st special session
March 4 Vermont admitted as 14th state (1st addition to the 13 colonies)
March 10 John Stone, Concord, Massachusetts, patents a pile driver
March 10 Pope condemns France's Civil Constitution of the clergy
March 11 Samuel Mulliken, Philadelphia, is 1st to obtain more than 1 U.S. patent
March 21 Captain Hopley Yeaton of New Hampshire becomes 1st commissioned officer in Revenue Cutter Service
June 20 King Louis XVI caught trying to escape French Revolution
June 21 Fleeing French King Louis XVI and family captured at Varennes-en-Argonne
July 5 Jose Maria Narvaez discovers Point Grey (now Vancouver BC)
August 2 Samuel Briggs and his son, patent nail-making machine
August 4 Austria and Turkey sign Peace of Sistova
August 19 Benjamin Banneker published his 1st Almanac
August 20 Danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering discovers Alaska
August 22 Haitian Slave Revolution begins under voodoo priest Boukman
August 26 John Fitch grants U.S. patent for his working steamboat
September 3 French Constitution passed by French National Assembly
September 6 Mozarts opera "La Clemenza di Tito," premieres in Prague
September 13 France's King Louis XVI accepts constitution
September 30 Mozart's opera "Magic Flute" premieres in Vienna
October 1 1st session of new French legislative assembly
October 1 Dutch prince Willem Frederik marries his niece princess Frederika Louise Wilhelmina of Prussia
November 3 Battle at Wabash: indians assault general St. Clair/killed 637 soldiers
November 15 1st Catholic college in U.S., Georgetown, opens
December 4 Britain's Observer, oldest Sunday newspaper in world, 1st published
December 12 Bank of U.S. opens
December 15 1st U.S. law school established at University of Pennsylvania
December 15 Bill of Rights ratified when Virginia gave its approval
December 17 New York City traffic regulation creates 1st 1-way street