1799 in History
January 9 Income Tax introduced in UK
January 10 Friedrich von Schiller's "Die Piccolomini," premieres in Weimar
January 14 Eli Whitney receives government contract for 10,000 muskets
January 14 King of Naples flees before advancing French armies
January 21 Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccination is introduced
January 25 1st U.S. patent for a seeding machine, Eliakim Spooner, Vermont
February 9 USS Constellation captures French frigate Insurgents off Nevis, W I
February 13 1st U.S. law regulating insurance passed, by Massachusetts
February 15 1st U.S. printed ballots authorized, Pennsylvania
February 25 1st federal forestry legislation authorizes purchase of timber land
February 25 Congress passes 1st federal quarantine legislation
March 2 Congress standardizes U.S. weights and measures
March 6 Napolean captures Jaffa Palestine
March 12 Austria declares war on France
March 19 Joseph Haydn's "Die Schopfung," premieres in Vienna
March 26 Napolean captures Jaffa Palestine
March 28 New York State abolished slavery
April 14 Napoleon called for establishing Jerusalem for Jews
April 20 Friedrich von Schiller's "Wallensteins Tod," premieres in Weimar
April 20 Napoleon issues a decree calling for establishing Jerusalem for Jews
June 22 England and Russia decide to invade Bataafse Republic
July 24 William Clark (of Lewis and Clark) is willed the slave York
July 25 French-Egyptian forces under Napolean I beat Turks at Battle of Abukir
August 13 English fleet under lord Seymour overthrows Suriname
August 27 English invasion army lands in North-Holland
August 30 Bataafse fleet surrender to English
September 1 Bank of Manhattan Company opens in New York City (forerunner to Chase Manhattan)
September 19 English and Russian invasion army conquerors Receiver
October 2 Duke of York and Russians capture Alkmaar in Netherlands
October 6 Battle at Castricum: French and Bataafs army beats English/Russian army
October 9 British frigate HMS Lutine sinks off Dutch coast
October 10 Convention of Alkmaar: English/Russian invasion army departs
October 22 Russia leaves second anti-French Coalition
November 9 Napoleon becomes dictator (1st consul) of France
December 10 Metric system established in France
December 18 George Washington's body interred at Mount Vernon
December 24 Jakobijns plot against Napoleon uncovered
December 26 George Washington is eulogized by Col Henry Lee as "1st in war, 1st in peace and 1st in hearts of his countrymen"