1803 in History
January 11 Monroe and Livingston sail for Paris to buy New Orleans; they buy La
February 4 William Dunlap, adapts French melodrama "Voice of Nature"
February 14 Apple parer patented by Moses Coats, Downington, Pennsylvania
February 19 Congress accepts Ohio's constitution, statehood not ratified till 1953
February 24 Supreme Court 1st rules a law unconstitutional (Marbury vs. Madison)
February 25 1,800 sovereign German states unite into 60 states
February 27 Great fire in Bombay, India
March 1 Ohio becomes 17th state
March 3 1st impeachment trial of a federal judge, John Pickering, begins
March 19 Johann von Schillers "Die Braut von Messina," premieres in Weimar
April 1 French law rules the use of intention
April 5 1st performance of Beethoven's 2nd Symphony in D
April 26 Meteorites fall in L'Aigle, France
April 30 U.S. doubles in size through Louisiana Purchase
May 16 Peace of Amiens ends
May 17 John Hawkins and Richard French patent the Reaping Machine
May 18 Britain declares war on France after Napoleon Bonaparte continues interfering in Italy and Switzerland
May 22 1st public library opens (Connecticut)
July 23 Robert Emmett's insurrected in Dublin
August 9 1st horses arrive in Hawaii
September 23 Battle of Assaye-British-Indian forces beat Maratha Army
October 20 U.S. Senate ratifies Louisiana Purchase
November 18 Battle of Vertieres, in which Haitians defeat French
November 29 Dessalines and Christophe declare St. Domingue (Haiti) independent
November 30 Spain cedes her claims to Louisiana Territory to France
December 20 Louisiana Purchase formally transferred from France to U.S. for $27M