1832 in History
January 2 1st Curling club in U.S. (Orchard Lake Curling Club) opens
January 6 New England Anti-Slavery Society organizes (Boston)
January 16 Charles Darwin lands at San Tiago, Cape Verde
January 17 Johannes van den Bosch appointed Governor-General of Dutch-Indies
February 6 1st appearance of cholera at Edinburgh, Scotland
February 6 U.S. ship destroys Sumatran village in retaliation for piracy
February 12 Ecuador annexes Gal pagos Islands
February 13 1st appearance of cholera at London
February 16 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reache St-Pauls, 1 degrees N, 29 degrees W
February 20 Charles Darwin visits Fernando Noronha in Atlantic Ocean
February 26 Polish constitution abolished/replaced by Czar Nicholas I
February 29 Charles Darwin visits jungle near Bahia Brazil
March 23 British Parliament passes reform bill
March 24 Mormon Joseph Smith beaten, tarred and feathered in Ohio
April 4 Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle reaches Rio de Janeiro
April 8 Charles Darwin begins trip through Rio de Janeiro
May 7 Greece becomes independent republic
May 7 Otto of Bavaria is chosen king of Greece
May 12 Gaetano Donizetti's opera "L'elisir d'amore," premieres in Milan
May 14 Felix Mendelssohn's "Hebrides," premieres
May 21 1st Democratic National Convention (Baltimore)
May 30 Evariste Galois give his theory on free assembly (dies in duel May 31)
June 4 3rd national black convention meets, Philadelphia
June 16 Battle of Kellogg's Grove, Illinois
June 22 John Howe patents pin manufacturing machine
June 28 Gerrit Moll measures noise of guns
July 4 "America" 1st sung publicly in Boston
July 5 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin depart Rio de Janeiro
July 10 President Jackson vetoed legislation to re-charter 2nd Bank of US
July 13 Source of Mississippi River discovered, Henry R. Schoolcraft
July 14 Opium exempted from federal tariff duty
July 25 1st railroad accident in U.S., Granite Railway, Quincy, Mass-1 dies
July 26 HMS Beagle anchors in Montevideo
August 2 1,300 Illinois militia defeat Sac and Fox indians, end Black Hawk War
August 2 Black Hawk defeated in Iowa
August 2 Whites decimate Indians in Battle of Bad Axe River, Wisconsin
August 9 King Leopold I of Belgium marries Louisa Maria
August 15 Gregory XVI encyclical On liberalism and religious indifferentism
August 27 Black Hawk, leader of Sauk-indians, gives himself up
September 3 Rebellious slaves set fire to Paramaribo Suriname
November 14 1st streetcar (horse-drawn) (John Mason) debuts in New York City; fare 12 cents rode on 4th Avenue between Prince and 14th Streets
November 15 Felix Mendelssohn's "Reformation," premieres
November 23 French take Antwerp in liberation of Belgium
November 24 South Carolina passes Ordinance of Nullification
November 26 1st streetcar railway in America starts operating (New York City) (12 cent fare)
December 4 French army begins bombing citadel of Antwerp
December 5 Andrew Jackson re-elected president of US
December 17 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin sails in Strait Le Maire
December 18 Charles Darwin visits Vurland
December 22 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reaches Barnevelts Islands
December 23 Dutch troops in Antwerp surrender
December 24 HMS Beagle anchors in Wigwam Bay at Cape Receiver
December 25 Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in St. Martin at Cape Receiver
December 28 John Calhoun becomes 1st Vice President to resign over differences with President Jackson