1834 in History
January 1 German Tolunie goes into effect
January 5 Kiowa Indians record this as the night the stars fell
January 9 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin arrive in Port San Julian, Patagonia
January 29 President Jackson orders 1st use of U.S. troops to suppress a labor dispute
February 18 1st U.S. labor newspaper, "The Man," published, New York City
February 26 1st U.S. interstate crime compact (New York - New Jersey) ratified
March 6 Toronto incorporated with William Lyon Mackenzie as its 1st mayor
March 16 HMS Beagle anchors at Berkeley Sound, Falkland Islands
March 18 1st railroad tunnel in U.S. completed, in Pennsylvania (275 m long)
March 28 Senate censure President Jackson for taking federal deposits from Bank of U.S.
April 13 HMS Beagle anchors at river mouth of Rio Santa Cruz, Patagonia
April 18 Charles Darwin sails to Rio Santa Cruz up Patagonia
April 29 Charles Darwin's expedition sees top of Andes from Patagonia
May 1 Belgian parliament accept railway laws
May 4 Charles Darwin's expedition reaches 200 km from Atlantic Ocean
May 5 Charles Darwin's expedition begins at Rio Santa Cruz
May 8 Charles Darwin's expedition returns to the Beagle
May 8 Prussia, Austria and Russia sign classified accord about Belgium
May 26 Portuguese Civil war ends, Dom Miguel capitulates
June 1 HMS Beagle for anchor in Port Famine, Magallanes Street
June 2 5th national black convention meet, New York City
June 8 HMS Beagle sails from Port Famine to Cape Turn
June 10 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin sails Pacific Ocean
June 14 Hardhat diving suit patented by Leonard Norcross, Dixfield, Maine
June 14 Isaac Fischer, Jr. patents sandpaper
June 14 Sandpaper patented by Isaac Fischer, Jr., Springfield, Vermont
June 15 Rioters in Safed Palestine kills many Jews
June 21 Cyrus Hall McCormick patents reaping machine
June 25 Pope Gregory XVI's encyclical "Singulari nos" published
June 30 Congress creates Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
July 5 Provisional government forms in Oregon Country
July 23 HMS Beagle anchors in Bay of Valparaiso
August 1 Slavery abolished through out the British Empire
August 16 Charles Darwin climbs Mount Campana in Chile
August 17 Charles Darwin reaches top of Campana, Chile
August 18 Mount Vesuvius erupts
September 14 Charles Darwin's company passes Tagua-tagua-more Chile
September 27 Charles Darwin returns to Valparaiso
October 4 Franz Grillparzer's "Der Traum ein Leben," premieres in Vienna
October 14 1st black to obtain a U.S. patent, Henry Blair, for a corn planter
October 16 London parliament catches fire; historic documents burn
November 1 1st published reference to poker (as Mississippi riverboat game)
November 10 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin sails from Valparaiso
November 14 William Thomson enters Glasgow University at 10 years 4 months
November 21 HMS Beagle anchors at Bay of San Carlos, Chile
November 23 Hector Berlioz's "Harold in Italy," premieres
November 25 Delmonico's, one of New York's finest restaurants, provides a meal of soup, steak, coffee and half a pie for 12 cents
December 3 1st U.S. dental society organized (NY)
December 23 Joseph Hansom of London receives patent for Hansom cabs
December 25 Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas on Beagle at Tres Montes, Chile