1850 in History
January 5 California Exchange opens
January 18 British blockade Piraeus, Greece to enforce mercantile claims
January 20 Investigator, 1st ship to effect northwest passage, leaves England
January 22 Alta California becomes a daily paper, 1st such in Calif
January 26 1st German-language daily newspaper in U.S. published, New York City
January 29 Henry Clay introduces a comprise bill on slavery to U.S. Senate
February 5 Adding machine employing depressible keys patented, New Paltz, New York
February 12 Original Washington's Farewell Address manuscript sells for $2,300
February 18 California Legislature creates 9 Bay Area counties
March 7 Daniel Webster endorses Compromise of 1850
March 11 Woman's Medical College of Penn (1st female medical school)
March 12 1st U.S. $20 gold piece issued
March 16 Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter" published
March 18 Henry Wells and William Fargo forms American Express in Buffalo
March 29 Ireland's SS Royal Adelaide sinks in storm; 200 die
March 31 U.S. population hits 23,191,876 (Black population: 3,638,808 (15.7%))
April 1 San Francisco County Government established
April 4 City of Los Angeles incorporated
April 15 City of San Francisco incorporated
April 25 Paul Julius Reuter, use 40 pigeons to carry stock market prices
May 1 John Geary becomes 1st San Francisco mayor
May 11 Work starts on 1st brick building in San Francisco
May 27 Mormon Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois destroyed by tornado
June 4 Empire Engine Company No 1 organized
June 4 Self deodorizing fertilizer patented in England
June 6 Levi Strauss made his 1st blue jeans
June 10 Millard Fillmore sworn-in as president of U.S. (replacing Taylor)
June 14 Fire destroys part of San Francisco
June 17 Paddle-wheeler "G P Griffith" burns off Mentor Ohio, 206 die
June 19 Swedish/Norwegian crown prince Charles weds Dutch princess Wilhelmina
June 29 British ex-premier sir Robert Peel falls off his horse
July 1 At least 626 ships lie at anchor around San Francisco Bay
July 2 Benjamin Lane patents gas mask with a breathing apparatus
July 7 Scottish explorer Edward Eyre reaches Albany, W-Australia
July 10 Vice President Fillmore becomes President following Zachary Taylor's death
July 12 Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts establishment of Provincial States
July 14 1st public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration
July 15 John Wisden bowls all 10 South batsmen, North vs. South at Lord's
July 17 Harvard Observatory takes 1st photograph of a star, Vega
July 19 Airship Elizabeth leaves in storm for Fire Island, crashes (42 die)
July 23 17th Postmaster General: Nathan K Hall of New York takes office
July 25 Gold discovered in Oregon, Rogue River
August 23 1st national women's rights convention convenes in Worcester Mass
August 28 Richard Wagner's opera "Lohengrin" premieres at Weimar Germany
August 30 Honolulu, Hawaii becomes a city
September 9 California becomes 31st state
September 9 Territories of New Mexico and Utah created
September 11 "Swedish Nightingale" Jenny Lind gives 1st U.S. concert
September 17 Great fire in San Francisco
September 18 Congress passes Fugitive Slave Law as part of Compromise of 1850
September 20 Slave trade abolished in DC, but slavery allowed to continue
September 24 Papal Bull issued, establishes Roman Catholic hierarchy in England
September 28 U.S. Navy abolishes flogging as punishment
October 12 1st women's medical school (Women's Medical College of Penns), opens
October 17 Knickerbocker Engine Co Number 5 organized
November 6 1st Hawaiian fire engine
November 6 Yerba Buena and Angel Islands (SF Bay) reserved for military use
November 19 Lord Tennyson becomes British poet laureate
December 20 Hawaiian post office established
December 27 Hawaiian Fire Department established
December 28 Rangoon Burma, destroyed by fire