1851 in History
January 1 City of Glasgow steamer inaugurates Philadelphia-Liverpool line
January 15 GGeneralen Arista replaces Mexican President Herrera
January 25 Sojourner Truth addresses 1st Black Women's Rights Convention (Akron)
January 28 Northwestern University in Chicago chartered
January 31 Gail Borden announces invention of evaporated milk
January 31 SF Orphan's Asylum, 1st in California, founded
February 6 Robert Schumann's 3rd Symphony "Rhenisch," premieres in Dusseldorf
February 11 1st cricket 1st-class game in Australia, Tasmania vs. Vic, Launceston
February 15 Black abolitionists invade Boston courtroom rescueing a fugitive slave
March 3 Congress authorizes smallest U.S. silver coin (3 cent piece)
March 6 Dion Boucicault's "Love in a Maze," premieres in London
March 7 Poll tax levied on Russo-Polish Jews entering Austrian Galicia ends
March 11 Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Rigoletto," premieres in Venice
March 21 Yosemite Valley discovered in California
April 15 Earl G. Andrassy sentenced to death in Hungary
April 23 Canada issues its 1st postage stamps
May 1 Great Exhibition opens in Chrystal Palace London
May 3 Most of San Francisco destroyed by fire; 30 die
May 4 1st major San Francisco fire
May 6 Dr. John Gorrie patents a "refrigeration machine"
May 6 Linus Yale patents Yale-lock
May 6 San Francisco Chamber of Commerce starts
May 15 Rama IV, Phra Chomklao Chaoyuhua, king of Thailand 1851 - 1868, crowned
May 18 Amsterdam-Nieuwediep telegraph connection linked
May 28 Sojourner Truth attends Women's Rights Convention
June 2 1st U.S. alcohol prohibition law enacted, Maine
June 3 1st baseball uniforms worn, New York Knickerbockers wear straw hat, white shirt and blue long trousers
June 15 Jacob Fussell, Baltimore dairyman, sets up 1st ice-cream factory
June 22 Fire destroys part of San Francisco
July 13 John F. Loudon discovers tin on East Indian Island of Billiton
July 23 Treaty of Traverse des Sioux signed by Sioux Indians and U.S.
July 24 Window tax abolished in Britain
July 28 Total solar eclipse captured on a daguerreotype photograph
August 12 1st America's Cup-U.S. schooner America beats British yacht Aurora
August 12 Isaac Singer patents sewing machine
August 22 Gold fields discovered in Australia
August 22 Yacht "America" wins 1st Royal Yacht Squadron Cup (America's Cup)
September 18 New York Times starts publishing at 2 cents a copy
October 1 1st Hawaiian stamps issued
October 24 William Lassell discovers Ariel and Umbriel, satellites of Uranus
October 30 Alfred de Mussets "Bettine," premieres in Paris
November 2 Louis Napoleon takes power in France
November 11 Alvan Clark patents telescope
November 13 1st meeting of anti-revolutionary "Netherlands and Orange"
November 13 Telegraph connection between London-Paris linked
November 14 "Moby Dick," by Herman Melville, published
November 22 Opera "La Perle Du Bresil" is produced (Paris)
December 4 President Louis Napolean Boaparte forces crush a coup d'etat in France
December 9 1st Young Men's Christian Association in North America (Montreal)
December 24 Fire devastates Library of Congress in Wash, destroys 35,000 volumes
December 24 U.S. Library of Congress catches fire; 35,000 books burn
December 29 1st Young Men's Christian Association chapter opened (Boston)