1862 in History
January 1 1st U.S. income tax (3% of incomes > $600, 5% of incomes > $10,000)
January 1 Battle of Ft. McRee, Florida Battle of Port Royal, South Carolina (Port Royal Ferry)
January 3 Romney Campaign-Stonewall Jackson moves north from Winchester
January 4 Battle of Helena, AK
January 4 Romney Campaign-Stonewall Jackson occupies Bath
January 7 Battle of Manassas Junction, VA
January 7 Romney Campaign-Stonewall Jackson march towards Romney, WV
January 10 Battle of Big Sandy River, Kentucky (Middle Creek)
January 10 Battle of Romney, WV
January 17 BBT Ft. Henry, Tennessee by USS Lexington
January 18 Confederate Territory of Arizona forms
January 19 Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky (Fishing Creek, Logan's Crossroads)
January 22 Confederate government raises premium for volunteers from $10 to $20
January 23 Agoston Haraszthy, 1st vintner in Sonoma Valley, imports 10,000
January 24 Romania principality arises under King Alexander Cuza
January 26 Lincoln issues General War Order #1, calling for a Union offensive McClellan ignores order
January 30 U.S. Navy's 1st ironclad warship, the Monitor, launched
January 31 Telescope maker Alvin Clark discovers dwarf companion of Sirius
February 1 Julia Howe publishes "Battle Hymn of Republic"
February 6 General Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Henry in Tennessee
February 6 Naval Engagement at Tennessee River - USS Conestago vs CSS Appleton Belle
February 6 Ulysses S. Grant begins military campaign in Mississippi
February 7 Federal fleet attack on Roanoke Island NC
February 8 Battle of Roanoke Island NC, Federals gain control of Pamlico Sound
February 8 Opera "Lily of Killarney," premieres in London
February 10 Dutch 2nd government of Thorbecke forms
February 14 Galena, 1st U.S. iron-clad warship for service at sea, launched, Connecticut
February 15 Grant's major assault on Ft. Donelson, Tennessee
February 16 Ft. Donelson captured by General Grant (1,400 confederates surrender)
February 21 Confederate Constitution and presidency are declared permanent
February 21 Texas Rangers win Confederate victory at Battle of Val Verde, New Mexico
February 25 Congress forms U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
February 25 Paper currency introduced in U.S. by President Abraham Lincoln
February 26 Battle of Woodburn, Kentucky
February 28 Opera "La Reine de Saba," premieres in Paris
March 3 Battle of New Madrid MO-captured by Union forces
March 3 General Pope lays siege in front of New Madrid
March 5 Union troops under Brigadier-General Wright occupy Fernandina Florida
March 6 Battle of Pea Ridge, AR (Elkhorn Tavern)
March 7 Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, Day 2, Gens McCulloch and McIntosh killed
March 8 Battle of Elkhorn Tavern ends with Confederate withdrawal
March 8 Confederate ironclad "Merrimack" launched
March 8 Naval Engagement at Hampton Roads, Virginia CSS Virginia, Jamestown and Yorktown vs USS Cumberland, Congress and Monitor
March 9 "Monitor" (Union) and "Merrimack" (Rebel) battle in Hampton Roads
March 10 Great Britain and France recognizes independence of Zanzibar
March 10 U.S. issues 1st paper money ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1000)
March 11 General Stonewall Jackson evacuates Winchester Virginia Army of the Potomac, General Henry Halleck is named general-in-chief
March 14 Battle of New Bern NC: General Burnside conquers New Bern
March 15 General John Hunt Morgan begins 4 days of raids near Gallatin, Tennessee
March 16 Battle at Pound Gap Kentucky: Confederates separate battles
March 22 San Marino and Italy conclude treaty of friendship and cooperation
March 23 Battle of Kernstown VA-Jackson begins his Valley Campaign
March 26 Battle of La Glorieta Pass, New Mexico Territory (Apache Canyon, Pigeon's Ranch)
March 28 Skirmish at Bealeton Station, Virginia
March 31 Civil War action at Island #10 on Mississippi River
April 1 Shenandoah Valley campaign, Jackson's Battle of Woodstock, VA
April 4 Battle of Yorktown begins
April 4 U.S. begins Peninsular Campaign aimed at capturing Richmond
April 5 Siege of Yorktown, Virginia
April 6 Battle of Shiloh, Union defeats Confederacy in SW Tennessee
April 7 Grant defeats Confederates at Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, Island #10 falls
April 8 John D. Lynde patents aerosol dispenser
April 11 Rebels surrender Ft. Pulaski, Georgia-Rebels surrender
April 12 James Andrews steals Confederate train (General) at Kennesaw, Georgia
April 12 Union troops occupy Fort Pulaski Georgia
April 14 Battle of Ft. Pillow Tennessee
April 16 Slavery abolished in District of Columbia
April 16 U.S. Confederate Congress calls up all white males (18-35 years)
April 18 Battle of Ft. Jackson, Ft. St. Philip and New Orlean's, Louisiana
April 21 Congress establishes U.S. Mint in Denver, Colorado
April 21 Ellen Price Wood's "East Lynne, premieres in Boston
April 25 Battle of New Orleans LA - U.S. Admiral Farragut occupies New Orleans
April 29 100,000 federal troops prepare to march into Corinth, Mississippi
April 29 New Orleans fell to Union forces during Civil War
April 30 Swift Run Gap, West Virginia skirmishes
May 1 Union captain David Farragut conquers New Orleans
May 4 Battle at Williamsburg, Virginia
May 4 Yorktown, Virginia - McClellan halted his troop before town as it is full of armed torpedoes left by CS Brigadier General Gabrial Rains
May 5 French army intervenes in Puebla, Mexico: Cinco de Mayo
May 5 Peninsular Campaign-Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia
May 7 Battle of West Point, Virginia (Eltham's Landing, Barnhamsville)
May 7 Much of Enschede Netherlands destroyed by fire
May 8 Valley Campaign: Federals repulsed at Battle of McDowell Va
May 9 Battle of Farmington, Mississippi
May 9 U.S. Naval Academy relocated from Annapolis Maryland to Newport, Rhode Island
May 10 Battle of Plum Run Bend, Tennessee (Plum Point Bend)
May 11 Confederates scuttle CSS Virginia off Norfolk, Virginia
May 12 Federal troops occupies Baton Rouge Louisiana
May 14 Adolphe Nicole of Switzerland patents chronograph
May 15 Battle of Drewry's Bluff (Ft. Darling), Virginia
May 15 Confederate cruiser The Alabama runs aground near London
May 15 Department of Agriculture created
May 15 General Benjamin F Butler delegates "Woman Order" of NO to be his whores
May 15 Union Grounds, Brooklyn, 1st baseball enclosure, opens
May 16 Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir builds 1st automobile
May 17 Battle of Princeton, West Virginia, ends, about 128 casualities
May 19 Homestead Act becomes law provides cheap land for settlement of West
May 23 Battle at Front Royal, Virginia
May 23 Valley Campaign-Stonewall Jackson takes Ft. Royal, Virginia
May 24 Beardslee field telegraph used for 1st time
May 24 Westminster Bridge across Thames opens
May 25 Battle of Winchester, Virginia
May 27 Battle of Hanover Court House, Virginia (Slash Church, Peake's Station)
May 30 Battle of Booneville, Mississippi - captured General Beauregard evacuates Corinth
May 30 Battle of Front Royal, Virginia
May 31 Battle of Seven Pines Virginia (Fair Oaks)
June 1 2nd/last day of battle at Fair Oaks/7 Pines Virginia (11,165 casualties)
June 1 General Lee assumes command after Joe Johnston is injured at 7 Pines
June 1 Slavery abolished in all U.S. possessions
June 2 General Robert E Lee takes command of Confederate armies of E Virginia and NC
June 2 Raid at Early's: Maryland towards Washington D.C.
June 4 Confederates evacuate Ft. Pillow, Tennessee
June 6 Battle of Memphis-city is surrendered
June 6 Battle of Port Royal, South Carolina, Port Royal Ferry
June 6 Skirmish at Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania
June 7 General B. Butler orders William Mumford hanged after he removed and destroyed U.S. flag on display over New Orleans Mint
June 7 Skirmish at Union Church, Virginia (Peninsular)
June 8 Valley Campaign-Battle of Cross Keys, Virginia
June 9 Battle of Port Republic, last of 5 battles in Jacksons Valley camp
June 15 General JEB Stuart completes his "ride around McClellan"
June 19 Slavery outlawed in U.S. territories
June 25 Battle of Oak Grove, Virginia (Orchard, Henrico, French's Field) (Kings's Schoolhouse) Day 1 of 7 Days
June 26 Battle of Beaver Dam Creek-Union repulses Confederacy in Virginia
June 26 Day 2 of 7 Days-Battle of Mechanicsville Virginia (Meadow Bridge)
June 26 U.S. Army of Virginia established under General John Pope
June 27 Battle at Garnett's/Golding's Farms, Virginia
June 27 Battle of Gaines' Mill, Virginia (Cold Harbor, Chickahominy Bluffs) Day 3
June 28 Day 4 of 7 Days-Battle of Savage's Station/Garnett's Farm, Virginia
June 29 Day 5 of 7 Days-Battle of Savage's Station, Virginia
June 30 Battle at Nelson's Farm, Virginia
June 30 Battle at Turkey Bridge Virginia: Confederate assault attack
June 30 Day 6 of 7 Days-Battle of White Oak Swamp Virginia (Frayser's Farm)
June 30 Gustave Flaubert completes "Salammbo"
July 1 Battle at Booneville Mississippi: Confederate superior power driven out
July 1 Battle of Holly Spring, MS
July 1 Battle of Malvern Hill, Virginia (Harrison's Landing, Crew's Farm)
July 1 Congress outlaws polygamy (1st time); bad news for Utah
July 1 Day 7 of 7 Days-Battle of Malvern Hill (Poindexter's Farm) Day 7 of Seven Days US15,249 CS17,583
July 1 Emperor Alexander II grants Jews right to publish books
July 1 Internal Revenue Law imposes 1st federal taxes on inheritance, tobacco and on incomes over $600 (progressive rate)
July 2 Lincoln signs act granting land for state agricultural colleges
July 4 Battle at Green River Kentucky (Morgan's Ohio Raid)
July 4 Battle of Port Royal, South Carolina (Port Royal Ferry)
July 4 Lewis Carroll creates Alice in Wonderland for Alice P. Liddell
July 6 Skirmish at Devall's Bluff Arkansas (106 casualties)
July 7 Land Grant Act endows state colleges with federal land
July 8 Odore R Timby patents revolving gun turret
July 9 General John Hunt Morgan captures Tompkinsville, Kentucky
July 10 U.S. begins construction of Central Pacific Railroad
July 11 Lincoln appoints General Halleck general-in-chief
July 12 Congress authorizes Medal of Honor
July 12 Federal troops occupy Helena, Arkansas
July 13 Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Forrest's Raid) US895 CS150
July 15 CSS Arkansas vs USS Cardondelet and Queen of the West engage at Yazoo R
July 16 David G Farragut is 1st rear Admiral in U.S. Navy
July 17 Naval Engagement at Pascagoula River MS: USS Potomac Expedition
July 17 R John Hunt Morgan:Cynthiana, Kentucky CS24 US17 Skirmish at Columbia, Tennessee
July 17 U.S. Army authorized to accept blacks as laborers
July 17 United army officially divides corps
July 18 Battle of Newburgh, IN - captured by Union forces
July 19 Forrest's 1st raid
July 27 Hurricane hits Canton; about 40,000 die
July 27 Steamer "Golden Gate" burns and sinks off west coast of Mexico
July 28 Confederate forces defeated at More's Hill, Mo
August 4 U.S. government collects its 1st income tax
August 5 Battle of Baton Rouge, LA
August 6 Confederate Army ironclad "Arkansas" is badly damaged in Union attack
August 9 Battle of Cedar Mountain Virginia (Slaughter Mountain, Southwest Mountain)
August 9 Berlioz' opera "Beatrice et Benedict," premieres in Baden-Baden
August 9 Prelude to 2nd Manassas, Jackson is victorious at Battle of Cedar Mt., however General Charles S. Winder is killed
August 10 Battle of Nueces River, Texas
August 12 General John Hunt Morgan and his raiders capture Gallatin, TX
August 14 Lincoln receives 1st group of blacks to confer with U.S. president
August 17 Confederate troops under Kirby Smith enter Kentucky
August 18 General Lee's adjutant major Stuart captured
August 18 Sioux Indians begin uprising in Minnesota
August 22 Battle of Catlett's Station VA
August 22 Santee Sioux indian attack Fort Ridgely
August 23 Skirmish at Big Hill, Kentucky (2 Federal regiments)
August 25 Secretary of War authorizes General Rufus Saxton to arm 5,000 slaves
August 28 Battle of Thoroughfare Gap VA
August 28 Belle Boyd released from Old Capital Prison in Washington, D.C.
August 29 2nd Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) begins
August 29 Battle of Aspromonte-Italian royal forces defeat rebels
August 29 Battle of Bull Run, Virginia (Manassas, Gainesville, Bristoe Station)
August 29 U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing begins operation
August 30 2nd Battle of Bull Run - Confederates beat Union
August 30 Battle of 2nd Manassas-Pope defeated by Lee-Battle of Richmond, Kentucky
August 30 Battle of Altamont-Confederates beat Union forces in Tennessee
September 1 Battle at Chantilly (Ox Hill) Virginia (2100 casualties)
September 1 Federal tax levied on tobacco
September 4 General Lee invades North with 50,000 Confederate troops
September 4 North Beach and Mission Railway Company organized in SF
September 5 Lee crosses Potomac and enters Maryland
September 6 Stonewall Jackson occupies Frederick, Maryland
September 9 Lee splits his army and sends Jackson to capture Harpers Ferry
September 12 Battle of Harpers Ferry VA
September 14 Battle at Crampton's Gap: Union troops chases away Confederates
September 14 Battle at South Mountain: Union troops chases away Confederates
September 14 Battle of Munfordsville, Kentucky
September 14 Federal troops escape from beleaguered Harpers Ferry West Virginia
September 14 Skirmish at Mountain MD (Boonesboro, Crampton's Gap, Fox's Gap)
September 15 Confederates conquer Union-weapon arsenal at Harpers Ferry WV
September 16 Battle of Antietam, bloodiest day in Civil War (Sharpsburg Md)
September 16 General Bragg's army surrounds 4,000 federals at Munfordville, Kentucky
September 16 Liliuokalani, queen of Hawaii (1891-93) marries John Owen Dominis
September 17 Battle of Cumberland Gap, TN-evacuted by Federals
September 17 Battle of Mumfordville, Kentucky-U.S. Col J Wilder surrenders city
September 17 Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam)-bloodiest day of Civil War, 23,110 die
September 18 Confederate armies officially divide into corps
September 18 General Read army pulls out of Antietam Creek Virginia
September 19 Battle at Blackford's Ford Virginia
September 19 Battle at Iuka Mississippi (1,700 casualties)
September 22 President Lincoln, says he will free slaves in all states on Jan 1
September 23 Lincoln's Emancipation is published in Northern Newspapers
September 24 Confederate Congress adopts confederacy seal
September 25 Skirmish at Davis' Bridge, Tennessee
October 3 Battle of Corinth, Mississippi
October 3 Skirmish at Bardstown, Kentucky
October 4 Battle of Corinth ends
October 5 Battle of Big Hatchie River, MS
October 5 Federal fleet occupies Galveston, Texas
October 8 Battle of Perryville, Kentucky-Confederate invasion halted
October 8 Otto von Bismarck becomes German republic chancellor
October 12 JEB Stuart completes his "2nd ride around McClellan"
October 12 Major General Earl Van Dorn assumes command of Confederate troops in Missisippi
October 12 Skirmish at Monocacy, Maryland
October 13 Bismarck's "Blood and Iron" speech
October 14 Baseballer James Creighton ruptures bladder hitting home run, dies 10/18
October 14 Excelsiors defeat Unions of Morrisania 13-9
October 17 Battle of Leetown and Thoroughfare Gap, VA
October 18 Morgan's raiders capture federal garrison at Lexington, Kentucky
October 20 Amnesty proclaimed for escaped slaves of Suriname
October 22 Battle at Old Fort Wayne, Indian Territory
October 22 Confederate troops reconquer Cumperland Gap, Tennessee
October 30 Dr. Richard Gatling patents machine gun
November 3 Battle between gunboats at Bayou Teche, Louisiana
November 3 Dr. Richard Gatling patents machine gun (Indianapolis)
November 4 Richard Gatling patents Gatling gun
November 5 Ambrose Burnside replaces McClellen as head of Army of Potomac
November 5 Battle at Barbee's Crossroads, Virginia: 51 casualties
November 6 NY-SF direct telegraphic link forms
November 9 U.S. Grant issues orders to bar Jews from serving under him
November 11 Opera "La Forza Del Destino" is produced (St. Petersburg Russia)
November 13 Battle of Holly Spring, MS
November 17 Confederate Secretary of War George B. Randolph resigns
November 20 Armies of Mississippi/Kentucky merge as Army of Tennessee
November 20 Confederate army of Tennessee, organizes under General Braxton Bragg
November 24 M Levy publishes Gustave Flauberts "Salammbo"
November 28 Battle at Cane Hill, Arkansas (475 casualties)
November 28 Battle of Hooly Spring, MS
December 5 Battle of Coffeeville, MS
December 6 President Lincoln orders hanging of 39 Santee Sioux indians
December 7 Battle of Hartsville, TN
December 7 Battle of Prairie Grove, AR
December 12 Battle of Dumfries, VA
December 12 Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia (Marye's Heights)
December 12 Naval Engagement at Yazoo River, MS (USS CAIRO torpedoed)
December 16 Kingdom of Nepal accepts its constitution
December 17 General U.S. Grant issues order #11, expelling Jews from Tennessee
December 18 Battle at Lexington, Tennessee (Forrest's Second Raid)
December 19 Skirmish at Jackson/Salem Church, Tennessee (80 casualties)
December 20 Battle of Holly Spring, MS
December 20 Brigadier-General Nathan Bedford Forrest occupies Trenton, Kentucky
December 23 Union General Ben "Beast" Butler is proclaimed a "felon, outlaw and common enemy of mankind" by Jefferson Davis
December 25 40,000 watch Union army men play baseball at Hilton Head, SC
December 26 1st U.S. Navy hospital ship enters service
December 26 38 Santee Sioux Indians hanged in Mankato Minn, due to their uprising
December 26 Battle of Dumfries, VA
December 27 Battle of Chickasaw Bluffs, MS (Chickasaw Bayou)
December 27 Battle of Elizabethtown, Kentucky
December 29 Battle of Chichasaw Bayou: confederate armies defeat General Sherman
December 29 Bowling ball invented
December 31 Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
December 31 Battle of Stone's River, Tennessee (Stone River, Monfreesboro)
December 31 President Lincoln signs act admitting West Virginia to Union
December 31 Skirmish at Parker Cross Roads, Tennessee
December 31 Union ironclad ship "Monitor" sank off Cape Hatteras, NC