1873 in History
January 1 Origin of Japanese Era
January 6 Pope Pius IX encyclical "On the Church in Armenia"
January 6 U.S. Congress begins investigating Credit Mobilier scandal
January 11 1st livestock market newspaper published, Drover's Journal, Chicago
January 13 P B S Pinchback relinquishes office at Louisiana governor
January 14 "Celluloid" registered as a trademark
January 14 P B S Pinchback elected to Senate
January 22 Britains SS Northfleet sinks at Dungeness England, 300 die
February 11 Spanish Cortes fires king Amadeus I
February 12 Congress abolishes bimetallism and authorizes $1 and $3 gold coins
February 20 University of California gets its 1st Med School (UC/SF)
February 27 Dutch socialist Samuel van Wooden demands law against child labor
March 3 Congress authorizes federal departmental postage stamps
March 3 U.S. Congress and government raise own salary, retroactively
March 9 Royal Canadian Mounted Police founded
March 22 Slavery is abolished in Puerto Rico
March 23 Slavery abolished in Puerto Rico
April 1 British White Star steamship Atlantic sinks off Nova Scotia, 547 die
April 1 Mehmed Kemals play "Vatan" premeres in Constantinople
April 13 Colfax Massacre in Grant Parish Louisiana (60 blacks killed)
May 1 1st U.S. postal card issued
May 1 Emperor Franz Jozef opens 5th World's Fair in Vienna
May 1 International Exhibition opens in Vienna
May 7 U.S. Marines attack Panama
May 23 1st Preakness: G Barbee aboard Survivor wins in 2:43
May 23 Canada's North West Mounted Police Force (RCMPF) forms
May 23 Postal cards sold in San Francisco for 1st time
May 24 Leo Delibes' opera "Le Roi l'a Dit," premieres in Paris
June 2 Construction begins on Clay St. (SF) for world's 1st cable railroad
June 4 1st contract workers of British-Indies Co arrives in Suriname
June 5 Sultan Bargash closes slave market of Zanzibar
June 7 7th Belmont: James Roe aboard Springbok wins in 3:01.75
June 16 President Grant decrees Wallowa Valley for Nez-Perce indians
June 18 Susan B. Anthony fined $100 for attempting to vote for President
June 22 Prince Edward Island joins Canada
July 1 Henry Flipper of Georgia is 2nd black to enter West Point
July 1 Prince Edward Island becomes 7th Canadian province
July 4 Aquarium opens in Woodward Gardens
July 10 French poet Paul Verlaine wounds Arthur Rimbaud with pistol
July 21 Jesse James and James Younger gang's 1st train robbery (Adair Iowa)
August 1 San Francisco's 1st cable car begins service
August 2 1st trial run of San Francisco cable car, Clay Street between Kearny and Jones
August 14 "Field and Stream" begins publishing
August 18 1st ascent of Mount Whitney, California, 14,494'
August 23 Albert Bridge creossing Thames opens
August 26 1st kindergarten public school opens in St. Louis
September 6 Regular Cable Car service begins on Clay Street
September 15 Last German troops leave France
September 16 German troops leave France
September 17 19 students attend opening class at Ohio State University
September 18 Government bond agent Jay Cooke and Co collapses, causing panic on Wall St
September 19 Black Friday: Jay Cooke and Co fails, causing a securities panic
September 20 Panic sweeps New York Stock Exchange (railroad bond default/bank failure) New York shut banks for 10 days due to a bank scandal
September 23 Tom Allen beats Mike McCale for Heavyweight Boxing title
October 4 Toronto Argonaut Football Club forms
October 8 1st women's prison run by women opens at Indiana Reformatory Institute
October 11 Toronto Argonaut Football Club 1st game losing to University of Toronto
October 18 1st football game between Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tigers
October 18 Columbia Princeton Rutgers and Yale set rules for collegiate football
October 20 P. T. Barnum Hippodrome featuring "Greatest Show on Earth," opens (New York City)
October 30 P. T. Barnum's circus, "Greatest Show on Earth," debuts (New York City)
November 4 Dentist John Beers of San Francisco patents gold crown
November 12 Bay District Race Track opens
November 20 Rival cities of Buda and Pest unite to form the capital of Hungary
December 6 1st international football game in US: Yale 2, Eton (England) 1
December 30 American Metrological Society forms (New York City) weights, measures and money