1908 in History
January 1 1st time, ball signifying new year dropped at Times Square
January 1 Jack Hobbs makes his Test debut at the MCG (83 and 28)
January 2 Canadian branch of the Royal Mint opens in Ottawa
January 7 England beat Australia by one wicket at the MCG
January 9 Frans Schollaert succeeds De Trooz as premier of Belgium
January 9 Muir Woods National Monument, California established
January 13 French pilot Henry Farman is 1st European to fly roundtrip
January 13 Rhodes Opera House burns in Boyertown Pa, killing 170
January 13 Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers sweep Ottawa Victorias in 2 games
January 15 C Hill and R J Hartigan make 8th wkt partnership 243 for Australia
January 16 Pinnacles National Monument, California established
January 18 Frederick Delius' "Brigg Fair," premieres
January 21 August Strindberg's "Spoksonaten," premieres in Stockholm
January 21 New York City regulation makes it illegal for a woman to smoke in public
January 23 U.S. and Great Britain demand end of abuses in Congo
January 24 General Baden-Powell starts Boy-Scouts
January 25 John Blockx' opera "Baldie" premieres in Antwerp
January 27 Pasiphae, a satellite of Jupiter, discovered by Melotte
January 29 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, at Cornell University, incorporates
February 3 Supreme Court rules a union boycott violates Sherman Antitrust Act
February 7 Connie Mack sells hurler Rube Waddell to St. Louis Browns for $5,000
February 8 Wilhelmina '08 soccer team forms in Weert, Netherlands
February 10 Tommy Burns KOs Jack Palmer in 4 for heavyweight boxing title
February 11 Australia regain the Ashes with a 308 run cricket victory vs England
February 11 Heemskerk's government begins in Holland
February 12 Anna Jeanes bequeaths $1,000,000 to Swarthmore to become all female
February 12 New York to Paris auto race (via Alaska and Siberia) begins in New York City George Schuster wins after 88 days behind the wheel
February 18 1st U.S. postage stamps in rolls issued
February 25 1st tunnel under Hudson River (railway tunnel) opens
February 27 Sacrifice fly adopted (repealed in 1931, reinstated 1954)
February 27 Star #46 was added to U.S. flag for Oklahoma
February 28 Failed assassination attempt on Shah Mohammed Ali in Teheran
February 29 Dutch scientists produce solid helium
March 4 Collingwood Ohio primary school catches fire; 180 die
March 5 1st ascent of Mount Erebus, Antarctica
March 7 Cincinnati Mayor Mark Breith stood before city council and announces that, "women are not physically fit to operate automobiles"
March 8 Collingwood Elementary, Cleveland, burns, kills 173 kids and 2 teachers
March 8 Dutch utopist Frederick of Eden speaks in Carnegie Hall, New York
March 12 Stanley Cup: Mont Wanderers sweep Win Maple Leafs in 2 games
March 14 Stanley Cup: Mont Wanderers beat Toronto Trolley Leaguers, 6-4
March 15 1st performance of Maurice Ravel's "Rapsodie Espagnole"
March 17 Quickest world heavyweight title fight (Burns KOs Roche in 88 seconds)
March 17 Tommy Burns KOs Jem Roche in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
April 2 Mills Committee declares baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday
April 3 Frank Gotch wins world heavyweight wrestling championship in 2 hours
April 5 British premier Henry Campbell-Bannerman resigns
April 8 Lord Asquith succeeds Henry Campbell-Bannerman as British premier
April 12 Fire makes 17,000 homeless in Chelsea Massachusetts
April 13 Groundbreaking on Philadelphia's Shibe Park (home of A's and Phillies)
April 16 Natural Bridges National Monument forms near Lake Powell, Utah
April 18 Tommy Burns KOs Jewy Smith in 5 for heavyweight boxing title
April 20 12th Boston Marathon won by Tom Morrissey of New York in 2:25:43.2
April 21 Frederick A. Cook claims to reach North Pole, he didn't
April 22 Queensland beat NSW by 171 runs for their 1st cricket win at Gabba
April 23 Denmark, Germany, England, France, Netherlands and Sweden sign North Sea accord
April 24 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock become 1st to travel across U.S. by car, they leave Los Angeles in a Packard and arrive in New York City in 32d-5h-25m
April 27 4th modern Olympic games opens in London
May 1 World's most intense shower (2.47" in 3 minutes) at Portobelo, Panama
May 5 34th Kentucky Derby: Arthur Pickens on Stone Street wins in 2:15.2
May 5 Great White Fleet arrives in San Francisco
May 9 Dirk Fock becomes governor of Suriname
May 10 1st Mother's Day observed
May 12 George Bernard Shaws' "Getting Married," premieres in London
May 12 Wireless Radio Broadcasting is patented by Nathan B. Stubblefield
May 14 1st passenger flight in an airplane
May 21 1st horror movie (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) premieres in Chicago
May 21 Bill Burns has no-hitter broken up with 2 outs in 9th
May 23 Dirigible explodes over San Francisco Bay, 16 passengers fall, none die
May 23 Part of Great White Fleet arrives in Puget Sound, Washington
May 24 Belgium Catholic socialist/liberal parliamentary election
May 24 John Masefields "Tragedy of Nan," premieres in London
May 30 1st federal workmen's compensation law approved
May 30 42nd Belmont: Joe Notter aboard Colin win
May 30 Aldrich Vineland Currency Act forerunner to Federal Reserve System
May 30 Paris advocate E Archdeacon is 1st passenger in a airplane
May 30 U.S. Assay Office in Salt Lake City, Utah authorized
May 31 Miss Pottelsberghe de la Pottery is 1st airplane passenger (Belgium)
June 1 John Krohn begins walk around perimeter of U.S., which took 357 days
June 2 33rd Preakness: Eddie Dugan aboard Royal Tourist wins in 1:46.4
June 10 1st flying club, Aeronautical Society of New York, opens
June 12 Lusitania crosses Atlantic in record 4 days 15 hours, New York City
June 13 Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
June 15 World congress for Woman's rights opens in Amsterdam
June 24 Yankees replace Clark Griffith with Kid Elberfeld as manager who is destined to have worse won-lost percentage of any Yankee manager 27-71 (.276)
June 30 Boston's Cy Young's 2nd no-hitter, beats New York Highlanders, 8-0
June 30 Giant fireball impacts in Siberia (Tunguska Event) (Enckes comet)
July 4 New York Giant George "Hooks" Witse no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 1-0 in 10 inn
July 6 Robert Peary's expedition sails from New York City for north pole
July 7 Great White Fleet leaves San Francisco Bay
July 9 CHU (Christian Historic Union) Dutch political party forms
July 10 H Kamerlingh Onnes makes helium liquid (-269 degrees C)
July 13 4th modern Olympic games opens in London
July 19 Feyenoord soccer team forms in Rotterdam
July 24 John Hayes wins 4th olympics marathon (2:55:18.4 world record)
July 26 Predecessor of the FBI is created by the Department of Justice
July 29 St. Louis Browns Rube Waddell strikes out 16 Philadelphia Athletics
July 30 Around the World Automobile Race ends in Paris
August 6 St. Louis Card John Lush's 2nd no-hitter, beats Dodgers, 2-0 in 6 inn
August 13 Cy Young Day in Boston, he pitches briefly against an All-Star team
August 14 Race riot in Springfield Illinois
August 17 B Tarkington and HL Wilson's "Man from Home," premieres in New York City
August 17 Bank of Italy opens new HQ at Clay and Montgomery
August 20 Congo Free State becomes Belgian Congo
August 24 New York Giants scores shown on electric diamonds known as "Compton's Baseball Bulletin" at MSG
August 24 Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 13 for heavyweight boxing title
August 25 Allen Winter wins U.S. 1st $50,000 trotting race
August 25 National Association of Colored Nurses, forms
August 27 Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club re-organizes as the Tigers
August 28 14th U.S. Golf Open: Fred McLeod shoots a 322 at Myopia Hunt Club Mass
August 29 N.Y. gives a ticker tape parade to returning U.S. Olympians from London
September 2 Tommy Burns KOs Bill Lang in 6 for heavyweight boxing title
September 3 James Barries "What Every Woman Knows," premieres in London
September 4 Caledonia and Hillhurst Football Clubs play for Central Alberta Rugby Football League championship
September 5 Dodger Nap Rucker no-hits Boston Braves, 6-0
September 9 Orville Wright makes 1st 1-hour airplane flight, Fort Myer, Va
September 9 Russia takes part of Poland
September 12 Winston Churchill marries Clementine Hozier
September 16 Carriage-maker, William Durant, founded General Motors Corp
September 16 William Crapo Durant incorporates General Motors in Janesville Wisc
September 17 Thomas Selfridge becomes 1st fatality of powered flight
September 18 Cleveland Indian Bob "Dusty" Rhoades no-hits Boston, 2-1
September 19 Gustav Mahler's 7th Symphony, premieres in Prague
September 20 Chicago White Sox Frank Smith 2nd no-hitter, beats Philadelphia 1-0
September 22 Bulgaria declares independence from Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
September 23 Giant Fred (Bonehead) Merkle fails to touch 2nd, causes 3rd out in 9th and disallows winning run (game ends tied, Cubs win replay and pennant)
September 23 University of Alberta opens
September 24 Robert B Rhoads becomes 1st Cleveland pitcher (Cleveland Naps) to toss a no-hit game, Cleveland 2, Boston 1
September 25 Cubs' Ed Reulbach becomes only pitcher to throw doubleheader shutout
September 26 Ed Ruelbach shuts-out Dodgers in a doubleheader
September 29 Calgary Rugby Football Union forms
September 30 Maurice Maeterlinck's "L'oiseau Blue," premieres in Moscow
October 1 1st Dutch electric railway in use (Rotterdam-The Hague)
October 1 Henry Ford introduces Model T car
October 1 Jack Chesbro's final Yankee victory, beats Walter Johnson 2-1
October 2 Addie Joss perfect game stops Ed Walsh 1-0 who won 40 in a row
October 5 Bulgaria declares independence from Turkey, Ferdinand I becomes Tsar
October 5 White Sox Ed Walsh tops Detroit 6-1 for his 40th victory
October 6 Austria annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina
October 6 Tigers beat White Sox, 7-0 to win AL pennant
October 6 Yankees lose 100th game of year go 51-103 for season
October 7 Crete revolts against Turkey and aligns with Greece
October 7 Serbia and Montenegro sign anti-Austria-Hungarian pact
October 8 New York Giants set season attendance record at 910,000 (broken in 1920)
October 10 Baseball Writers Association, formed
October 14 Baseball Writers Association of America, forms
October 14 Cubs beat Tigers 4 games to 1 in 5th World Series, 1st rematch
October 14 Smallest crowd at World Series, 6,210 fans see Cubs beat Tigers
October 16 Edmonton Rugby Foot-ball Club re-organizes as Esquimoux
October 18 Belgium annexes Congo Free State
October 20 King Leopold II sells Congo to Belgium
October 24 Billy Murray hits the charts with "Take Me Outto the Ball Game"
October 31 4th Olympic games ends in London
November 3 William Howard Taft (R) elected 27th President over William Jennings Bryan
November 4 Brooklyn Academy of Music, opens in New York City
November 6 Leonid Andreyevs "Dui Nashey Zhizni," premieres in St. Petersburg
November 7 Dutch capture Venezuelan navy
November 10 1st Gideon Bible put in a hotel room
November 14 Albert Einstein presents quantum theory of light
November 14 Oscar Strauss' musical "Der tapfere Soldat," premieres in Vienna
November 16 Arturo Tuscanini begins conducting New York's Metropolitan Opera
November 22 1st US-Japanese baseball game Reach All-Americans defeat Waseda U, 5-0
November 25 Dorando Pietri (It) beats Johnny Hayes (U.S.) in MSG marathon by 60 yards
November 28 154 men die in coal mine explosion at Marianna Pa
December 2 Pu Yi (Hsuan-T'ung) became China's Last Emperor at age 3
December 3 Edward Elgar's 1st Symphony in A, premieres
December 4 Haiti's president-General Alexis Nord flees from military coup
December 5 1st football uniform numerals used (University of Pittsburgh)
December 11 Frederick Delius' "In a Summer Garden," premieres
December 16 1st credit union in U.S. forms, Manchester, New Hampshire
December 25 Jack Johnson KO Tommy Burns and becomes 1st black heavyweight champ
December 26 Jack Johnson TKOs Tommy Burns in 14 for heavyweight boxing title
December 28 Earthquake strikes Messina, Italy; 80,000 die
December 28 Messina, Italy struck by an earthquake (nearly 80,000 died)
December 29 Patent granted for a 4-wheel automobile brake, Clintonville, Wisc
December 30 Stanley Cup: Mont Wanderers outscore Edmonton, 13-10 in 2 game set