1925 in History
January 1 Norway's capital Christiania changes name to Oslo
January 2 Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region established (now in Tadzhik SSR)
January 3 Mussolini dissolves Italian parliament/becomes dictator
January 4 French psychologist Emil Coue brings his self-esteem therapy to U.S. "Every day in every way I am getting better and better"
January 5 French Baseball Federation awards silver medals to John McGraw, Charlie Comiskey, and Hugh Jennings
January 5 James Gleason and Richard Tabers "Is zat so?," premieres in New York City
January 5 Nellie Taylor Ross became governor of Wyoming, 1st woman Governor in USA
January 5 Under Polish control, Danzig establishes Port Gdansk post office
January 6 Paavo Nurmi, sets indoor record, 4:13.6 mile and 14:44.6 5,000m
January 7 Musical "Big Boy" with Al Jolson premieres in New York City
January 8 1st all-female U.S. state supreme court appointed, Texas
January 9 German Postal Minister A Hofle resigns due to corruption
January 10 France-Saarland forms
January 10 Miriam (Ma) Ferguson sworn in as Texas gov, nation's 2nd woman governor
January 11 Franc B. Kellogg replaces Charles Hughes on as U.S. Secretary of State
January 12 John Howard Lawson's "Processional," premieres in New York City
January 14 Alban Berg's atonale opera "Wozzeck," premieres in Berlin
January 15 Hans Luther forms German government, with DNVP
January 16 General M Froense replaces Trotsky as People's Commissioner of Defense
January 16 Leon Trotsky dismissed as CEO of Russian Revolution Military Council
January 19 -48 degrees F (-44 degrees C), Van Buren, Maine (state record)
January 20 U.S.S.R. and Japan sign treaty of Peking, Seychelles back to U.S.S.R.
January 21 Albanian parliament announces itself a republic; Ahmed Zogoe president
January 22 Albania Republic proclaimed under President Achmed Zogu
January 24 Moving picture of a solar eclipse taken from dirigible over Long Island
January 24 Sandler follows Branting as premier of Sweden
January 28 -46 degrees F (-43 degrees C), Pittsburgh, New Hampshire (state record)
January 29 British Liberals choose David Lloyd George as party leader
January 30 Turkish government throws out Constantine VI of Constantinople
January 31 Premier Ahmed Zogu becomes president of Angola
February 1 1st national conference of KPD's Rotfrontkampferbund in Berlin
February 2 Belgian episcopacy rejects liberalism, communism and socialism
February 2 Dogsleds reach Nome with emergency diphtheria serum after 1000-km
February 2 NL holds Golden Jubilee Year meeting at same hotel where NL began
February 8 Kaufman and Berlin's "cocoanuts," premieres in New York City
February 8 Marcus Garvey enters federal prison in Atlanta
February 9 German Minister Stresemann proposes security treaty with France
February 9 Haifa Technion (Israel), opens
February 10 1st waterless gas storage tank put into service, Michigan City, Ind
February 10 AL decides to alternate leagues for game 1 of World Series each year
February 12 1st federal arbitration law approved by Congress
February 12 E Thieffry departs with Handley Page for the Belgian Congo
February 12 Estonia forbids communist Party
February 13 U.S. Congress makes Surpreme Court appeal more difficult
February 14 State of emergency crisis in Bayern ends, NSDAP re-allowed
February 21 1st issue of "New Yorker" magazine published
February 21 Mass meeting of SPD's Reichsbanner Black-Red-Gold in Magdeburg
February 24 Thermit explosive 1st used to break up ice jam, Waddington, New York
February 25 Glacier Bay National Monument established in Alaska
February 25 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Beatrix Loughran
February 25 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Nathaniel Niles
February 26 Jihad-Saint war against Turkish government
February 27 Hitler's resurrects NSDAP political party in Munich
February 27 Test Cricket debut of Clarrie Grimmett, who took 5-45 and 6-37 vs. England
February 28 Congress authorizes a special handling stamp
February 28 Longest win streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (9 games)
February 28 "Tea For Two" by Marion Harris hit #1
February 28 Theater Museum of Amsterdam forms
March 2 Dutch Socialists demand drastic disarmament
March 2 Japan's House of Representatives recognizes male suffrage
March 2 Nationwide road numbering system and U.S. shield marker adopted
March 2 SDAP-Second-Faction of parliament demands drastic disarmament
March 4 President Coolidge's inauguration broadcast live on 21 radio stations
March 4 Swain's Island (near American Samoa) annexed by U.S.
March 10 Walter Mittelholzer is 1st to flies over Demawend mountain, Iran
March 12 British government of Baldwin refuses to ratify Geneva agreement
March 13 NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens sweep Toronto Arenas in 2 games
March 13 Tennessee makes it unlawful to teach evolution
March 19 Angelo G Roncalli (Pope John XXIII) becomes a bishop
March 21 Edinburgh's Murreyfield Stadium officially opens
March 21 Iran adopts Khorshidi solar Hijrah calendar
March 23 Tennessee becomes 1st state to outlaw teaching theory of evolution
March 24 KSL-AM in Salt Lake City UT begins radio transmissions
March 30 Stalin supports rights of non-Serbian Yugoslavians
March 30 Stanley Cup: Vict Cougars (WCHL) beat Canadiens (NHL), 3 games to 1
March 31 WOWO-AM, Ft. Wayne Indiana begins radio transmission (500 watts)
April 1 1st transmission of Danish state radio
April 1 Hebrew University, Jerusalem dedicated
April 3 Great Britain goes back to gold standard
April 3 Netherlands and Belgium sign accord of Westerschelde
April 5 Belgian Workers Party wins parliamentary election
April 5 Yankees whip Dodgers in exhibition 16-9 but Babe Ruth collapses in North Carolina due to an ulcer
April 6 1st film shown on an British Air flight
April 9 Babe Ruth rushed to hospital
April 10 Czarina re-christened Stalingrad (now Volgograd)
April 10 Scribners publishes "The Great Gatsby" by F Scott Fitzgerald
April 11 Abd el-Krims Rifkabylen beats French army in Morocco
April 13 Virginia Theater (ANTA, Guild) opens at 245 W 52nd St. New York City
April 14 1st regular-season Cubs game to be broadcast on radio (WGN)
April 15 NHL's New York Americans (formerly Hamilton Tigers) 1st game, lose 3-1
April 17 New York Yankee Babe Ruth has ulcer surgery
April 17 Paul Painleve follows Edouard Herriot on as French premier
April 18 World's fair opens in Chicago
April 20 29th Boston Marathon won by Charles Mellor of Illinois in 2:33:00.6
April 21 Chuvash Autonomous Region in RSFSR becomes Chuvash ASSR
April 21 No baseball games played in NL due to Charles Ebbets' funeral
April 21 Noel Coward's "Fallen Angels," premieres in London
April 23 1st London performance of operetta "Fasquita" staged
April 23 Pastor LH Perquin forms Union of Catholic Dutch Radio (KRO) forms
April 26 Pulitzer prize awarded to Edna Ferber for "So big"
April 28 Kurd rebels surrender to Turkish army
April 28 Netherlands and Great Britain return to gold standard
April 29 Netherlands returns to gold standard
May 1 A's Jimmie Foxx, 17, 1st game; he pinch-hits a single
May 1 Cyprus becomes a British Crown Colony
May 2 Kezar Stadium in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park opens
May 4 League of Nations conference on arms control and poison gas usage
May 5 John T. Scopes arrested for teaching evolution in Tennessee
May 5 Ty Cobb goes 6 for 6, (16 total bases)
May 5 Yankee Everett Scott is benched, ending his 1,307-game playing streak
May 6 Ty Cobb hits his 5th home run in 2 games tying Cap Ansons record of 1884
May 7 Phillies have their 8th game postponed in a row
May 7 Pirate shortstop Glenn Wright makes an unassisted triple play
May 8 51st Preakness: Clarence Kummer aboard Coventry wins in 1:59
May 8 French colonial army beats Rifkabylen in Morocco
May 9 Cornerstone for Hebrew University, Jerusalem laid
May 11 Communist Party of Holland splits
May 11 Kara-Kalpak Autonomous Region constituted in RSFSR
May 12 Uzbekistan and Kirgizistan become autonomous Soviet republics
May 12 Walter Hagen wins PGA golf tournament
May 16 51st Kentucky Derby: Earl Sande aboard Flying Ebony wins in 2:07.6
May 17 Cleveland Indian Tris Speaker gets his 3,000th hit
May 21 Canadians allow to sell beer
May 21 George Lloyd of Dolobran becomes British High Director of Egypt
May 21 Roald Amundsun leaves Spitsbergen with 2 seaplanes to North Pole
May 26 Babe Ruth is finally out of bed, 5 weeks after ulcer surgery
May 26 Tigers' Ty Cobb is 1st to collect 1,000 extra-base hits (ends 1,139)
May 30 British mariners shoot on demonstrators
May 30 Peter DePaolo became 1st man to average over 100 mph at Indy
May 30 Rogers Hornsby replaces Branch Rickey as manager of Cardinals
June 1 Lou Gehrig replaces Wally Pipp (1st of record 2130 consec games)
June 3 Eddie Collins, is 6th to get 3,000 hits
June 3 Goodyear airship "Pilgrim" makes 1st flight (1st with enclosed cabin)
June 3 White Sox manager Eddie Collins gets 3,000 hit
June 5 29th U.S. Golf Open: Willie Macfarlane shoots a 291 at Worcester CC Mass
June 6 Walter Percy Chrysler founded Chrysler Corp, Iacocca is 8 months old
June 12 William DeHart Hubbard of U.S., sets long jump record at 25' 10 3/4"
June 13 57th Belmont: Albert Johnson aboard American Flag wins in 2:16.8
June 15 Philadelphia A's go into bottom of 8th inning trailing 15-4, then score 13 times to defeat Cleveland 17-15
June 22 Spain and France fight Morocco
June 23 British warship fires on Hong Kong harbor strikers
June 23 Landslides create 3-mile long "Slide Lake" (Gros Ventre Wyoming)
June 25 Military putsch under General Theodorus Pangulos in Greece
July 1 New York Giant Hack Wilson hits 2 home runs in 3rd inning beating Phillies, 16-7
July 1 SDAP wins 4 chairs in Second-Parliamentary election
July 1 Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs created in U.K.
July 3 38th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Suzanne Lenglen beats Joan Fry (62 60)
July 4 44 die when Dreyfus Hotel in Boston collapses
July 4 45th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Rene Lacoste beats J Borotra (63 63 46 86)
July 4 Yankees Lefty Grove beats A's Herb Pennock 1-0 in 15 innings
July 10 Jury selection took place in John T Scopes evolution trial
July 10 U.S.S.R.'s official news agency TASS forms
July 11 Queen Wilhelmina names H Colijn head of government
July 13 French occupation force begins evacuating country
July 17 Tris Speaker, is 5th to get 3,000 hits
July 18 Hitler publishes Mein Kampf
July 20 Beirut sultan Pasja al-Atrasj calls Druzen for holy war against France
July 20 Italian-Serbian/Croatian/Slav treaty about Dalmatie
July 21 Monkey Trial ends-John Scopes found guilty of teaching Darwinism
July 22 Yankees purchase infielder Leo Durocher
July 23 New York Yankee Lou Gehrig hits his 1st of 23 career grand slammers
July 24 Scopes guilty of teaching evolution in a Tennessee High School, fined $100 and costs
July 31 Last allied occupying troops leave Ruhrgebied
July 31 Unemployment Insurance Act passed in England
August 1 Shortwave-radio link between Kootwijk and Netherland East-Indies
August 3 Last U.S. troops leave Nicaragua (there since 1912)
August 4 1st Dutch Colijn government forms
August 4 U.S. Marines leave Nicaragua after 13-year occupation
August 7 League of Nation advises against Turk/Iraqi division of Mosoelgebied
August 8 1st national march of Ku Klux Klan (200,000) in Washington, D.C.
August 9 Only time Babe Ruth pinch-hit for, Bobby Veach flies out
August 10 Hurricane strikes Borculo, 4 die
August 12 KMA-AM in Shenandoah IA begins radio transmissions
August 14 Mount Rushmore 1st proposed
August 15 Norway annexes Spitsbergen
August 15 White Sox Dickie Kerr, 1st appearance since winning 2 world series games in 1919
August 18 Belgian and U.S. sign treaty about war debts
August 18 Cardinal Mercier warns Belgians against socialism/liberalism
August 20 WJR-AM in Detroit Michigan begins radio transmissions
August 21 BV Emmen soccer team forms
August 24 39th U.S. Womens Tennis: Helen Wills Moody beats K McKane (36 60 62)
August 25 Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters organizes (Harlem New York)
August 25 Last Belgian troops vacate Duisburg
August 28 Meteorite falls on Ellemeet, Schouwen, Devil Island
August 29 After a night on the town, Babe Ruth shows up late for batting practice Miller Huggins suspends Ruth and slaps a $5,000 fine on him
August 30 6th Iron pilgrim at Diksmuide Belgium
September 1 Pierre de Coubertin steps down as chairman of International Olympic Committee
September 3 1st international handball match held
September 3 Dirigible "Shenandoah" crashed near Caldwell Ohio, 13 die
September 5 112 F (44 degrees C), Centerville, Alabama (state record)
September 5 29th U.S. Golf Amateur Championship won by Bobby Jones
September 12 20th Davis Cup: USA beats France in Philadelphia (5-0)
September 13 1st U.S. University for Blacks, Xavier University, opens in New Orleans
September 13 Bkln Dodger Dazzy Vance no-hits Phillies, 10-1
September 18 Bill Tilden wins 6th straight U.S. tennis championship
September 19 45th U.S. Mens Tennis: Wm T Tilden beats Wm M Johnston (46 119 63 46 63)
September 22 Yank Ben Paschal hits 2 inside-the-park-homers
September 23 George Kaufman's "Butter and Egg Man," premieres in New York City
September 23 Washington shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh is named AL MVP
September 26 8th PGA Championship: Walter Hagen at Olympia Fields CC Matteson Ill
September 26 Italian sub "Sebastiano Veniero" lost off Sicily with 54 dead
September 29 French General of Morocco, marshal Lyautey, is dismissed
September 29 Greek republican constitution enforced
September 30 General Pangulos disbands Greek parliament
October 4 Harry Heilmann's 6 hits edges Ty Cobb .393 to .389 as batting champ
October 5 WSM-AM in Nashville, Tennessee begins radio transmissions
October 6 Greek premier Papanastasiou orders General Pangulos arrested
October 11 Belgian episcopelian sspeaks against Flemish activism
October 11 New York Giants play 1st NFL game, lose to Providence 14-0
October 12 Albert Michelsen runs world record marathon (2:19:01.8)
October 12 German-Russian trade agreement signed
October 14 Anti-French uprising in Damascus (French inhabitants flee)
October 15 Pittsburgh Pirates beat Washington Senators, 4 games to 3 in 22nd World Series
October 15 Willem Landre's opera "Beatrice" premiers in The Hague
October 16 Peace accord of Locarno signed (Rhine Pact)
October 16 Texas School Board prohibits teaching of evolution
October 18 French General Sarrail bombs Damascus
October 18 Salt Lake City (PCL) Tony Lazzeri hits his 60th home run of the season
October 19 Italian army takes Somalia
October 21 Sidney Howards "Lucky Sam McGarver," premieres in New York City
October 25 Lester Patrick takes over New York Rangers
October 25 Rightist German ministers disavows Treaty of Locarno
October 27 Water skis patented by Fred Waller
October 30 KUT-AM in Austin Texas begins radio transmissions
October 31 Cossack officer Reza Chan replaces sultan Ahmad Shah in Persia
November 1 VARA, Vereniging van Workers Radio Amateurs forms in Amsterdam
November 5 Mussolini disbands Italian socialist parties
November 7 Italians liberal-national party joins fascist
November 9 German NSDAP form SS
November 11 Earnest Thalmann becomes chairman of German KPD
November 11 Louis Armstrong records 1st of Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings
November 11 Night of Kersten - Colijn Dutch government falls by SGP-amendement
November 11 Robert Millikan announces discovery of cosmic rays
November 12 U.S. and Italy sign peace accord about war debts
November 16 American Association for Advancement of Atheism forms (NY)
November 16 Philip Barry's "In a Garden," premieres in New York City
November 21 Red Grange plays final University of Illinois game, signs with Chicago Bears
November 22 Red Grange signs with Chicago Bears directly out of college
November 24 1st radio-broadcast of Dutch KRO (Catholic Radio Broadcast)
November 24 Eugene O'Neill Theater (Coronet, Forrest) opens at 230 W 49th St. New York City
November 25 KPD proposes German Parliament expropriate possession of monarchy
November 26 Netherlands and Germany sign trade agreement
November 27 German Parliament ratifies treaty of Locarno
November 28 7th French government of Briand sworn-in
November 28 Grand Ole Opry premieres as WSM Barn Dance on WSM radio Nashville Tn
November 28 NHL goalie Georges Vezina collapses and dies of TB 4 months later
December 1 Treaty of Locarno signed
December 5 13th CFL Grey Cup: Ottawa Senators defeats Win Tammany Tigers, 24-1
December 5 German government of Luther falls
December 6 Italy, Britain and Egypt sign Jaghbub accord (Italy)
December 6 Record 73,000 pay to watch Chicago Bears beat New York Giants 19-7
December 7 Biltmore Theater opens at 261 W 47th St. New York City
December 7 Noel Coward's "Easy Virtue," premieres in New York City
December 9 AL extends Ban Johnson's contract to 1935 and raise to $40,000
December 9 Pro football a hit in New York City; Grange and Bears beat Giants before 73,000
December 10 George Bernard Shaw awarded Nobel
December 11 Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Quas Primas
December 12 Arthur Heinman coins term "motel," opens Motel Inn, San Luis Obispo
December 12 Cossack officer/ex-premier Reza Chan becomes shah of Persia
December 12 Last Qajar Shah of Iran deposed; Rexa Shah Pahlavi takes over
December 15 1st hockey game at Madison Square Garden, Mont Candiens 3, New York Americans 1
December 15 1st road with a depressed trough (Texas) opens to traffic
December 17 Col William "Billy" Mitchell court-martial for insubordination
December 17 Russia and Turkey sign non-aggresion pact
December 21 Eisenstein's movie Potemkin premieres in Moscow
December 21 Stork Hendry scores 325 for Victoria against New Zealand
December 23 Sultan Ibn Saud of Nedzjed conquers Djeddah
December 26 1st East West football game at Ewing Park before 25,000 fans
December 26 New York's Jake Forbes makes 67 saves, Pitt's Ray Waters makes 70
December 26 NHL record 141 shots as New York Americans (73) beat Pitt Pirates (68) 3-1
December 26 Turkey adopts Gregorian calendar
December 28 George/Ira Gershwin's musical "Tip-Toes," premieres in New York City
December 30 NSW score 705 against Victoria, go from 8-475 to 9-701
December 31 14th congress of CPSU decides to accelerate industry