1935 in History
January 1 1st Sugar Bowl and 1st Orange Bowl
January 1 Associated Press inaugurates Wirephoto
January 1 Eastern Airlines hires Eddie Rickenbacker as General Manager
January 1 President Mustapha Kemal Pasha names himself "Ataturk: Father of Turkey"
January 2 Bruno Hauptmann trial begins for kidnap and murder of Lindbergh baby
January 4 Bob Hope 1st heard on network radio as part of "The Intimate Revue"
January 4 Fort Jefferson National Monument in Florida established
January 7 Zoe Akins' "Old Maid," premieres in New York City
January 8 Spectrophotometer patented, AC Hardy
January 10 Actress Mary Pickford marries actor Douglas Fairbanks
January 11 Amelia Earhart flies from Honolulu to Oakland California (non-stop, of course)
January 13 Plebiscite in Saar, indicates a desire (90.3%) to join Nazi Germany
January 14 Oil pipeline Iraq-Mediterranean goes into use
January 15 300 Dutch ice cream salesmen protest against Italian competition
January 15 Clifford Odets' "Waiting for Lefty," premieres in New York City
January 19 KLM begins flight path between Curaeao and Aruba
January 21 12.0" (30.5 cm) of rain falls, Quinault RS, Washington (state record)
January 21 WFI-AM in Philadelphia Penn merges with WLIT as WFIL (now WEAZ)
January 21 Wilderness Society forms
January 24 1st canned beer, "Krueger Cream Ale," is sold by Kruger Brewing Co
January 28 Iceland becomes 1st country to legalize abortion
January 30 Ezra Pound meets Mussolini, reads from a draft of "Cantos"
February 1 1st "March of Time" newsreel premieres at the Capitol
February 1 James T Farrell finishes his "Studs Lonigan" trilogy
February 2 Lie detector 1st used in court, Portage, Wisconsin
February 6 1st election to allow women to vote in Turkey
February 6 Monopoly board game goes on sale for 1st time
February 7 Monopoly invented by Charles Darrow symbol Rich Uncle Pennybags
February 8 1st NFL draft; Jay Berwanger of U Chicago is 1st pick (by Eagles) He never plays in NFL
February 9 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Maribel Vinson
February 9 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Robin Lee
February 10 1st U.S. streamlined electric RR engine begins service
February 10 Pennsylvania Rail Road begins passenger service on new electric locomotive
February 11 -11 degrees F (-24 degrees C), Ifrane, Morocco (African record low)
February 11 1st U.S. airplane flight with auto slung beneath fuselage, New York
February 12 Great airship, USS Macon, crashes into Pacific Ocean
February 13 1st U.S. surgical operation for relief of angina pectoris, Cleveland
February 13 Bruno Hauptmann found guilty of kidnap and murder of Lindbergh's infant
February 19 Clifford Odets' "Awake and Sing," premieres in New York City
February 20 Karoline Mikkelson is 1st woman on Antarctica
February 22 Airplanes are no longer permitted to fly over the White House
February 26 Germany begin Luftwaffe operation, under Reichsmarshall H Goering
February 26 New York Yankees release Babe Ruth, he signs with Boston Braves
February 26 RADAR-Radio Detection and Ranging 1st demonstrated (Robert Watson-Watt)
February 28 Amsterdam Hotel of the Red Lion gets sidewalk permit
February 28 Nylon discovered by Dr. Wallace H. Carothers
March 3 Dutch Revolutionary Socialist Worker's party (RSAP), forms
March 5 1st premature baby health law in U.S. (Chicago)
March 6 Frank Bartell, Czechoslovakia, cycles record 80.584 mph in Los Angeles
March 7 Saar incorporated into Germany
March 11 Bank of Canada opens
March 11 Hermann Goering officially creates German Air Force, the Luftwaffe
March 12 England establishes 30 MPH speed limit for towns and villages
March 13 Driving tests introduced in Great Britain
March 14 36-Folsom becomes 1st line to use 1-man streetcars
March 15 George Headley completes 270 in cricket vs. England at Kingston
March 16 Hitler orders German rearmament, violating Versailles Treaty
March 17 KSO-AM in Des Moines Iowa call sign is given to KWCR
March 20 "Your Hit Parade" made its debut on radio
March 21 Jean Anouilh's "Y avait un presonnier," premieres in Paris
March 21 Persia officially renamed Iran
March 22 Blood tests authorized as evidence in court cases (New York)
March 24 Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour goes national on NBC Radio Network
March 25 1st Belgium government of Van Zealand resigns
March 26 "RvJ" Mitchell and Major Sorley discuss armament of Spitfire
March 28 Goddard uses gyroscopes to control a rocket
March 29 French liner Normandie begins its maiden voyage
March 30 Newfoundland changes time to 3 hours W of Greenwich, repeats 44 sec
March 31 Fusahige Suzuki runs world record marathon (2:27:49)
April 1 1st radio tube made of metal announced, Schenectady, New York
April 2 Mary Hirsch, becomes 1st woman licensed as a horse trainer
April 2 Sir Watson-Watt patents RADAR
April 3 Yasuo Ikenada runs world record marathon (2:26:44)
April 5 Croatian Farmers Party wins Yugoslavian election
April 6 H Levitt sinks 499 basketball free throws, misses and sinks 371 more
April 8 2nd Golf Masters Championship: Gene Sarazen wins, shooting a 282
April 8 Bartoks 5th String quartet premieres in Washington D.C.
April 8 Works Progress Administration, WPA, approved by Congress
April 9 Stanley Cup: Montreal Maroons sweep Toronto Maple Leafs in 3 games
April 10 Vaughan Williams' 4th Symphony premieres in London
April 12 Germany prohibits publishing "not-Arian" writers
April 12 Royal Proclamation sets design of Canada's new Jubilee Silver Dollar
April 12 "Your Hit Parade," debuts on radio
April 14 Sandstorm ravages U.S. midwest (Dust Bowl)
April 16 1st radio broadcast of "Fibber McGee and Molly"
April 16 Babe Ruth's 1st NL game, for Boston Braves, included a home run
April 17 Provincial-National elections (Musserts NSB achieves 7.9%/44 chairs)
April 18 General Sarazen's double eagle on 15th, wins him his 2nd Masters
April 18 Netherlands election (Musserts NSB wins 8% of vote)
April 19 39th Boston Marathon won by John A Kelley of Mass in 2:32:07.4
April 20 "Your Hit Parade" begins broadcasting (becomes #1 quickly)
April 21 King Boris of Bulgaria forbids all political parties
April 26 Frank Boucher is given NHL's Lady Byng Trophy for sportsmanship permanently for winning it 7 of 11 years
April 27 Brussel's World Expo opens
April 27 Yankees pull a 1st inning triple-play and beat Philadelphia A's 9-8
April 28 Moscow underground opens (81 km long)
April 30 World Congress for Women's Rights concludes in Istanbul
May 1 Boulder Dam completed
May 1 Canada's 1st silver dollar is circulated
May 4 61st Kentucky Derby: Willie Saunders aboard Omaha wins in 2:05
May 5 Jessie Owens of U.S., sets then long jump record at 26' 8"
May 6 British King George and Queen Mary celebrates silver jubilee
May 6 KTM-AM in Los Angeles California changes call letters to KEHE (now KABC)
May 6 Pulitzer prize awarded to Audrey Wurdemann (Bright Ambush)
May 8 Cincinnati Red Ernie Lombardi doubles in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th beat Phils 15-4
May 11 61st Preakness: Willie Saunders aboard Omaha wins in 1:58.4
May 14 Griffith Planetarium opens in Los Angeles, 3rd in US
May 14 Plebiscite in Philippines ratifies independence agreement
May 15 Pirates beat Phillies 20-5
May 18 Harold Gimblett scores 123 in 80 minutes on debut for Somerset
May 19 NFL adopts an annual college draft to begin in 1936
May 23 1st scheduled night game, postponed due to rain (Cincinnati)
May 24 1st major league night baseball game, in Cincinnati (Reds 2, Phil 1)
May 24 Swedish princess Ingrid marries Danish crown prince Frederik (IX)
May 25 Babe Ruth hits his last 3 home runs, Boston Braves vs. Pirates
May 25 Jesse Owens equals or breaks 6 world records in one hour
May 27 Supreme Court declares FDR's National Recovery Act unconstitutional
May 29 Hague local museum opens
May 30 Babe Ruth's final game, goes hitless for Braves against Phillies
May 31 Babe Ruth grounds out in his final at bat
May 31 Quake kills 50,000 in Quetta Pakistan
June 1 Yankees set solo home run record with 6 beat Boston 7-2
June 2 Babe Ruth, 40, announces his retirement as a player
June 3 French Normandie sets Atlantic crossing record of 1,077 hours
June 8 39th U.S. Golf Open: Sam Parks, Jr. shoots a 299 at Oakmont CC PA
June 8 67th Belmont: Willie Saunders aboard Omaha wins in 2:30.6
June 8 Lou Gehrig collides with Carl Reynolds and leaves the game
June 10 Dr. Robert Smith and William Wilson of Akron form Alcoholics Anonymous
June 12 Senator Huey Long of Louisiana spoke continually for 15 hours in Senate's longest speech on record (150,000 words)
June 12 Weapons pact ends 3 year war of Gran Chaco, Bolivia vs Paraguay
June 13 Hammond scores his 100th hundred, 116 for Gloucs vs. Somerset
June 13 James J Braddock beats Max Baer in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
June 14 Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay ends
June 16 U.S. Congress accepts FDR's "New Deal"
June 23 Anthony Eden offers Mussolini, Somalian harbor
June 25 Joe Louis defeats Primo Carnera at Yankee Stadium
June 26 Andrew Sandham's 100th FC hundred, 103 vs. Hants
June 26 Lloyd Waner sets record of 18 putouts in center in doubleheader
June 26 SDAP and CPH achieve majority in city council in Amsterdam
June 26 Work service for recent graduate obligatory in Germany
June 27 Danno O'Mahoney beats Jim Londos in Boston, to become wrestling champ
June 28 Earl Averill's consecutive-game streak ends at 673
June 28 Franklin D. Roosevelt ordersa federal gold vault to be built at Fort Knox Kentucky
June 30 Danno O'Mahoney beats Ed George in Boston, to become wrestling champ
July 1 General Netherlands Persbureau (ANP) forms in Amsterdam
July 2 Great Britain boxers beat U.S. team in 1st International Golden Gloves
July 5 1st "Hawaii Calls" radio program is broadcast
July 5 1st time brothers on opposing teams hit home runs, Tony and Al Cuccunello
July 5 Chicago Cubs are 10 games back in NL, and go on to win the pennant
July 5 Franklin D. Roosevelt signs National Labor Relations Act
July 6 48th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Helen Moody beats H Jacobs (63 36 75)
July 6 Rotterdam architect A van de Steurs Museum Boymans opens
July 8 3rd All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 4-1 at Municipal Stadium, Cleveland
July 12 Belgium recognizes Soviet Union
July 13 Richard Strauss resigns as chairman of Reichskulturkammer
July 13 U.S. - Russian commerce treaty takes effect
July 16 1st automatic parking meter in U.S. installed, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 17 Variety's famous headline "Sticks Nix Hick Pix"
July 18 Amsterdam city council accept city growth plan through the year 2000
July 20 1st broadcast of "Gang Busters" on NBC-radio
July 22 Lester Walton appointed minister to Liberia
July 24 1st greeting telegram sent in Britain
July 27 Floods at Yangtzee Jiang and Hoangh, kills 200,000
July 28 Belgium's Romain Maes, wins Tour de France
July 30 1st Penguin book is published, starting the paperback revolution
July 31 3rd Dutch government of Colijn sworn in
August 7 60% of voters agrees to nazism in Danzig (Gdansk)
August 11 Nazi mass demonstration against German Jews
August 12 Babe Ruth's final game at Fenway Park, 41,766 on hand
August 13 Transcontinental Roller Derby begins (Chicago Coliseum)
August 14 Social Security Act becomes law
August 20 Military coup by General Pons and president Ibarra in Ecuador
August 26 CCC camp opens in Brecksville Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks
August 29 2nd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Chi Bears 5, All-Stars 0 (77,450)
August 31 1st national skeet championship (Indianapolis)
August 31 Chicago White Sox Vern Kennedy no-hits Cleveland Indians, 5-0
August 31 Franklin D. Roosevelt signs an act prohibiting export of U.S. arms to belligerents
August 31 Russian Aleksei Stachanov digs 6 hours, 105 tons of cabbages
August 31 White Sox Vern Kennedy no-hits Indians 5-0
September 2 A hurricane slams Florida Keys killing 423
September 3 1st automobile to exceed 300 mph, Sir Malcolm Campbell (301.337 mph)
September 3 Andrew Varipapa sets bowling record of 2,652 points in 10 games
September 8 Willy de Supervise swims runs world record 200 m freestyle (2:25.2)
September 11 49th U.S. Womens Tennis: H H Jacobs beats Sarah H Palfrey Fabyan (62 64)
September 11 U.S. captures Davis Cup for 7th straight year
September 12 55th U.S. Mens Tennis: Wilmer L Allison beats Sidney B Wood (62 62 63)
September 12 Millionaire Howard Hughes flies his own designed plane at 352.46 mph
September 15 Nuremberg Laws deprives German Jews of citizenship and makes swastika official symbol of Nazi Germany
September 17 Manuel Luis Quezon y Molina chosen 1st president of Philippines
September 22 Boston Braves lose NL record 110th game of year en route to 115
September 25 Maxwell Anderson's "Winterset," premieres in New York City
September 27 Chicago Cubs win 21st consecutive game and clinch NL pennant
September 29 5th Ryder Cup: U.S., 9-3 at Ridgewood Country Club, New Jersey
September 30 Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" premieres in Boston
October 2 Mussolini's Italian armys attacks Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
October 2 NY Hayden Planetarium, 4th in U.S., opens
October 3 Italy invades Ethiopia
October 6 Italian army occupies Adua Abyssinia
October 6 Market Street Railway starts using trackless trolley coaches
October 7 Detroit Tigers beat Chicago Cubs, 4 games to 2 in 32nd World Series
October 8 Ozzie Nelson marries Harriet Hilliard (Ozzie and Harriet)
October 10 Coup under General Giorgios Kondylis in favor of Greek monarchy
October 10 George Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" opens on Broadway
October 10 League of Nations denounces Italian invasion of Abyssinia
October 10 "Porgy and Bess," by George Gershwin, New York premiere
October 12 Cole Porters musical "Jubilee," premieres in New York City
October 15 NHL's St. Louis Eagles fold
October 17 Pacific Assoc of AAU votes not to participate in Berlin Olympics
October 19 Mao Tse Tung's army reaches Shanxi
October 20 400,000 demonstrators against fascism in Madrid
October 20 Anti-fascist People front forms in Brussels
October 20 Hank Greenberg is named AL MVP by the BBWAA, Wes Ferrell is runner-up
October 20 Mao Tse Tung and his Communist forces ended their "Long March" at Yan'an, in Shaanxi China
October 21 Hank Greenberg selected AL MVP unanimously
October 22 18th PGA Championship: Johnny Revolta at Twin Hills CC Oklahoma City
October 23 Gabby Hartnett selected NL MVP
October 23 Johnny Revolta wins PGA golf tournament
October 24 Judge Landis fines ump George Moriarty, Cubs manager Charlie Grimm and Chicago players W English, B Jurges and B Herman for actions in World Series
October 25 Hurricane-produced floods kill 2,000 in Jeremie and Jacmel Haiti
October 27 SDAP and NVV launchs "Plan for Work" in Utrect Netherlands
October 28 Sidney Kingsley's "Dead End," premieres in New York City
November 1 T. S. Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral," premieres in London
November 3 George II returns to Greece and regains monarchy
November 3 Kitei Son runs world record marathon (2:26:42)
November 5 Maryland Court of Appeals orders University of M to admit (black) Donald Murray
November 5 Parker Brothers launches game of Monopoly
November 6 1st test flight of British Hurricane aircraft
November 6 English prince Henry (under George V) weds Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott
November 6 Maiden flight by Canada's Hawker Hurricane military plane
November 7 23rd CFL Grey Cup: Winnipeg Winnipegs defeats Hamilton Tigers, 18-12
November 9 Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) labor union forms
November 9 Japan invades Shanghai China
November 11 Explorer 2 balloon sets altitude record of 72,000 feet over SD
November 13 Anti-British riots in Egypt
November 14 Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaims Philippine Islands a free commonwealth
November 14 Nazi's deprive German Jews of their citizenship
November 15 Commonwealth of Philippines inaugurated
November 16 Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's musical "Jumbo," premieres in New York City
November 21 1st commercial crossing of Pacific by plane (China Clipper)
November 21 Jean Giraudoux' "La Guerre de Troie n'Aura," premieres in Paris
November 22 China Clipper (flying boat) took off from Alameda, California, carrying 100,000 pieces of mail on 1st trans-Pacific airmail flight
November 24 King George II returns to Greece after 12 years
November 25 Resident Institution for Social History (IISG) forms in Amsterdam
November 29 Michael Savage becomes 1st Labour premier of New Zealand
December 1 Austria has world's 1st Day of Postage Stamp
December 4 1,200 at St. Joseph's College (Philadelphia) enroll in anticommunism class
December 5 1st coml hydroponics operation established (Montebello California)
December 7 CFL Grey Cup: Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat Ham Tigers, 18-12 at Hamilton
December 10 A's sell Jimmie Foxx to the Red Sox for $150,000
December 10 White Sox sell Al Simmons to the Tigers for $75,000
December 14 Test Cricket debut of "Chuck" Fleetwood-Smith vs. South Africa, Durban
December 15 Detroit Lions win NFL championship
December 15 Max Euwe becomes world champ chess beating Alexander Aljechin
December 18 Bradman scores 117 in his 1st Shield cricket match for South Australia
December 18 Edward Benes becomes president of Czechoslovakia
December 20 Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Ad Catholici Sacerdotii
December 22 Yaeko Iwasaki, student of D S Harada Roshi, 1st awakening in Kamakura
December 24 Bradman scores 233 in 191 minutes, SA vs. Queensland, 28 fours 1 six
December 26 Stalin views Dmitri Sjostakovitsj' opera "Lady Macbeth"
December 28 W P A Federal Art Project Gallery opens in New York City
December 30 Italian bombers destroy Swedish Red Cross unit in Ethiopia
December 31 Charles Darrow patents Monopoly
December 31 CPH becomes Dutch Communist Party