1994 in History
January 1 Aleksandr Popov swims world record 100m free style (47.83)
January 1 Carquest Bowl 4: Boston College beats Virginia, 32-13
January 1 "Flying Karamzov Brothers" closes at Helen Hayes New York City after 50 performances
January 1 "Grand Night after Singing" closes at Criterion New York City after 52 performances
January 1 Howard Stern's New Year's Eve Beauty Pageant
January 1 International Year of Family
January 1 Jacobs Field opens with "Gateway's New Year's Eve Countdown to '94"
January 1 Microsoft CEO Bill Gates (38) marries Melinda French (29)
January 1 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) goes into effect
January 2 "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" closes at Beaumont New York City after 40 performances
January 2 Battles between army and rebellious indians in South Mexico, kill 57
January 2 "Shakespeare after My Father" closes at Helen Hayes New York City after 266 perf
January 3 100s killed in Venezuela in prison revolt
January 3 35-foot-tall Chief Wahoo, trademark of Indians on top of Stadium since 1962, is taken down, to be moved to Jacob's Field
January 3 "Gray's Anatomy" closes at Beaumont Theater New York City after 13 performances
January 3 Tupolev-154M crashes at Irkutsk, Siberia: 122 killed
January 4 10th largest wrestling crowd (58,000-Tokyo Dome)
January 5 Aleksandr Popov swims world record 100m free style (47.82)
January 5 Yat Weiju swims world record 100m butterfly stroke (58.71)
January 5 Zhong Weiju swims world record 25m pool record (58.71)
January 6 Dow-Jones hits record 3803.88
January 6 "Government Inspector" opens at Lyceum Theater New York City for 37 performances
January 6 Ice skater Nancy Kerrigan is attacked by Tonya Harding's bodyguard
January 6 Yat Weiju swims world record 50m butterfly stroke (26.44)
January 6 Zhong Weiju swims world record 25m pool (26.44)
January 7 South Africa beat Australia in the Sydney Test by 5 runs
January 7 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Tonya Harding
January 7 United Express commuter plane crashes in Ohio, killing 5
January 8 Rintje Ritsma skates world record 1500m (1:51.60)
January 8 Russian manned space craft TM-18, launches into orbit
January 8 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Davis
January 9 14th United Negro College Fund raises $11,000,000
January 9 Gunda Niemann skates world record (167.282 pts)
January 9 Rintje Ritsma skates world record (156.201 points)
January 10 Ukraine says it will give up world's 3rd largest nuclear arsenal
January 10 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan agrees to abolish trade tariffs
January 11 Hyderabad score 6 for 944 against Andhra Pradesh in Ranji Trophy
January 11 Irish government announces end of a 20-year broadcasting ban on IRA
January 12 Malcolm X's daughter arrested for plotting Louis Farrakham's murder
January 12 Steve Carlton (Phillies) elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
January 13 Italian government of Ciampi resigns
January 13 Tonya Harding's bodyguard, Shawn Eric Eckardt and Derrick Brian Smith arrested and charged with conspiracy in attack of skater Nancy Kerrigan
January 14 Inna Lassovskaya triple-jumps ladies world record (14.61m)
January 14 Kathleen Kinmont files for divorce from Lorenzo Lamas
January 14 Russian manned space craft TM-17, lands
January 15 15th ACE Cable Awards: HBO wins 34 awards, Showtime wins 10
January 15 Hague motorist with .51% alcohol in blood, breaks Dutch record (.47%)
January 15 Queen Elizabeth falls off her horse and breaks her left wrist
January 16 Scott skates world record 1000m (1:12.54)
January 17 6.6 Earthquake hits Los Angeles killing 60, $30B in damage
January 17 Liz Taylor released from the hospital after hip treatment
January 19 -20 degrees F (-29 degrees C) (5:32 AM) coldest day ever recorded in Cleveland Ohio
January 19 -36 degrees F (-38 degrees C) in New Whiteland, Indiana (state record)
January 21 Dow Jones passes 3900 (record 3,914.20)
January 21 Lorena Bobbitt found temporarily insane of chopping off spouse's penis
January 22 45th NHL All-Star Game: East beat West 9-8 at New York Rangers
January 22 5.5 earthquake strikes Sumatra
January 22 51st Golden Globes: Schlinder's List, Steven Speilberg
January 22 East beats West 9-8 in 45th NHL All Star Game at MSG in New York City
January 23 Bernie Kosar is 2nd quarterback to throw TD passes in AFC and NFC Champ games
January 23 Worldwide Day for peace in Bosnia-Hercegovina
January 24 Dow Jones closes above 3,900 for 1st time (3,914.48)
January 25 Accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy, Michael Jackson settles a civil lawsuit out of court
January 25 Australia beat South Africa 2-1 to win the World Series Cup
January 25 Mine fire at Asansol India, kills 55
January 25 U.S. space probe Clementine launched
January 27 Carlos Reina succeeds President Callejas in Honduras
January 27 "No Man's Land" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 61 performances
January 27 Romanian social-democrats form government with anti-Semites
January 28 Actress Lorraine Bracco (39) weds actor Edward James Olmos (46)
January 28 Helicopter crashes into office building in San Jose, California, 1 dead
January 28 Inna Lassovskaja jumps ladies world record (14.78m)
January 30 68th Australian Women's Tennis Open: S Graf beats A S Vicario (60 62)
January 30 82nd Australian Mens Tennis: Pete Sampras beats Todd Martin (76 64 64)
January 30 Dan Jansen skates world record 500m (35.76)
January 30 Kapil Dev equals Richard Hadlee's world record of 431 Test wkts
January 30 Superbowl XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills, 30-13 in Atlanta Superbowl MVP: Emmitt Smith, Dallas, RB
January 31 Barcelona opera theater "Gran Teatro del Liceo" burns down
January 31 Dow Jones hits a record 3,978.36
February 1 Irina Privalova runs world record 50m indoor (6.03 sec)
February 1 Large meteorite falls near Kusaie, Pacific Ocean
February 3 Actor Jean-Claude van Damme (32) weds Darcy Lapier (28) in Bangkok
February 3 "Les Miserables," opens at Kallang Theatre, Singapore
February 3 President Bill Clinton lifts U.S. trade embargo against Vietnam
February 3 STS-60 (Discovery) launches into orbit
February 4 10th Soap Opera Digest Awards - Days of Our Live wins
February 4 20 die in armed assault on mosque in Khartum, Sudan
February 4 Merlene Ottey runs world record 50 m indoor (6.00 sec)
February 4 Russian team beats ladies world record 4x800 m indoor (8:18.71)
February 5 Medgar Evers' murderer Byron De La Beckwith sentenced to life, in Jackson Miss, 30 years after the crime
February 5 "Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego," debuts on Fox TV
February 6 Dawn Coe-Jones wins LPGA Healthsouth Palm Beach Golf Classic
February 6 "Government Inspector" closes at Lyceum Theater New York City after 37 performances
February 6 Jose Maria Figueres elected president of Costa Rica
February 6 Leonid Voloshin triple jumps world record 17.77m
February 6 Martti Ahtisaari elected president of Finland
February 6 NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 17-3
February 7 21st American Music Award: Whitney Houston wins
February 7 Howard Stern stops a would-be jumper on the George Washington Bridge
February 7 Jim Nabors undergoes a liver transplant
February 8 Jack Nicholson uses a golf club to attack a car
February 8 Kapil Dev sets world record for Test Cricket wickets with 432
February 8 Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee charge with possession of loaded firearm
February 9 Israeli minister Shimon Perez signs accord with PLO's Arafat
February 11 Lu Parker, (South Carolina), crowned 43rd Miss USA
February 11 Space shuttle STS-60 (Discovery 18), lands
February 12 17th Winter Olympic games opens in Lillehammer, Norway
February 12 20th century premiere of 6 restored Haydn-sonatas in Boston
February 12 Edvard Munch's painting "The Cry" stolen (in Oslo)
February 12 Inna Lassovskaya jumps world record 14.90m
February 12 Model Anna Nicole Smith hospitalized for drug overdose
February 13 44th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 127-118 at Minneapolis
February 13 Inna Lassovskaya jumps world record 14.9m
February 13 Johann Olav Koss skates world record 5000m 6:34,96
February 13 Ship disaster near Ranong Thailand, kills 200
February 14 Alexander Golubev skates Olympic record 500m (36.33)
February 14 Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia (51) weds Deborah Koons
February 15 U.S. asks Aristide to adopt a peace plan from Haiti
February 16 6.5 earthquake strikes SE Sumatra, kills 200
February 16 Johann Olav Koss skates world record 1500m (1:51.29)
February 16 Premier Alfonso Bustamente ends government in Peru
February 18 Actor Joe Pantoliano (41) weds model Nancy Sheppard (31)
February 18 Dan Jansen skates world record 1000m (1:12.43)
February 18 Shreveport Pirates join CFL as 4th U.S. team
February 19 Marta Figueras-Dotti wins Cup o' Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
February 20 3 Afghans take 70 Pakistani children hostage
February 20 Johann Olav Koss skates world record 10 km (13:30.55)
February 20 Pope John Paul II demands juristic discrimination of homosexuals
February 22 "Les Miserables," opens at Chunichi Theatre, Nagoya
February 23 Indians owner Richard Jacobs announces he will pay $10 million to name baseball field (Jacobs Field) at Gateway (becomes official 3/23)
February 24 Scoreboard is unveiled at new Cleveland Indians' park (Jacobs Field)
February 25 Israeli extremist Baruch Goldstein massacres 30 Palestinians in Hebron
February 25 Peruvian Yak-40 crashes into mountain near Tingo Maria, kills 31
February 25 Phil Rizzuto elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
February 26 Actor Dolph Lundgren (34) weds Anette Qviberg in Stockholm
February 26 St. Louis Blues beat Ottawa Senators 11-1
February 27 17th Winter Olympic games closes in Lillehammer, Norway
February 27 Maronite church near Beirut bombed, 10 killed
February 28 Brady Law, imposing a wait-period to buy a hand-gun, went into effect
March 1 36th Grammy Awards: I Will Always Love You, Toni Braxton wins
March 1 Martti Ahtisaari inaugurated as president of Finland
March 1 Senate rejectes a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution
March 2 Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender if taped statement is broadcasted, it is, but he doesn't
March 2 Miami begins a latin walk of fame, 1st star for Gloria Estefan
March 2 William Huston Natcher, Representative-D-Kentucky, casts his 18,401 and last consecutive vote
March 3 "Damn Yankees" opens at Marquis Theater New York City for 510 performances
March 3 IRS investigates Darryl Strawberry
March 3 "Philoktetes Variations," with Ron Vawter, premieres in Brussels
March 4 4 Arab terrorist founded guilty of bombing the World Trade Center
March 4 Space shuttle STS-62 (Columbia 16), launches into orbit
March 5 Dottie Mochrie wins Chrysler-Plymouth Tournament of Golf Championship
March 5 Largest milkshake (1,955 gallons of chocolate-Nelspruit South Africa)
March 5 PBA National Championship won by David Traber
March 5 Singer Grace Slick arrested for pointing a gun at a cop
March 6 Colin Jackson runs world record 60m hurdles indoor (7.30 sec)
March 6 United Arab Emirates beat Kenya by 2 wickets to win ICC Trophy
March 7 8th American Comedy Award: Carrot Top wins
March 7 ANC chief Nelson Mandela rejects demand by white right-wingers for separate homeland in South Africa
March 7 Charles Taylor resigns as President of Liberia
March 7 David Platt appointed captain of English football team
March 7 U.S. Navy issues 1st permanent order assigning women on combat ship
March 8 20th People's Choice Awards
March 8 B737 collides with Ilyushin-86 in New Dehli, at least 8 killed
March 8 Defense Department announces smoking ban in workplaces
March 8 Train accident at Pinetown, Natal kills 47
March 9 IRA launch 1st of 3 mortar attacks on London's Heathrow Airport
March 10 1 million Greeks attend Melina Mercouri's funeral
March 11 Eduardo Frei succeeds Patricio Aylwin as president of Chile
March 12 Church of England ordains 1st 33 women priests
March 13 33.3% of Austria votes for ultra-right FP
March 13 Cuba Godding, Jr. (26) weds Sara Kapfer (26)
March 13 Donna Andrews wins LPGA Ping Welch's Golf Championship
March 13 Oil tank/airship crash at Bosporus (huge fire/15+ killed)
March 13 President Mangope of Bophuthaswana deposed
March 14 Mexican banker/billionaire Alfredo Harp Helu kidnapped
March 14 Soyuz TM-21 launches with V Dezyurov, G Strekalov and N Thagard
March 15 8th Soul Train Music Awards: Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston win
March 15 Experts from AL certify Indian's Jacobs Field is properly lit
March 16 Moravcik forms Slovakia government
March 17 Iran transport aircraft crashes in Azerbaijan, 32 killed
March 17 It is announced there is no smoking in Cleveland Indians new ballpark
March 17 "Little More Magic" opens at Belasco Theater New York City for 30 performances
March 18 South Africa Goldstone committee reveals existence of secret police
March 18 Space shuttle STS-62 (Columbia 16), lands
March 18 Zsa Zsa Gabor files for bankruptcy
March 19 2500 kilograms of cocaine intercepted in Zeewolde Netherlands
March 19 Lara scores 167 for WI vs. England at Georgetown
March 19 Largest omelet (1,383 ft) made with 160,000 eggs in Yokohama Japan
March 19 New Jersey Devils club record 41st win of the season
March 20 14th Golden Raspberry Awards: Indecent Proposal wins
March 20 Brett Hart wins WWF championship at Wrestlemania X
March 20 "Cyrano - The Musical" closes at Neil Simon New York City after 137 performances
March 20 El Salvador's 1st President election following 12-year-old civil war
March 20 "Flowering Peach" opens at Lyceum Theater New York City for 41 performances
March 20 Laura Davies wins LPGA Standard Register Ping Golf Tournament
March 20 Mashonaland U-24 beat Matabeleland on 1st inn to win Logan Cup
March 20 "No Man's Land" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 61 performances
March 20 Wrestlemania X at MSG NY, Bret Hart pins Yokozuna
March 20 Zulu-king Goodwill Zwelithini founds realm in South Africa
March 21 66th Academy Awards - "Schindler's List," Tom Hanks and Holly Hunter win
March 21 Anne P. Sidamon-Eristoff named chairwoman of Museum of National History
March 21 Dudley Moore arrested for hitting girlfriend
March 21 Wayne Gretzky ties Gordie Howe's NHL record of 801 goals
March 22 Dutch Ambassador to U.S. christens a new tulip (the Hillary Clinton)
March 22 Mark Foster swims world record 50m butterfly (23.68 sec)
March 22 South African Government/ANC take power in Ciskei homeland
March 22 Soyuz TM-21 lands
March 23 Amy Fisher's lover Joey Buttafuoco is released from jail
March 23 F-16 collides with C-130 Hercules above AFB in North Carolina, 120 die
March 23 Graeme Obree bicycles world record 10 km (11:28)
March 23 Howard Stern formally announces his Libertarian run for New York governor
March 23 Joey Buttafuoco, released from jail after 4 months and 9 days
March 23 Last day of Test cricket for Kapil Dev
March 23 Richard Jacobs buys naming rights to Indians new ball park at Gateway for $13.8 million (renamed Jacobs Field)
March 23 Russian Airbus A-310 crashes in Siberia (74-75 killed)
March 23 Wayne Gretzky sets NHL record with 802 goals scored
March 24 "Carousel" opens at Beaumont Theater New York City for 322 performances
March 24 Robert F Kennedy, Jr. divorces Emily Black
March 24 "Song of Jacob Zulu" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 53 performances
March 25 Gunda Niemann skates ladies world record 3 km (4:09.32)
March 25 Yasunori Miyabe skates world record 1000 m (1:12.37)
March 26 Bonnie Blair skates world record 500 m ladies (38.99 sec)
March 26 Gunda Niemann skates un-official world record 10 km ladies (14:22.60)
March 26 Gunda Niemann skates world record 5 km ladies (7:03.26)
March 26 Talk show hostess Ricki Lake weds Rob Sussman
March 26 Yuka Sato of Japan wins world figure skating championship in Tokyo
March 27 23rd Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Donna Andrews
March 27 Church in Piedmont Alabama collapses in tornado, 19 killed
March 27 Ice Dance Championship at Chiba Japan won by Gritschuk and Platov (RUS)
March 27 Ice Pairs Championship at Chiba won by Shishkova/Vadim Naumov (RUS)
March 27 Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Chiba won by Yuka Sato (JPN)
March 27 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Chiba won by Elvis Stojko (CAN)
March 27 Radio personality Rush Limbaugh weds wife #3, Marta Fitzgerald
March 28 Armed Zulus demonstrate in Johannesburg, over 53 killed
March 28 Italy's right-wing alliance under Silvio Berlusconi wins election
March 29 Coach Jimmy Johnson quits Dallas Cowboys
March 29 Last day of Test cricket for Allan Border
March 29 Serbs and Croats signed a cease-fire to end the war in Croatia
March 30 ABC Masters Tournament won by Hobo Boothe
March 30 Bombay beat Bengal by 8 wickets to win Cricket's Ranji Trophy
March 30 England Cricket all out for 46 at Port-of-Spain
March 31 James Farentino pleads no contest to stalking ex-girl Tina Sinatra
March 31 Walkway from Cleveland's Tower City to Jacobs Field officially opens
April 1 Bob Feller Statue on Indians Plaza, dedicated
April 2 1st exhibition game played at Jacobs Field, Pirates beat Indians, 6-4
April 3 13th NCAA Women Basketball Championship: North Carolina beats Louisiana Tech 60-59
April 3 1st roster of Silver Bullets, all-female pro baseball team, announced
April 3 6th Seniors Golf Tradition: Ray Floyd
April 4 1st game played at Jacobs Field, Indians beat Mariners 4-3 in 11 inn
April 4 56th NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Arkansas Razorbacks beats Duke 76-72
April 4 Cubs Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes, hit 3 home runs in 1993 hits 3 home runs on opening
April 4 KLM Saab 340B crashes at Schiphol, 3 killed
April 4 Largest Opening Day crowd at Yankee Stadium, 56,706
April 4 Los Angeles Dodger Darryl Strawberry begins substance abuse treatment
April 4 Netscape Communications founded as Mosaic Communications
April 4 Tony Curtis undergoes heart-bypass surgery
April 5 "Jackie Mason Politically Incorrect" opens at Golden New York City for 347 performances
April 5 Miami Heat beat New York Knicks ending 15 game NBA winning streak
April 6 1st scheduled Indians night game at Jacobs Field is rained out
April 6 Chuck Jones found guilty of breaking into Marla Maples home
April 6 Liberal Supreme Court Justice Blackmun (Roe vs. Wade) resigns
April 6 Palestinian suicide bomber kills 7 Israelis and himself
April 6 Rockwell B-1B Lancers break 11 world speed records
April 7 1st night game at Cleveland's Jacobs Field, Indians 6 Seattle 2
April 7 "Medea" opens at Longacre Theater New York City for 82 performances
April 7 New York Yankees beat Texas Rangers 18-6
April 7 Shannen Doherty files for divorce from Ashley Hamilton
April 7 Singer Percy Sledge pleads guilty to tax evasion
April 8 Atlanta Brave Kent Mercker no-hits Dodgers, 6-0
April 8 Darryl Strawberry enters Betty Ford clinic
April 8 Japans premier Morihiro Hosokawa resigns
April 8 Smoking banned in Pentagon and all U.S. military bases
April 9 BPAA U.S. Open by Justin Hromek
April 9 Singer Wayne Newton (52) weds attorney Kathleen McCrone (30)
April 9 STS-59, Endeavour, launches into orbit
April 10 58th Golf Masters Championship: Jose M Olazabal wins, shooting a 279
April 10 "Les Miserables," opens at Hiten Theatre, Osaka
April 13 President guard at Kigali Rwanda, chops 1,200 church members to death
April 13 United Arab Emirates' 1st official ODI, losing to India
April 14 Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley announces plans to divorce
April 14 Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender after completion of his Seven Seals manuscript
April 14 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis operated on for a bleeding ulcer
April 14 New Jersey Devils end best regular season, 47-25-12 record for 106 points
April 14 U.S. F-15 accidentally shoots 2 U.S. helicopters down over Iraq, 26 die
April 15 Indians loses 1st game at Jacobs Field, Kansas City wins 2-1
April 15 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (21 days after his divorce) weds Mary Richardson
April 15 WMMS-FM's Jeff and Flash, and entire station staff, are fired
April 16 Circus performers Marissa Young (24) and Matt Richardson (21) wed
April 16 Singer Harry Connick, Jr. (26) weds model Jill Goodare (30)
April 17 55th PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Lee Trevino wins
April 17 Aruba government of Oduber falls
April 17 Jennie Garth weds Dan Clark
April 17 "Little More Magic" closes at Belasco Theater New York City after 30 performances
April 17 "Twilight - Los Angeles 1992" opens at Cort Theater New York City for 72 performances
April 17 Val Skinner wins LPGA Atlanta Women's Golf Championship
April 18 23rd Boston Women's Marathon won by Uta Pippig of Germany in 2:21:45
April 18 98th Boston Marathon won by Cosmas Ndeti of Kenya in 2:07:15
April 18 Arsenio Hall announces he will end his show in May 1994
April 18 "Beauty and the Beast" opens at Palace Theater New York City
April 18 Brian Lara scores 375 for WI vs England to beat Sobers' record
April 18 Cricketer Brian Lara hits 375 runs on 1 day (world record)
April 18 Former President Nixon suffered a stroke and dies 4 days later
April 18 Lebanon drops relations with Iran
April 18 Roseanne Barr Arnold files for divorce from Tom Arnold
April 18 STS-59 (Endeavour) lands
April 19 15th Emmy Sports Award presentation
April 19 Graeme Obree bicycles world record 10km (11:25.88)
April 19 Inkatha ends boycott of South African multi-racial election
April 19 Rodney King award $3,800,000 in compensation of police beating
April 19 Supreme Court outlaws excluding people from juries because of gender
April 20 Danny Harold Rolling, sentenced to death in Florida, for killing 5
April 20 Serbian army bombs hospital in Goradze Bosnia, 47 killed
April 20 Sohail and Inzamam make world record ODI partnership of 263
April 20 Space shuttle STS-59 (Endeavour 6), lands
April 21 Eddie Murray sets record for switch hit home runs in a games (11 times)
April 21 "Picnic" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 45 performances
April 21 Serbian army bombs distress clinic in Goradze Bosnia, 28 killed
April 22 7,000 Tutsi's slaughtered in stadium of Kibuye Rwanda
April 22 Borge Ousland reaches North pole
April 22 Ice skater Tonya Harding sues ex-husband Jeff Gillooly for $42,500
April 22 In Denmark the largest lollipop, weighing 3,011 pounds, made
April 22 Michael Moorer beats Evander Holyfield in 12 for heavywgt boxing title
April 22 Schelto Patijn appointed mayor of Amsterdam
April 23 Army shoots to death 23-40 fishermen in Gonaives Haiti
April 23 General Tire World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Norm Duke
April 23 Libertarian party nominates Howard Stern for Governor of New York
April 24 Actress Kelly Preston (26) weds actor Lou Diamond Phillips (32)
April 24 Armando Calderon Sol wins El Salvador presidential election
April 24 Bomb attack in center of Johannesburg, 9 killed
April 24 "Broken Glass" opens at Booth Theater New York City for 73 performances
April 24 David Robinson scores ties 7th highest total in the NBA - 71
April 24 "Flowering Peach" closes at Lyceum Theater New York City after 41 performances
April 24 New York Rangers sweep New York Islanders in NHL playoffs
April 25 14" of snow in Southern California
April 25 Bomb attack on taxi stand in Johannesburg, 10 killed
April 25 Fishing boat with school children capsize at Lanaka Syria, 46 killed
April 25 King Azlan Shah of Malaysia resigns
April 25 Mexican businessman and billionaire Angel Losada kidnap
April 25 Tsutomu Hata elected premier of Japan
April 26 1st multi-racial election in South Africa begins [3 days] Dr. Nomaza Paintin is 1st black South African to vote
April 26 26.9 degrees C in Prestebakke Norway (Norwegian April high temp record)
April 26 Mad About You actress Leila Kenzel (33) weds Neil Monaco (34)
April 26 Taiwan Airbus A-300 crashes at Nagoya Japan, 262 killed
April 27 29.0 degrees C in Genevad, Sweden (Swedish April high temperature record)
April 27 7th longest NHL game: New Jersey Devils beat Buffalo Sabres (125 minutes 43 seconds)
April 27 Graeme Obree bicycles world record time (52,713 km)
April 27 "Inspector Calls" opens at Royale Theater New York City for 454 performances
April 27 President Nixon buried in Nixon Library in California
April 27 Twins righty Scott Erickson no-hits Brewers 6-0
April 28 1st multi-racial election in South Africa ends [3 days]
April 28 Aldrich Ames, former CIA officer and wife Rosario plead guilty to spying
April 28 Freddy Thielemans sworn in as mayor of Brussels Belgium
April 28 Lisa Marie Presley separates from Danny Keough
April 29 Ferry boat smashes into Mombasa Harbor Kenya, kills over 300
April 29 Israel and PLO sign economic accord
April 30 Soccer great Pele (53) weds psychologist Assiria Seixas Lemos (36)
May 1 Charles Kuralt, retires as CBS newsman
May 1 "My Fair Lady" closes at Virginia Theater New York City after 165 performances
May 1 "Rise and Fall of Little Voice" opens at Neil Simon New York City for 9 performances
May 1 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Sprint Senior Challenge Golf Tournament
May 1 Sherri Steinhauer wins LPGA Sprint Golf Championship
May 1 Tornado and hail storms hit Jiangxi China, 95 killed
May 2 Bus crashes into a tree at Gdansk Poland, 30 killed
May 2 Dr. Kervokian found innocent on assisting suicides
May 2 Michael Bolton found plagurized Isley Bros "Love is Wonderful Thing"
May 3 29th Academy of Country Music Awards: Garth Brooks wins
May 3 D66/Dutch Liberal Party win Dutch 2nd Parliamentary election
May 3 U.S. space probe Clementine launched
May 4 Arsenal wins 34th Europe Cup II
May 4 Courtney Love cleared of drug charges
May 5 Labour beats Conservatives in British local elections
May 5 North-Yemen air force bombs Aden South Yemen
May 5 "Sally Marrand Her Escorts" opens at Helen Hayes New York City for 50 performances
May 6 Chunnel linking England and France officially opens
May 6 Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait sets fire to the couch on Tonight Show
May 6 House passes the assault weapons ban
May 6 Lennox Lewis TKOs Phil Jackson in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
May 6 Nelson Mandela and his ANC, finally confirmed winners in South Africa
May 7 120th Kentucky Derby: Chris McCarron on Go For Gin wins in 2:03.6
May 7 Denver Nuggets become NBA's 1st #8 seed to beat a #1 seed (Seattle)
May 7 Edvard Munchs painting "The Scream" recovered 3 months after stolen
May 7 Gary Hart's girlfriend Donna Rice (36) weds Jack Hughes (42)
May 7 Matlock actor Daniel Roebuck (30) weds Kelly Durst (24)
May 8 500th commentary by Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes
May 8 Colorado Silver Bullets (all-female pro baseball team) 1st game
May 8 Ernesto Perez Balladares elected president of Panama
May 8 Jose Maria Figueres becomes president of Costa Rica
May 8 Laura Davies wins LPGA Sara Lee Golf Classic
May 8 President Clinton announces U.S. will no longer repatriate boat people
May 8 "Rise and Fall of Little Voice" closes at Neil Simon New York City after 9 performances
May 9 Mass murderer Joel Rifkind found guilty in New York
May 9 "Passion" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 280 performances
May 10 Barbra Striesand's begins 1st concert tour in 30 years
May 10 "Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public" opens at Lunt-Font New York City for 16 per
May 10 Drew Barrymore (19) files for divorce from Jeremy Thomas (31)
May 10 Nelson Mandela sworn in as South Africa's 1st black president
May 10 Silvio Berlusconi forms Italian government with 5 neo-fascists
May 11 6 white racists sentenced to death in South Africa
May 11 "Grease," opens at Eugene O' Neill Theater New York City for 1,503 performances
May 11 Inter Milan wins 23rd UEFA Cup
May 11 "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult," released in France
May 12 WIBC Bowling Queens won by Anne Marie Duggan
May 13 Indians, begin a 18 home game hoome win streak at Jacobs Field
May 14 Dave Winfield passes Frank Robinson for 12th on RBI list with 1,617
May 14 FA cup final at Wembley Stadium London
May 14 Mayflower Madame Sydney Biddle Barrows (42) weds Darnay Hoffman (46)
May 15 40th McDonald's LPGA Championship won by Laura Davies
May 16 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Orlando, Florida on WTKS 104.1 FM
May 16 Jacqueline Onassis admitted to the hospital for cancer treatment
May 16 Joaquin Balaguer (86) elected president of Dominican Republic
May 16 Tennis star Jennifer Capriati arrested on possession of marijuana
May 17 Bakili Muluzi's UDF wins Malawi presidents/parliamentary election
May 18 AC Milan wins Europe Cup 1: 4-0 against Barcelona
May 18 Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip
May 18 Tropical Butterfly Garden at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo opens
May 19 Final Episode of LA Law after 8 year run
May 19 Omar Sharif suffers a mild heart attack
May 19 Tennis star Jennifer Capriati (18), checks into a drug rehab center
May 20 Bobcat Goldthwait charged with misdemeanors for fire on Tonight Show
May 20 Miss India (Sushmita Sen) selected Miss Universe
May 20 Sony Theaters and Cineplex (New York City) hike movie ticket prices to $8.00
May 21 120th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Tabasco Cat wins in 1:56.4
May 21 "Best Little Whorehouse" closes at Lunt-Fontanne New York City after 16 performances
May 21 Burger King spokesman Dan Cortese (26) weds Dee Dee Hemby (26)
May 21 Country singer Trisha Yearwood (29) weds Robert Reynolds (32)
May 21 Reds bat out of order against Dodgers in 2nd inning
May 21 South Yemen secedes from Yemen
May 21 Sushmita Sen, 18, of India, crowned 43rd Miss Universe
May 22 Elaine Crosby wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
May 22 Toronto NBA franchise unveils name "Raptors" and logo
May 23 270 pilgrims dies in bustle round Mina Saudi-Arabia
May 23 Roman Herzog elected president of Germany
May 23 Star Trek The Next Generation, finale airs this week in syndication
May 24 Poison singer Bret Michaels gets into a car crash
May 25 Emmy 21st Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci not nominated
May 26 Michael Jackson (35) weds Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie Presley (26)
May 27 Alexander Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia after 20 years in exile
May 27 Final broadcast of Arsenio Hall talk show
May 27 Flintstones live action movie opens in theaters
May 27 Larry King ended his radio show
May 27 Radio conservative Rush Limbaugh (43) weds Marta Fitzgerald (35)
May 28 "Cafe American," last airs on NBC-TV
May 28 Twin's Dave Winfield passes Rod Carew into 15th hit list (3,054)
May 29 Al Unser, Jr. wins 78th Indianapolis 500 in 3:06:29.006 (255.89 kph)
May 29 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Corning Golf Classic
May 29 Great comet-iceball seen above North sea
May 29 Hungary's Socialist Party wins parliamentary election
May 29 "Joseph and the Amazing" closes at Minskoff Theater New York City after 223 performances
May 29 Patty Sheehan wins J C Penney/LPGA Skins Golf Game
May 29 "Picnic" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 45 performances
May 31 Padres scores 13 in 2nd vs Pirates
June 1 FX Channel, Cable Network, debuts
June 1 General H Norman Schwarzkopf released from hospital after prostate surgery
June 1 Guns n Roses drummer Matthew Sorum files to divorce Kai
June 2 67th National Spelling Bee: Ned Andrews wins spelling antediluvian
June 2 Chinook helicopter crashes in North Scotland, 29 killed
June 2 Indonesian censors ban Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List"
June 2 Sharon Stone files $12m suit against her jeweler
June 3 5.9 earthquake/floods SE Java, 150+ killed
June 3 Pearl Jam rocker Eddie Vedder (29) weds Beth Liebling (27)
June 3 WIIZ (98.7) FM goes off the air
June 4 Haile Gebre Selassie runs world record 5 km (12:56.96)
June 5 64th French Mens Tennis: S Bruguera beats A Berasategui (63 75 26 61)
June 5 64th French Womens Tennis: A Sanchez Vicario beats M Pierce (64 64)
June 5 7th Children's Miracle Network Telethon
June 5 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Oldsmobile Golf Classic
June 5 "Gray's Anatomy" opens at Beaumont Theater New York City for 8 performances
June 6 28th Music City News Country Awards: Alan Jackson and Ray Stevens
June 6 6.0 earthquake/avalanche destroys Toez Colombia, about 1000 killed
June 6 Brian Lara scores 501 not out for Warwickshire vs Durham
June 6 CD-councillor H Selhorst arrested for hard-drugs trade
June 6 Cricketer Brian Lara hits record 501 not out/390 runs in 1 day
June 6 Tupolev-154M crashes at Xian China, 160 killed
June 6 Warwickshire score 4 for 810 declared against Durham
June 7 A's outfielder Rickey Henderson steals his 1,100th career base
June 8 7.8 earthquake strikes North Bolivia
June 9 5.6 earthquake strikes South-Mexico
June 9 Angolan plane bombs school in Waku Kungo (89 killed)
June 10 Biggest European clock ever (9100 kg/(237) 2.5 m) at Aarle-Rixtel
June 10 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
June 10 Jennifer Capriati, tennis ace, checks out of drug abuse clinic
June 11 126th Belmont: Pat Day aboard Tabasco Cat wins in 2:26.8
June 11 Cbox is 39'115 long, 20'85 wide, and 8' high in Jacksonville, Florida Largest popcorn container is 6,619.76 cubic feet full of popped corn
June 11 Drunken officer shoots 7 people dead in Falun Sweden
June 11 "Meet The Flintstones" by The BC 52's peaks to #33
June 11 Moshood Abiola becomes President of Nigeria
June 12 48th Tony Awards: Angels in America: Perestroika and Passion win
June 12 Cab Calloway suffered massive stroke at his home in White Plaines NY
June 12 Liselotte Neumann wins Minnesota LPGA Golf Classic
June 12 Pope John Paul II visits Spain
June 13 Chicago Cub 2nd baseman Ryne Sandberg, retires due to poor play, he forfeits $15.7 million of his $25 million contract
June 13 Don Mattingly plays 1st base 1,469 game for Yankees (2nd most)
June 14 Stanley Cup: New York Rangers beat Vancouver Canucks, 4 games to 3
June 15 Disney's "Lion King," opens in theaters with $42 million
June 15 New York Giants cut quarterback Phil Simms
June 15 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, sworn in as Supreme Court Justice
June 16 Martin Brodeur becomes 1st Devil to win Calder Trophy
June 17 1994 World Cup soccer match begin, Germany vs Bolivia in Chicago
June 17 O.J. Simpson doesn't turn himself in on murder charges, Los Angeles police chase his Ford Bronco for 1 hours, eventually gives up
June 18 Aleksander Popov swims world record 100m free style (48.21 sec)
June 18 Gay Games open in New York City
June 18 U.S. ties Switzerland 1-1 in their 1st game of 1994 soccer World Cup
June 19 94th U.S. Golf Open: Ernie Els shoots a 279 at Oakmont CC in Oakmont Pa
June 19 Ernesto Samper elected president of Colombia
June 19 Lisa Kiggens wins LPGA Rochester International Golf Tournament
June 19 "Sally Marrand Her Escorts" closes at Helen Hayes New York City after 50 performances
June 19 "She Loves Me" closes at Atkinson Theater New York City after 294 performances
June 19 Tigers tie record of hitting home runs in 25th consecutive games
June 19 "Twilight - Los Angeles 1992" closes at Cort New York City after 72 performances
June 20 Bomb attack on Islamic temple in Mashad Iran, 70 killed
June 20 Ernie Els win's 1994 Golf U.S. Open
June 20 Howard Stern begins 30-minute (Radio) TV show on E! cable network
June 20 O. J. Simpson arraigned on murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman
June 21 Steffi Graf becomes 1st defending tennis champ to lose in 1st round of a major tournament (Wimbledon to Lorrie McNeal)
June 22 48th NBA Championship: Houston Rockets beat New York Knicks, 4 games to 3
June 22 Ken Griffey, Jr. breaks Ruth's record for most home runs by end of June (31)
June 22 Mets reliever John Franco sets lefty save mark at 253
June 22 U.S. beats Colombia 2-1 in 1994 soccer world cup (1st win since 1950)
June 23 Replay shows A's Bobby Witt beat KC's Gagne to 1st in 6th but ump Gary Cedarstrom calls him safe, runing Witt's perfect game
June 23 South Africa reclaims its seat in U.N.
June 24 1st French "all news" TV, LCI, begins broadcasting
June 24 Jeff Bagwell of Astros is 28th to hit 2 home runs in an inning
June 24 Sally Fields files for divorce from 2nd husband Alan Greisman
June 25 1,500th goal in Soccer World Cup history scored by Caceres of Argentina
June 25 105 degrees F (40.5 degrees C) at Albuquerque, New Mexico
June 25 111 degrees F (43.9 degrees C) at El Paso, Texas
June 25 Cleveland Indians 18 game home win streak ends to Yankees 11-6
June 25 Gay Games close in New York City
June 25 Japanese premier Tsutomu Hata resigns
June 26 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) at Denver Colorado
June 26 107 degrees F (41.6 degrees C) at Albuquerque New Mexico
June 26 112 degrees F (44.4 degrees C) at El Paso Texas
June 26 122 degrees F (50 degrees C) at Laughlin Nevada
June 26 126 degrees F (52.2 degrees C) in Death Valley California
June 26 Actor Brandon Cruz (32) weds Elizabeth Finkelstein (26)
June 26 Air Ivory Fokker's-27 crashes at Abidjan (16 killed/1 lives)
June 26 "Broken Glass" closes at Booth Theater New York City after 73 performances
June 26 Donna Andrews wins ShopRite LPGA Golf Classic
June 26 Kirby Puckett pass Rod Carew with 2,088 hit as Twin's top hit leader
June 26 "Medea" closes at Longacre Theater New York City after 82 performances
June 26 PLO-leader Yasser Arafat returns to Gaza after 27 years
June 26 U.S. loses to Romania 1-0 in 1994 soccer world cup
June 27 118 degrees F (47.8 degrees C) at Lakewood, New Mexico
June 27 12th Seniors Players Golf Championship: Dave Stockton
June 27 "Gray's Anatomy" closes at Beaumont Theater New York City after 8 performances
June 27 N.Y. Daily News increases prices to 50 cents
June 28 New York Met Pitcher Dwight Gooden suspended for 60 days due to drug charges
June 29 Socialist, Tomiichi Murayama, elected premier of Japan
June 29 U.S. reopens Guantanamo Naval Base to process refugees
June 30 Airbus A330 crash at Toulouse France, 7 killed
June 30 Giants outfielder Darren Lewis errors after record 392 flawless games
June 30 Pre-trial hearings open in LA against OJ Simpson
June 30 U.S. Ice Skating Federation bars Tonya Harding for life
July 1 Fokker's-28 crashes at Tidjikja, Mauritania (94 killed)
July 1 Roman Herzog sworn in as German president
July 1 Soyuz TM-19 launches
July 1 Yassar Arafat returns to Gaza strip
July 2 101st Wimbledon Womens Tennis: C Martinez beats Navratilova (64 36 63)
July 2 37 dies in U.S. Air DC-9 crash in NC
July 2 John Wayne Bobbitt and Kristina Elliot arrested for domestic battery
July 2 Richard Johnson takes 10-45 for Middlesex against Derbyshire
July 2 U.S. Air DC-9 crash in North Carolina, 37 killed
July 3 108th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: P Sampras beats G Ivanisevic (76 76 60)
July 3 15th U.S. Seniors Golf Open: Simon Hobday
July 3 30 die in 3 fatal auto accidents in Texas
July 3 Romania eliminates Argentina 3-2 in soccer world cup
July 3 Tammie Green wins Youngstown-Warren LPGA Golf Classic
July 4 Russian manned space craft TM-18, lands
July 4 Rwandese Patriot Front occupies Kigali
July 4 U.S. loses to Brazil 1-0 in 1994 World Cup quarter finals
July 5 Boxer Buster Douglas comes out of a diabetic coma
July 5 U.S. changes refugee policy, by sending Haitian boat people back
July 6 Irina Privalova runs 100m European Record (10.77)
July 6 Lerou Burrell runs world record 100m (9.85)
July 6 Shreveport Pirates 1st CFL game (vs Ottawa)
July 7 Actress Diane Lane files for divorce from Christopher Lambert
July 7 "Les Miserables," opens at Imperial Theatre, Tokyo
July 7 North Yemenite troops occupy Aden
July 8 Preliminary trial rules there is enough evidence to try O. J. Simpson
July 8 Sonia O'Sullivan runs female 2K world record (5:25.36)
July 8 Space shuttle STS-65 (Columbia 17), launches
July 8 St. Maarten "Godfather" Claude Wathey sentenced to 1 years
July 9 11,000th home run in New York Yankees history, Matt Nokes
July 9 Sonia O'Sullivan runs world record 2k (5:25.36)
July 9 Soyuz TM-19 lands
July 10 Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian weds Debbie Leavitt
July 10 Fred Norris, from the Howard Stern Show, marries Allison Furman
July 10 "Hedda Gabler" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 33 performances
July 10 Kelly Robbins wins Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic by Owens-Corning
July 10 Nepal premier Girija Prasadkoirala resigns
July 10 Sonia O'Sullivan runs female world record 2K (5:25.36)
July 12 65th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 7-8 at 3 Rivers Stad, Pitts
July 12 All star MVP: Fred McGriff (Atlanta Braves)
July 12 Nomination hearings for Steven Breyer for supreme court justice begins
July 13 Jeff Gillooly sentenced to 2 years for attack on Nancy Kerrigan
July 13 O. J. Simpson, charged with murder, gives hair samples for testing
July 14 Gas explosion at old age home in Milan, 27 killed
July 15 Gyula Horn sworn in as premier of Hungary
July 15 Israel and Jordan agree to talks in Washington D.C. on July 25th
July 15 Sonia O'Sullivan runs 3K (8:21.64)
July 16 1st parts of Comet Shoemaker-Levy hits Jupiter (until July 22nd)
July 16 3 tenors-Placid Domingo, Luciano Parvoti, Jose Carreras, perform in Los Angeles
July 16 Anna Nicole Smith (26) weds billionaire J. Howard Marshall II (89)
July 16 Baseball Night in America premieres, no Saturday day games
July 16 Comet Shoemaker-Levy collides with Jupiter
July 16 Shreveport Pirates 1st CFL home game (vs Toronto Argonauts)
July 16 "Sisters Rosensweig" closes at Barrymore Theater New York City after 556 performances
July 16 Spanish fishing boats sink a French fishing boat over fishing rights
July 16 Sweden shuts out Bulgaria 4-0, to finish 3rd in the World Cup
July 17 123rd British Golf Open: Nick Price shoots a 268 at Turnberry Scotland
July 17 Beth Daniel wins LPGA JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
July 17 Brazil beats Italy in a shoot out, for their 4th soccer world cup
July 17 French youngster (4) becomes Buddhist Lama Tulkou Kalou Rinpoche
July 17 Hulk Hogan beats Ric Flair to win WCW wrestling championship
July 18 Bomb attack on Jewish center AMIA in Buenos Aires, 86 killed
July 18 Comet Shoemaker-Levy collides with Jupiter
July 18 Court upholds NBA salary cap and draft rights
July 18 Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan, 22, weds Don Burton, 32
July 18 Crayola announces introduction of scented crayons
July 18 Houston Astros tie NL comeback record, trailing 10-0, beat Cards 15-12
July 18 New York Jets sign USA soccer goalkeeper Tony Miola as a place kicker
July 19 1st game ever cancelled at Seattle Kingdome (falling tiles)
July 19 Bomb explosion in Alas Airlines at Colon, Panama, 21 killed
July 19 Leonid Kvetjsma sworn in as Ukraine president
July 20 Major parts of Comet Shoemaker-Levy hit Jupiter (July 16th-22nd)
July 20 O. J. Simpson offers $500,000 reward for evidence of ex-wife's klller
July 22 23rd and last part of Comet Shoemaker-Levy hit Jupiter, since July 16th
July 22 Doc Gooden admitted to Betty Ford Center
July 22 Mariners play Red Sox as home team at Fenway, as Kingdome is repaired
July 22 Military coup in Gambia: President Dawda Jawara flees
July 22 O. J. Simpson pleads "Absolutely 100% Not Guilty" of murder
July 22 William Sigei runs world record 10k (26:52.53)
July 23 All 40,000 ceiling tiles in Kingdome must be replaced
July 23 Amy Osmond, of Utah, 17, crowned America's Junior Miss
July 23 Dancer Gene Kelly suffers a mild stroke
July 23 Don Mattingly becomes 6th New York Yankee to get 2,000 hits
July 23 Goodwill Games open in St. Petersburg
July 23 Longest baseball rain delay (3:39) as Giants beat Mets 4-2 in New York City
July 23 Space shuttle STS-65: Columbia 17, lands after record 14 days 55 minutes
July 24 32nd Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats USA in Frankfurt Germany (3-0)
July 24 49th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Patty Sheehan
July 24 Asociacon de Estados del Caribe (AEC) forms
July 24 Bodo kills 37 Moslems in Bashbari NE India
July 24 Miguel Indurain wins Tour de France
July 25 Jordan and Israeli end 46 year state of war
July 26 Cambodia's Red Khmer surprise attack on train, kills 13
July 26 Turkish air force bombs Kurds, struggle in Iraq, 70 killed
July 28 Baseball players decide to strike on Aug 12, 1994
July 28 Last steel beam is placed on Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
July 28 Texas Ranger Kenny Rogers pitches baseball's 12th perfect game
July 29 200,000 Moslems demand death to feminist Taslima Nasrin
July 29 Corrupt Italian ex-premier Craxi gets 8 year jail sentenced
July 29 H Emans Arubaanse Peoples Party wins parliamentary election
July 29 India army kills 27 Moslem militants
July 29 Parliamentary election in Aruba
July 30 Record 103.8 degrees F (39.9 degrees C) in Preschen Lausitz Germany
July 31 102.7 degrees F (39.3 degrees C) in Pleschen, East-Germany
July 31 28th Curtis Cup: Draw, 9-9
July 31 Arcen Limburg averages 71.6 degrees F (22.0 degrees C) in July: record
July 31 Helen Alfredss wins LPGA Ping Welch's Golf Championship
July 31 Netherlands averages 21.4 degrees C; their warmest July since 1783
July 31 Phil Rizzuto (Yankees) and Steve Carlton enter the Hall of Fame
July 31 Sergei Bubka ploe vaults his 35th world record (6.14 m)
July 31 Stockholms avgs 21.5 degrees C; their warmest July since 1855
July 31 U.N. votes 12-0 (2 abstentions) to authorize use of force against Haiti
August 1 99.9 degrees F (37.7 degrees C) in Berlin-Dahlem: record
August 1 The Rolling Stones begin Voodoo Lounge world tour
August 1 Train crash in Havana Cuba, 6 killed
August 2 Congressional hearings begin on White Water
August 2 Explosion in lead/zinc mine in Guangxi China, 120+ killed
August 2 New York Supreme Court refuses Howard Stern's non financial disclosure
August 2 Noureddine Morceli runs world record 3000m (7:25.11)
August 3 102.4 degrees F (39.1 degrees C) in Tokyo Japan: record
August 3 1st Jordanian plane to fly over Israeli airspace (King Hussein pilot)
August 4 Dwingeloo 1, near milky way system, discovered
August 4 Howard Stern drops out of New York gubernatorial race
August 4 Truck carrying millions of bees overturns on New York parkway
August 5 Antonov-12 crash down at Boda, East-Siberia, 47 killed
August 5 Rocker Billy Idol admitted to the hospital after drug overdose
August 6 Algerian Moslem fundamentalists threaten school/Universities
August 7 1st telephone link between Israel and Jordan
August 7 Carolyn Hill wins McCall's LPGA Golf Classic at Stratton Mountain
August 7 Ernesto Samper sworn in as president of Colombia
August 7 "Hedda Gabler" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 33 performances
August 9 Phil Rizzuto Hall of Fame Night
August 9 Stanley Betrian put in charge of Curacao
August 10 Last British troops leave Hong Kong (been there since Sept 1841)
August 11 Joao B "Nino" Vieira elected President of Guinee-Bissau
August 12 1st NFL game on Fox network (exhibition - San Francisco vs Denver)
August 12 Members of the Major League Baseball Players Association strike
August 12 Panic in church of Brazzaville: 142 killed
August 12 Stephen G. Breyer, sworn in as Supreme Court Justice
August 13 Train crash in Tbilisi Georgia, 24 killed
August 14 76th PGA Championship: Nick Price shoots a 269 at Southern Hills Tulsa
August 14 Doc Gooden leaves Betty Ford Center
August 14 Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Weetabix Women's British Golf Open
August 14 Maggie Will wins Children's Medical Center LPGA Golf Classic
August 15 South African President Nelson Mandela receives Anne Frank Penning
August 15 Terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, captured in Khartoum, Sudan
August 16 Chandrika Kumaratungo's party wins Sri Lanka elections
August 16 Shauna Gambill, 17, of California, crowned 12th Miss Teen USA
August 17 Lesotho king Letsie II fires premier Ntsu Mokhehle
August 17 New York Central park reservior officially named after Jackie Kennedy Onasis
August 18 5.6 earthquake in Algeria, kills 171
August 20 109.8 degrees F (43.2 degrees C) in Cordoba, Spain
August 20 Archbishop Quarracino wants all homosexuals to leave Argentina
August 20 Ferry boat sinks at Chandpur Bangladesh, 300-350 killed
August 21 Ernesto Zedillo wins Mexican presidential election
August 21 Jane Geddes wins LPGA Chicago Golf Challenge
August 21 Royal Air Maroc ATR-42 crash down at Agadir, 44 killed
August 21 Typhoon Fred ravages Chinese county Zhejiang, 700+ killed
August 22 DNA testing links O. J. Simpson to murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman
August 22 Wim Cook government forms in Netherlands
August 24 Israel and PLO initialed accord giving autonomy to Palestinians in West Bank in education, health, taxation, social welfare and tourism
August 24 Kieren Perkins swims world record 1500m free style (14:41.66)
August 24 Kieren Perkins swims world record 800m free style (7:46.00)
August 27 "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" closes at R Rodgers New York City after 320 performances
August 28 1st Japanese gay pride parade
August 28 22nd du Maurier Golf Classic: Martha Nause
August 28 94th U.S. Golf Amateur Championship won by Tiger Woods
August 30 Gund Arena in Cleveland opens
August 30 Largest U.S. Tennis Open single session (total) 23,618
August 31 Last Russian soldiers leave Estonia and Latvia
August 31 Northern Ireland Sinn Fein proclaims ceases-fire
September 2 Miguel Indurain bicycles world record time (53,040 km)
September 3 Circulation of Netherlands Telegraph/News of the Day reaches 800,000
September 4 Bulgarian government of Berov falls
September 4 Cleveland Browns is 1st team in NFL to score a 2-point conversion
September 4 Kansai International airport officially opens
September 5 Barb Mucha wins LPGA State Farm Rail Golf Classic
September 5 Jerry Lewis' 29th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $47,100,000
September 5 Jingyi Le swims world record 100m women's freestyle (54.01 sec)
September 5 Kirgizie government resigns
September 5 SF 49'er Jerry Rice catches NFL record 127th touchdown pass
September 6 11th MTV Awards: Aerosmith, Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson win
September 6 Actor Jackson Pinckney awarded $487,000 for being partially blinded by Jean-Claude Van Damme during filming of "Cyborg"
September 6 Franziska van Almsick swims female record 200m freestyle (1:56.78)
September 6 Tom Dolan swims world record 400m medley (4:12.30)
September 7 Jingyi Le/Ying Shan/Ying Le/Bin Lu swimming 4x100 freestyle (3:37.91)
September 8 Last U.S., British and French troops leave West-Berlin
September 8 Man shoots another man on IRT #4 train at Grand Central Station
September 8 MTV awards feature newlyweds Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley
September 8 "Philadelphia, Here I Come" opens at Criterion New York City for 52 performances
September 8 U.S. Air Boeing 737 crashes at Pittsburgh Airport, killing all 132 on board
September 9 Space shuttle STS-64 (Discovery 20), launches into orbit
September 9 Tu-22 crashes into Aeroflot Tu-134a at Zhukovsky, 7 killed
September 10 108th U.S. Womens Tennis: Aranxta S Vicario beats Steffi Graf (16 76 64)
September 10 Chong Hey swims female record 400m medley (4:01.67)/100m backstroke
September 11 114th U.S. Mens Tennis: Andre Agassi beats Michael Stich (61 76 75)
September 11 46th Emmy Awards: Fraiser, Picket Fences and Kelsey Grammer wins
September 11 Jingyi Le swims female world record 50m freestyle
September 11 Missie McGeorge wins Ping-Cellular One LPGA Golf Championship
September 12 Cessna crashes in White House front yard
September 12 Country singer George Jones undergoes triple bypass surgery
September 12 Parti Quebecois wins parliamentary election
September 13 George Burns, undergoes surgery to drain fluid from his brain
September 13 Space probe Ulyssus passes south pole of Sun
September 14 All 28 baseball owners vote to cancel rest of 1994 season
September 15 Dennis Richardson sworn in as head of St. Maarten
September 15 Moslem fundamentalists kidnap and behead 16 citizens in Algeria
September 15 "Sound of Motown," premieres in Rotterdam
September 16 Fire Department puts out smokey electrical fire in White House
September 17 Andy Waller out handled the ball for Mashonaland CD vs. Mash U24
September 17 Heather Whitestone, 21, (Ala), crowned 68th Miss America 1995
September 17 Princess Christina separates
September 18 1st Presidents Golf Cup: U.S. beats International team 20-12 at Robert Jones Va
September 18 Austrian conservative Vice President wins elections/extreme right gets 18.5%
September 18 Deb Richard wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
September 18 Ken Burn's "Baseball" premieres on PBS
September 18 Sweden social-democratic SPD wins parliamentary election
September 19 3000 U.S. militia lands on Haiti
September 19 Swedish government of Bildt resigns
September 20 Space shuttle STS-64 (Discovery 20), lands
September 21 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Ft. Lauderdale / Miami, Florida on WBGG 105.9 FM
September 22 Rasmussen government in Denmark, resigns
September 23 Pinatubo volcano in Philippines erupts, kills at least 14
September 24 Parliamentary election in Ukraine
September 25 Oliver McCall TKOs Lennox Lewis in 2 for heavyweight boxing title
September 26 Estonia government of Laar flees
September 28 "Baseball" TV Miniseries last airs on PBS
September 28 "Cats" 5,000th Broadway performance (joins Chorus Line and Oh! Calcutta!)
September 28 "Ed Wood" premieres
September 28 Ferry boat Estonia capsize and sinks in East Sea, 909 killed
September 29 1st phase of O. J. Simpson murder trial jury selection ends (304 chosen)
September 29 House votes to end lobbyists buying meals and entertainment for Congress
September 29 Pointer Sisters receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
September 30 NHL goes on strike
September 30 Space shuttle STS-68 (Endeavour 7), launches into orbit
September 30 Sylvestre Ntibantunganya elected president of Burundi
September 30 Vladimir Meciars HZDDS wins Slovakia parliamentary election
October 1 Boon completes his 19th Test century (114 vs. Pak, Karachi)
October 1 Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA GHP Heartland Golf Classic
October 1 South African President Nelson Mandela visits U.S.
October 1 Stanley Betrian sworn in as leader of Curaeao
October 2 Pakistan defeat Australia by one wicket in Karachi Test
October 2 "Show Boat," opens at Gershwin Theater New York City
October 3 Fernando Henrique Cardoso elected president of Brazil
October 3 Gary Larson, announces he is retiring from doing "Far Side" cartoon
October 4 7.9 earthquake strikes Koerilen, flood kills 18+
October 4 Keith Moore is charged with stealing $5,000,000 from Sting
October 4 Soyuz TM-20 launches
October 5 28th Country Music Association Award
October 5 52 members of Zonnetempel, murdered
October 6 Ben Mokoena becomes 1st black mayor of Middelburg South Africa
October 6 European Campaign against Racism confers in Austria
October 7 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
October 7 Faud Guliyev appointed premier of Azerbijan
October 7 Ingvar Carlsson forms Swedish government
October 7 Lu Bin swims female 200m medley world record (2:11.57)
October 8 BPAA U.S. Women's Bowling Open won by Aleta Sill
October 9 Darmstadt creates element 110
October 10 Lieutenant-General Raoul Cedras resigns as dictator of Haiti
October 10 MPAA chief Jack Valenti holds meeting to determine new movie ratings
October 10 New York Giants retire Lawrence Taylor's #56
October 10 Nobel prize for physiology awarded to Alfred Gilman and Martin Rodbell
October 10 Value of Russian ruble decreases, 3081 rubles per dollar
October 11 Russian ruble decreases to 3,926 rubles per dollar
October 11 Space shuttle STS-68 (Endeavour 7), lands
October 12 Contact with Venus orbitter Magellan broken
October 12 Iranian Fokker's F28 explode between Isfahan and Teheran: 66 killed
October 13 Earliest start of Sheffield Shield season (Queensland vs. Tasmania)
October 13 Nobel prize for literature awarded to Kenzaburo Oe
October 14 Nobel Prize awarded to Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres
October 14 Space probe Magellan burns up in atmosphere of Venus
October 15 Botswana President Ketumile Masires BDP wins parliamentary election
October 15 President Jean-Baptiste Aristide returns to Haiti
October 16 Raul Julia, actor (Addams Family), suffers a stroke
October 17 Beth Daniel wins LPGA World Championships of Women's Golf
October 17 Billy Joel performs opening concert at Cleveland's Gund Arena
October 17 Kapil Dev's final one-day international (v West Indies)
October 19 160 killed at battles in Tsjetsjenie
October 19 Palestinian bomb attack on bus in Tel Aviv, kills 22
October 21 Hana bridge is Seoul Korea crashes, 32+ die
October 21 North Korea signs pact to end their nuclear projects
October 22 "Philadelphia, Here I Come" closes at Criterion New York City after 52 performances
October 22 Statue of Sam Houston unveiled in Texas
October 22 Tony Rominger bicycles world record time (53,832 km)
October 23 3rd Solheim Cup: U.S. beats Europe, 13-7 at Greenbrier WV
October 24 Bomb attack on opposition in Sri Lanka, 55+ killed
October 25 Susan Smith claims her 2 kids were carjack (she actually killed them)
October 26 Jordan and Israel sign peace accord
October 28 Japanese space probe Sakigake passes Earth for 3rd time
October 29 Antonov AN-12 having an accident at Ust-Ilimsk Kaluga, 21 killed
October 29 National Museum of American Indian opens (New York City)
October 29 New York Lotto pays $60 million+
October 30 Leftist coalition wins Marcedonia parliamentary election
October 30 Thomas Nicely reports bug in Intel's Pentium-processor on Internet
October 30 U.S. wins Nichirei LPGA Golf International
October 31 American Eagle ATR-72 crash down at Gary, Indiana: 68 killed
November 1 Moslem fundamentalists in Mostaganem Algeria murder 5 children
November 2 Benzine explosion in Dronka Egypt, 400+ killed
November 3 Atlantis 13 launched
November 3 Dutch and British astronomers find spiral nebula Dwingeloo 1
November 3 Space shuttle STS-66 (Atlantis 13), launches
November 3 Susan Smith who claimed her 2 kids were carjacked arrested for murder
November 3 Total solar eclipse in South America (4m23s)
November 4 Soyuz TM-20 lands in Kazahkstan
November 4 United Center in Chicago opens - Bulls beat Charlotte Hornets, 89-83
November 5 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Barathea, Cherokee Run, Concern, Flanders, One Dreamer, Tikkanen, Timber Country
November 5 Space probe Ulyssus completes 1st passage behind the Sun
November 5 Tony Rominger bicycles world record time (55,291 km)
November 5 Yak-40 accident in north of Peru, 8 killed
November 6 24th New York City Women's Marathon won by Tegla Loroupe in 2:27:37
November 6 25th New York City Marathon won by German Silva in 2:11:21
November 6 Emomali Rachmonov recognized as president of Tadzjikistan
November 6 Woo-Soon Ko wins LPGA Toray Japan Queens Golf Cup
November 8 Cleveland Cavaliers 1st game at Gund Arena, lose to Hous Rockets, 100-98
November 8 Haitian government of Smarck Michel forms
November 9 Chandrika Kumaratunga chosen 1st female president of Sri Lanka
November 11 Bill Gates buys Leonardo da Vinci's "Codex" for $30,800,000
November 11 Progress M-25 launched to space station Mir
November 13 Sweden agrees to join European Union
November 14 1st trains for public run in English Channel Tunnel
November 14 Space shuttle STS-66 (Atlantis 13), lands
November 15 6.7-8.1 earthquake strikes Philippines, killing 45
November 15 "Glass Menagerie" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 57 performances
November 15 Helmut Kohl elected German chancellor (341-340 votes)
November 15 Nepal Communist party Dutch Communist Party-UML wins election
November 17 3rd Germany government of Kohl forms
November 17 Irish government of Reynolds resigns
November 17 "Sunset Boulevard" opens at Minskoff Theater New York City for 977 performances
November 18 "Star Trek VII - Generations," premieres
November 19 Aishwarya Rai, 21, of India, crowned 44th Miss World
November 19 Sam's Town Bowling Invitational won by Tish Johnson
November 20 "Flying Karamzov Brothers..." opens at Helen Hayes New York City for 50 performances
November 20 Kosmos 2294/2295/2296 launches
November 20 Patti Davis weds Paul Hayeland
November 20 "Shadow Box" opens at Circle in Sq Theater New York City for 49 performances
November 21 1st-class cricket debut of Andrew Symonds (Queensland vs. NSW, SCG)
November 27 82nd CFL Grey Cup: British Columbia Lions defeat Baltimore Stallions, 26-23
November 27 Fire in disco in Fuxin, North-China, 233 killed
November 27 Julio Maria Sanguinetti elected president of Uruguay
November 28 Norway votes against joining European Union
November 29 Seoul, Korea, celebrated the 600th anniversary of its founding
November 30 Beatles' 1st album in 25 years, Live at BBC, is released in Britain
November 30 Cruiser Achille Lauro destroyed by fire at Somalia, 4 die
November 30 Man Mohan Adhikary sworn in as 1st communist premier of Nepal
December 1 3 Seattle Seahawks injured in a car accident
December 1 Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere announce they are seperating
December 1 Ernesto Zedillo innaugrated as president of Mexico
December 1 PTL leader Jim Bakker released from jail
December 1 Rober Schumanns 2nd Symphony premieres in London
December 2 Achille Lauro sinks off the coast of Somalia
December 2 Andrew Lloyd Webber admitted to the hospital for ulcer treatment
December 2 "Cobb" premieres
December 2 Jury finds Heidi Fleiss guilty of running a call girl ring
December 4 83rd Davis Cup: Sweden beats Russia in Moscow (4-1)
December 4 "Angels in America-Millennium Approach" closes at Kerr after 367 performances
December 4 "Angels in America-Perestroika" closes at W Kerr New York City after 216 performances
December 4 Marta Figueras-Dottie/Brad Bryant wins LPGA J C Penney Golf Classic
December 6 Maltese Falcon auctioned for $398,590
December 6 Orange County California files for bankruptcy
December 6 Warner Brothers announces a 5th TV network to begin on Jan 11, 1995
December 7 5th Billboard Music Awards
December 7 Radio personality Howard Stern talks a man out of attempting suicide
December 8 Darryl Strawberry indicted on tax evasion charges
December 8 Fire in cinema in Karamay China, 310 killed
December 8 "What's Wrong With this Picture?" opens at Circle in Sq New York City for 12 per
December 9 5m meteor 1994 XM1 passes within 100,000 km of Earth
December 9 Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders resigns after masturbation comments
December 10 60th Heisman Trophy Award: Rashaan Salaam, Colorado (RB)
December 10 European Campaign against Racism "All different, All equal" begins
December 10 Nobel prize awarded to Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat
December 11 Kelly Robbins and Tammie Green wins LPGA Diner's Club Golf Matches
December 11 Russian troops pull inside Tsjetsjenia
December 13 American Eagle commuter plane crashes in NC, killing 15
December 15 John Bruton becomes Ireland's premier
December 15 Liberia militia kills 48 inhabitants of Monrovia
December 15 "Tuna Christmas" opens at Booth Theater New York City for 20 performances
December 16 Davy Jones (Monkees), charged with DWI
December 17 KLM's last DC-10 goes out of service
December 18 "Comedy Tonight" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City for 8 performances
December 18 Darryl Strawberry pleads not guilty on tax evasion charges
December 18 General Hospital stars Kristina Malandro and Jack Wagner wed
December 18 Norman, Couples and Azinger wins LPGA Wendy's 3-Tour Golf Challenge
December 18 Socialist Party (ex-communist) wins Bulgaria parliamentary election
December 18 "What's Wrong With this Pic?" closes at Circle in Sq New York City after 12 perf
December 21 Bomb goes off on #4 train on Fulton Street New York City
December 22 "Christmas Carol" opens at Richard Rodgers Theater New York City for 18 performances
December 22 Italian government of Berlusconi resigns
December 23 Baseball owners impose salary cap, fiercely opposed by players
December 24 4 Moslem fundamentalists capture Air France pilot in Algiers
December 25 "Comedy Tonight" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City after 8 performances
December 26 Actor Jason Hervey (22) weds Kelley Patricia O'Neill (27)
December 26 French commando's terminate Air France hijacking in Marseille
December 26 President brother Roger Clinton (37) weds 8-mo pregnant Molly Nartin (25)
December 28 Billy Ray Cyrus, Achy Breaky Heart, weds Leticia Finley
December 28 Boon completes his 20th Test Cricket century (131 vs. Eng, MCG)
December 28 Tammy Wynette admitted to the hospital with bile duct infection
December 29 B737-400 flies into a mountain at Edremit East Turkey, 54 killed
December 29 Bangladesh government of Zia resigns
December 29 Billionaire J Paul Getty, Jr. marries Victoria Holdsworth on Barbados
December 29 Last Dutch electro-magnetic telephone exchange shuts down
December 29 Shane Warne takes a hat-trick vs. England at cricket MCG
December 31 1st snowless December in Baltimore Maryland
December 31 Anti Apartheid Group of Netherlands (AABN) disbands