2008 in History
January 1 Cyprus replaces it's currency with the Euro
January 1 Malta replaces it's currency with the Euro
January 2 Oil reaches $100 per barrel for the first time
February 7 Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-122, launches to deliver laboratory to the ISS
February 13 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issues a formal apology to the Aboriginal people of Australia
February 17 Kosovo declares independence from Serbia
February 17 Taliban suicide bombing kills 80 in Kandahar, Afghanistan
February 20 U.S. Navy destroys a U.S. spy satellite with a missile
February 24 Fidel Castro resigns as President of Cuba, his brother Raul Castro is unanimously elected
March 24 Bhutan holds it's first public election
March 25 160 square mile part of the Antarctic ice shelf disintegrates
May 12 8.0 Earthquake in southwest China kills more than 69,000
May 25 NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands in the polar region on Mars
June 12 Irish voters reject the Treaty of Lisbon
June 27 Bill Gates resigns from Microsoft to focus on his charity work
July 2 Ingrid Betancourt and other hostages are rescued from FARC by Colombia
July 21 Radovan Karadzic arrested on war crimes after a 12 year manhunt
August 8 2008 Summer Olympics begin in Beijing, China
August 17 Michael Phelps wins 8 Gold Medals in 2008 Olympics
August 18 Pervez Musharraf resigns as President of Pakistan
August 24 2008 Summer Olympics come to a close in Beijing, China
September 15 Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy
September 24 Taro Aso becomes the new Prime Minister of Japan
October 3 President George W. Bush signs the 700 billion dollar TARP program into law
October 9 Iceland takes control of 3 banks due to the global financial crisis
October 29 Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines merge
November 4 Barack Obama is elected the 44th President of the United States
November 4 Joe Biden is elected the 47th Vice President of the United States
November 19 Claudia Castillo has a successful trachea transplant from stem-cell created organ
November 26 Mumbai terrorist attacks kill over 195 people over four days
December 31 One leap second is added to the end of the year