October 18 Deaths in History - October 18 Birthdays - October 18 Events

2007 Alan Coren, English writer, satirist, and humorist, worked with the BBC, died of necrotising fasciitis
2002 Kam Fong, actor, Hawaii Five-O, dies at 84
2000 Gwen Verdon, actress/dancer, Damn Yankees, dies at 75
2000 Julie London, singer/actress, Emergency!, dies at 74
1997 Bill Rotsler, cartoonist/writer, dies of cancer at 62
1997 Nancy Dickerson, 1st female news correspondent (CBS), dies at 70
1997 Roberto C Goizueta, CEO (Coca-Cola), dies of lung cancer at 65
1997 Roberto Goizueta, Cuban Businessman
1996 Guiseppe Panini, industrialist, dies at 71
1996 Hugh Willatt, solicitor/public servant, dies at 91
1995 Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher, lawyer, dies at 67
1995 Bryan Johnson, singer/actor, dies at 69
1995 John Gardener, boatbuilder/writer, dies at 90
1995 Thomas Lyttle, paramilitary, dies at 56
1994 Lee Allen, saxophonist, dies at 68
1994 Richard A Garland, artist photographer, dies at 60
1994 WIlliam Faure, producer, dies at 45
1994 Cab Calloway, American Musician
1993 Dionisio Herrero, Spanish air force general, murdered at 63
1993 Lois Kibbee, actress (Edge of Night), dies of brain tumor at 71
1993 Smail Yefsah, Algerian TV journalist, murdered at 31
1988 Dimitri Frenkel Frank, writer and director (Hadimassa), dies at 60
1987 Theodore Brameld, author (Use of Explosive Ideas), dies at 83
1985 Benjamin Moloisi, South African poet/Anc'er, hanged at 30
1984 Florence Rinard, TV panelist (20 Questions), dies at 82
1984 Jon-Erik Hexum, actor (Bear), dies by a gun loaded with blanks at 26
1983 19/10? Albert "Carel" Willink, painter: magic(al)-realism, dies at 83
1982 Bess Truman, 1st lady (1945-53), dies in Independence, Mo at 97
1982 Maurice Gilliams, Flemish literary (Sources of Insomnia), dies at 82
1982 Pierre Mendes-France, premier France (1954-55), dies
1978 Jacques Mornard, Ramon Mercader, murderer of Trotsky, dies at 64
1975 Al Lettieri, actor (Beautiful but Deadly, Don is Dead), dies at 47
1973 Crane Wilbur, dir/writer (Bat, Canon City, Yellow Cargo), dies at 86
1973 Frank Knight, TV announcer (Chronoscope), dies at 79
1973 Walt Kelly, U.S. comic strip artist (Pogo), dies at 60
1973 Margaret Anderson, American Editor
1973 Leo Strauss, German Philosopher
1968 Lee Tracy, actor (Doctor X, Bombshell, Best Man), dies of cancer at 70
1966 Bill Nestell, U.S. actor (Dangerous Venture), dies of heart attack at 73
1965 Frank Hutchens, composer, dies at 73
1965 Henry Travers, actor (Bells of St. Mary, High Sierra), dies at 91
1963 Claudio Carneyro, composer, dies at 68
1955 Jose Ortega y Gasset, Spanish philosopher, dies at 72
1953 Douwe Kalma, Fries literature/christian-socialist, dies at 57
1953 Federico Gerdes, composer, dies at 80
1948 [Heinrich A H] Walther von Brauchitsch, German Field Marshal, dies
1943 Adrianus M de Young, writer (Merijntje Gijzen's Youth), dies at 55
1943 Benedictus H Dancer, botanist, dies at 52
1941 Dirk Fock, governor-general van/of Netherlands-Indies 1921-6, dies at 83
1940 Suze Groeneweg, 1st woman in Dutch 2nd Chamber (1918-37), dies at 65
1939 Charles M. Schwab, American Businessman
1938 Karl J Kautsky, Austrian marxist/socialist, dies
1931 Thomas Edison,
1931 Thomas A. Edison, inventor, dies in West Orange, New Jersey, at 84
1911 Alfred Binet, French Psychologist
1910 Thaddaus Robl, German bicyclist (world record), dies
1909 Alfredo Oriani, Italian writer (La rivolta ideal), dies
1898 Jakov P Polonski, Russian poet (Stichotvorenija), dies at 78
1893 Charles F Gounod, French composer (La reine the Saba), dies at 75
1893 Lucy [Blackwell-]Stone, U.S. abolitionist/feminist, dies
1893 Charles Gounod, French Composer
1876 Francis Preston Blair, newspaper editor (Washington Globe), dies at 85
1865 Lord Henry JT Palmerston, English Minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 80
1864 David Bell Birney, U.S. lawyer/Union general-major, dies at 39
1864 Jacques Francois Gallay, composer, dies at 68
1862 James Creighton, dies of rupture bladder from hitting home run on Oct 14th
1839 French Jozef Kinsoen, Flemish portrait painter, dies at 68
1832 Othon Joseph Vandenbroek, composer, dies at 73
1830 Peter I Petrovic Njegos, bishop (Montenegro), dies
1817 Etienne-Nicolas Mehul, opera composer (Chant du depart), dies at 54
1788 Jean-Guillain Cardon, composer, dies at 56
1771 Robert Praelisauer, composer, dies at 62
1767 Joseph Paul Ziegler, composer, dies at 45
1708 Henry Van Nassau, stable master/Field Marshal, dies at 67
1678 Cornelis Galle II, Flemish engraver/illustrator, dies at 63
1678 Jacob Jordaens, Flemish barok painter, dies at 85
1676 Nathaniel Bacon, rallied against Virginian government, killed at 29
1669 Abraham Willaerts, painter (Brazilie), dies
1634 Pierre De La Barre, composer, dies at 42
1589 Adolf van Nieuwenaar and Meurs, viceroy of Utrecht, dies in battle
1562 Petrus van Alcantara, Spanish Franciscan saint, dies
1558 Maria, queen of Hungary/guardian of Netherlands (1531-55), dies at 53
1545 John Taverner, English composer (Western Wynde), dies at about 55
1526 Lucas Vazquez de Ayllo, Spanish colonialist (settles SC), dies
1503 Pius III, Francesco Todeschini, Pope (9/22-10/18/1503), dies
1459 Jan of Heinsberg, bishop of Luik (1419-56), dies
1340 Henry Henricus of Friemar, Augustine philosopher, dies
1216 John, king of England (1199-1216, Magna Charta), dies
707 John VII, Greek Pope (705-07), dies

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