April 11 Birthdays in History - April 11 Deaths - April 11 Events
1987 Joss Stone, born in Dover, England, singer, actress, multi-platinum album, 'The Soul Sessions', top ten hit song, 'You Had Me', sold over 10 million albums worldwide
1978 Victor Sikora, soccer player, Go Ahead Eagles
1975 Terry Cousin, NFL cornerback for the Chicago Bears
1974 Alex Corretja, born in Barcelona, Spain, tennis star, 1990 Orange Bowl boys 16
1974 Sascha van Wissen, Dutch soccer player, MVV
1973 Blake Brockermeyer, NFL tackle, Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers
1973 Monica Chala, Miss Universe-Ecuador 1996
1973 Reggie Tongue, NFL safety for the Kansas City Chiefs
1973 Jennifer Esposito, American Actress
1972 Avo Avetisyan, WLAF defensive linesman for the Amsterdam Admirals
1972 Dietrich Jells, wide receiver for the New England Patriots
1972 Kunihiko Sakurai, hockey forward, Team Japan 1998
1972 Nicole Levesque, WNBA guard, Charlotte Sting
1972 Ted Johnson, linebacker for the New England Patriots
1970 Delroy Pearson, rock vocalist, Five Star-Between the Lines
1970 Joe Vitiello, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, infielder for the Kansas City Royals
1970 Sean Bergman, born in Joliet, Illinois, pitcher for the San Diego Padres
1970 Trevor Linden, Medicine Hat, NHL right wing, Canucks, New York Islanders
1969 Gavin Briant, cricketer, Zimbabwe Test batsman 1993
1969 J. Nick Adamson, born in Freeport, Bahamas, U.S. laser yachter, 1996 Olympics
1969 Janeth Arcain, WNBA forward for the Houston Comets
1969 Jesse Campbell, NFL safety, New York Giants, Washington Redskins
1968 Eric Moten, NFL guard and tackle for the San Diego Chargers
1967 Lachlan Dreher, Australian field hockey goal keeper, Olympicss silver 1992, 1996
1967 Mark Seay, NFL wide receiver, San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles
1967 Stefan Johnstown, Norwegian speed walker, world record 20 km
1967 Wendel Suckow, born in Marquette, Michigan, luger 1994 Olympics
1966 Dave Richards, NFL guard for the Atlanta Falcons
1966 Kara McGaw, born in Toronto, Ontario, softball rightfielder 1996 Olympics
1966 Lisa Stansfield, English pop singer, Around the World
1966 Mark Higgs, NFL running back for the Arizona Cardinals
1966 Steve Scarsone, born in Anaheim, California, infielder for the San Francisco Giants
1963 Eddy Moya, born in El Paso, Texas, actor
1963 Elizabeth Smylie, born in Perth, Australia, tennis star, 1987 Oklahoma City
1962 Andre Wasiman, soccer player, FC Volendam
1962 Terry Hoage, NFL wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals
1961 Lucky Vanous, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, model, GQ, Diet Coke
1961 Vincent Gallo, American Actor
1959 Richie Sambora, rocker, Bon Jovi, and boyfriend of Cher and Heather Locklear
1958 Sally Clark, born in Feilding New Zealand, equestrian 3 day event, 1996 Olympics silver
1958 Stuart Adamson, rock vocalist and guitarist, Big Country-Wonderland
1958 William Stuart Adamson, born in Manchester, rock guitarist, Big Country
1957 Everton Mattis, cricketer, WI batsman early 80's
1957 John Castellanos, San Diego, California, actor, John Silva-Young and Restless
1957 Mark Kennedy, born in Benson, Minnesota, politician, Republican, member, U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota's 2nd district
1955 Michele Scarabelli, actress, Jo Santini-Airwolf, Alienation, Dallas
1955 Piers J. Sellers, Sussex England, PhD and astronaut
1954 Chris Difford, born in Greenwich, London, primary member of band Squeeze, lyricist, singer, record producer, known for songs 'Tempted', 'Black Coffee in Bed'
1953 Guy Verhofstadt, born in Dendermonde, Belgium, politician, liberal, 47th Prime Minister of Belgium 1999 - 2008, member, European Parliament
1952 Michael Daly, born in Toronto, Canadian Tour golfer, 1991 BC Winter Tour
1950 Bill Irwin, born in Santa Monica, actor, My Blue Heaven, Scenes From a Mall
1949 Dorothy Allison, American Writer
1948 Ellen Goodman, syndicated columnist, or 1941
1947 Michael Hindley, British MEP
1947 Michael Wright, Vice-Chancello, Aston University
1947 Peter Riegert, born in New York City, actor, Animal House, Crossing Delancey
1945 Robert Fripp, guitarist, King Crimson
1944 John Milius, writer, Red Dawn, 1941, Big Wednesday
1944 R. J. B. Knight, deputy director, National Maritime Museum
1943 E. J. Dommering, Dutch lawyer
1943 John Montagu, born in England, 11th Earl of Sandwich, elected as a hereditary peer in the House of Lords, related to 4th Earl who popularized the sandwich
1943 Elmer R. Wilsoe, Island mayor, Curacao
1942 Anatoly Nikolayevich Berezovoi, born in U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz T-5
1941 David L. Boren, born in Washington, D.C., Senator-D-Oklahoma 1979 - 1994, Oklahoma Governor 1975 - 1979
1941 Frederick "Rick" Hauck, born in Long Beach, California, astr, STS-7, STS 51-A, STS-26
1939 Louise Lasser, New York City, actress, Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman!
1938 Michael Deaver, politician/influence peddler, S&L scandal
1936 Janet Allen, Headmistress, Benenden School
1935 Pierre Kartner, Father Abraham, Dutch singer, Smurf Song
1935 Richard Berry, born in Extension, Louisiana, musician, singer, songwriter, wrote, 'Louie Louie', sold copyright in 1959, song has since been recorded over 1,000 times
1934 Dame Anne Poole, chief nursing officer, Department of Health
1934 Mark Strand, American poet/editor/translator, Another Republic
1934 Richard A. Garland, artist/photographer
1933 Tony Brown, Charleston, West Virginia, newsman, Tony Brown's Journal
1932 F Gregory Neubeck, USAF pilot
1932 Joel Grey, Joe Katz, actor, Cabaret, Remo Williams, 7% Solution
1932 Max Schubel, born in America, composer, contemporary classical music, founder and owner of Opus One records, recorded new music
1931 Johnny Sheffield, born in Pasadena, California, actor, Boy-Tarzan Finds a Son
1930 Carl Franklin, Richmond California, actor, Fantastic Journey
1930 Clive Exton, scriptwriter and playwright
1930 James Alan Ferman, secretary, British Board of Film Classification
1930 Joseph Burnett-Stuart, CEO, Robert Fleming Holdings
1930 Kazuo Fukushima, composer
1930 Nicholas F. Brady, U.S. Secretary of Treasury, 1988 - 1993
1930 Bill Hefner, born in Elora, Tennessee, Representative-D-North Carolina 1975 - 1999
1929 Lawrence Coughlin, born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Representative-R-Pennsylvania 1969 - 1993
1927 Domenico Guaccero, composer
1926 Gervase de Peyer, clarinettist
1926 Robert Hall Lewis, composer
1925 Ethel Kennedy, wife of Bobby
1925 Johan van Zonderen, painter
1925 Oscar De Ville, CEO, Meyer International
1925 Rik Kuijpers, Belgian director, Sea gulls die in the harbor
1922 Alexander Raichev, composer
1922 Antoine Blondin, writer
1921 Jeff Stollmeyer, cricketer, WI batsman pre/post-war
1921 Virginia O'Brien, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Francis in the Navy
1921 Martin Buckmaster, born in England, born Martin Stanley Buckmaster, 3rd Viscount Buckmaster, diplomat, served in the House of Lords
1920 Marlen Haushofer, writer
1919 Hugh Carey, New York Governor, Democrat
1919 Raymond Carr, Warden, St. Antony's College Oxford
1918 Jean-Claude Servan-Schreiber, journalist
1918 Richard Wainwright, MP
1918 William Perrie, British prison governor
1916 Alberto E. Ginastera, Buenos Aires Argentina, composer, Panambi
1916 Dan Fortmann, NFL guard for the Chicago Bears
1916 Howard Koch, producer/director, Frankenstein, Airplane II
1914 Norman McLaren, Scottish Artist
1913 Oleg Cassini, Paris, France, fashion designer, Jackie Kennedy
1912 John Larkin, born in Oakland California, actor, Saints and Sinners, 12 O'Clock High
1911 Stanislawa Walasiewicz, born in Poland, sprinter, Gold Medal 1932 Olympics, Silver Medal 1936 Olympics
1910 Anna Magnani, Italian actress, Awakening, Roma
1910 Antonio Sebastiao Ribiero de Spinola, general/president Portugal
1910 Henry William Collins, artist
1908 Karel Ancerl, Czechoslovakian conductor, Prague/Toronto
1908 Leo Rosten, writer and humourist
1908 Masura Ibuka, industrialist
1907 Paul Douglas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actor, Adventure Theater, Clash by Night
1907 William Henry Swinburne, music teacher
1906 Dale Messick, American Artist
1904 Arthur Ernest Mourant, haematologist
1904 Paul McGrath, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Witness, No Time for Love
1902 Quentin Reynolds, New York City, newscaster, Its News to Me, author, FBI
1901 Adriano Olivetti, Italian engineer/manufacturer, typewriter
1901 Glenway Wescott, U.S. writer, Apartment in Athens
1901 Theodor Rogalski, composer
1899 Percy L. Julian, chemist, drugs for treatment of arthritis
1898 Lou Holtz, comedian/actor, Follow the Leader
1897 Caspar Neher, German set designer/librettist
1893 Dean Acheson, statesman and U.S. Secretary of State, 1949 - 1953
1893 Johannes T. Thijsse, Dutch founder, Waterloopkundig lab Delft
1889 Nick La Rocca, U.S. coronetist/composer, Tiger Rag
1888 Donald Calthrop, London, actor, Blackmail, Scrooge, Rome Express
1883 Leonard Mudie, England, actor, Magnetic Monster, British Intelligence
1881 Harvey Bartlett Gaul, composer
1879 Leendert Round, Dutch sculptor, entrance Rotterdam Zoo
1867 John P Lotsy, Dutch botanist/geneticist, Genetics
1866 Carla Ford, Henry's wife
1862 Charles Evans Hughs, 11th Chief Justice of Supreme Court, 1930-41
1862 William W. Campbell, U.S. astronomer and director Lick Observatory
1862 Charles Evans Hughes, American Judge
1862 William Wallace Campbell, American Scientist
1859 Basil Harwood, composer
1856 Arthur Shrewsbury, cricketer, dominant England bat late 19th cent
1856 Constantly Lievens, Flemish missionary in India
1854 Hugh Massie, cricketer, Australian batsman of the 1880's
1840 John Conrad Nordqvist, composer
1838 Joseph Leopold Rockel, composer
1837 Ephraim Elmer Ellsworth, Col Union Army
1825 Ferdinand Lassalle, French politician/founder, Allgemeiner
1815 Klara Fey, German orchestra leader, Deutscher Arbeiterverein
1801 Claude Tillier, French journalist and writer, My Uncle Benjamin
1794 Edward Everett, born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Governor of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Representative 1825 - 1835
1793 Nicolaas C. Kist, Dutch church historian/archivist
1779 Louise Reichardt, composer
1775 Charles-Francois Dumonchau, composer
1772 Manuel Jose Quintana, Spanish author and poet, El Duque de Viseo
1770 George Canning, C, British Prime Minister, 1827
1769 Johann Georg Lickl, composer
1735 Pierre Nicolas La Houssaye, composer
1722 Christopher Smart, English poet and journalist, Ceremony of Carols
1715 John Alcock, composer
1682 Jean-Joseph Mouret, composer
1681 Anne Danican Philidor, composer
1661 Antoine Coypel, French painter and poet
1638 Diogo Diaz Melgaz, composer
1602 Johann Neukrantz, composer
1586 Pietro Della Valle, composer
1370 Frederick I the Warlike, elector of Saxony