April 11 Deaths in History - April 11 Birthdays - April 11 Events
2007 Kurt Vonnegut, dies at his home in Manhattan, at 84
2001 Nyree Dawn Porter, actor, The Forsyte Saga, dies at 61
2001 Sir Harry Secombe, actor, The Goon Show, dies at 79
2001 Harry Secombe, Welsh Actor
1998 Rodney Harvey, actor, model, featured in Life Magazine spread with Madonna, appeared in Fox series, 'The Outsiders', guest on television show 'Twin Peaks', appeared in 'My Own Private Idaho', died at age 30, of a heroin overdose
1997 Michael Dorris, writer, scholar, first unmarried man to adopt child, Raynold Abel, wrote about Reynold in 'The Broken Cord', commits suicide in Concord, New Hampshire, at age 52
1996 Daniel Wolf, journalist, dies at 80
1996 Edwin Clarke, historian/neurologist, dies at 76
1996 Jessica Dubroff, hoped to be youngest to fly across U.S., crashed at 7
1996 Louis Osman, artist/goldsmith/craftsman, dies at 82
1996 Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, advertising magnate, dies at 89
1994 Johan Block, Dutch aviation pioneer (Martinair/Transavia), dies at 64
1993 Mohammed el-Himi, brigade-general of Egyptian police, murdered
1993 Rachmon Nabiyev, President of Tadzjikistan (1973..92), dies at 63
1992 Adele Dixon, singer and actress (Uneasy Virtue), dies of pneumonia at 83
1992 Eve Merriam, poet (Inner City Mother Goose), dies of cancer at 75
1992 James Brown, actor (Rip-Adv of Rin Tin Tin), dies at 72
1991 Tom Rosqui, dies at 62
1990 Barbara Ann Miller, dies
1989 Henk van Galen Last, Dutch journalist, dies at 68
1988 David Prater, U.S. singer (Sam and Dave-Soul Man), dies in car crash at 50
1988 Jeff Donnell, actor (Hoedown, 9 Girls), dies at 66 of a heart attack
1987 Erskine Caldwell, novelist (Tobacco Road), dies at 83
1987 Kent Taylor, actor (Boston Blackie, Rough Riders), dies at 79
1987 Primo Levi, Italy, chemist/writer (Survival in Auschwitz), dies at 67
1985 Enver Hoxha, party leader/premier of Albania, dies at 76
1983 Dolores Del Rio, actress (Cheyenne Autumn), dies at 78
1981 Marie Ney, dies at 85
1980 Charlotte Henry, dies
1980 Florence Lake, dies
1977 Jacques Prevert, French poet (La puil et le beau), dies at 77
1976 Liam Dunn, dies a 59
1975 Dorothy Patten, dies at 70
1974 Curt Conway, dies
1974 Abraham Robinson, German Mathematician
1973 Ted de Corsia, actor (Police Chief Hegedorn-Steve Canyon), dies at 69
1970 Cathy O'Donnell, dies at 66
1970 John H O'Hara, U.S. journalist (Pal Joey, Rage to Live), dies at 65
1969 Ludvig Irgens Jensen, composer, dies at 74
1961 Francis de Bourguignon, composer, dies at 70
1952 Wadi' Sabra, composer, dies at 76
1950 Bainbridge Colby, American Public Servant
1945 Kamiel van Baelen, Flemish resistance fighter (in Dachau), dies at 29
1939 SS Van Dine, William Huntingdon Wright, detective writer, dies at 50
1936 Mitya Stillman, composer, dies at 44
1935 Anna Katharine Green, American Author
1934 John Collier, British Artist
1921 Augusta Victoria, Queen of Prussia/wife of Emperor Wilhelm II, dies
1916 Richard Harding Davis, journalist, dies at 52
1906 Georgi Apollonovitch Gapon, Rus-orthodox clergyman/tsarist agent, dies
1906 James A Bailey, circus showman (Barnum and Bailey), dies at 58
1903 Gemma Galgani, Italian saint, dies at 25
1902 ... Potgieter, South African Boer general, dies in battle
1901 Ivar Christian Hallstrom, composer, dies at 74
1887 Pyotr Petrovich Sokal'sky, composer, dies at 54
1884 Henry James Byron, English Dramatist
1881 Kristian Mandrup Elster, Norwegian author (Torn Trondal), dies at 40
1875 Heinrich Schwabe, discoverer (11-year sunspot cycle), dies
1854 Karl Adolph von Basedow, East Germany (Ziekte van Basedow), dies at 55
1853 Louis Emmanuel Eadin, composer, dies
1842 John England, bishop of Charleston Carolina, dies
1839 John Galt, Scottish writer (Last of the Lairds), dies at 59
1838 Pieter L Uys, South African pioneer (Great Pull), murdered at 40
1812 Gottlieb Schick, German painter (Opfer Noachs), dies at 35
1810 Jakob Zupan, composer, dies at 75
1783 Nikita I Panin, Russian earl/ambassador in Denmark, dies at 64
1729 Manuel de Egues, composer, dies at 71
1648 Matthaus Apelles von Lowenstern, composer, dies at 53
1512 Gaston de Foix, French pretender to Navarra throne, dies in battle
1500 Michael T Marullus, Greeks poet, drowns
1240 Llywelyn ab Iorwerth the Great, monarch of Wales (1194-1240), dies
1034 Romanus III Argyrus, Byzantine emperor (1028-34), assasinated by wife
678 Donus, Italian Pope (676-78), dies