April 21 Birthdays in History - April 21 Deaths - April 21 Events
1984 Ashley Peldon, born in Staten Island, New York, actress, Marsha-Guilding Light, Deceived
1978 Aimee Delatte, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 1996
1978 Avi Phillips, born in Ontario, actor, Maniac Mansion
1978 Melissa Coish, Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 1996
1977 Karen Ann Peterson, Miss Aruba Universe 1997
1975 Angela Michelle Hughes, born in Anderson, South Carolina, Miss America-South Carolina 1997
1975 Danyon Joseph Loader, born in Dunedin, New Zealand, 200m/400m swimmer, Olympic-2 gold-96
1974 Brice Hunter, wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1972 David Williams, born in Bedford, Pennsylvania, outfielder for the San Francisco Giants
1972 Lori Flick, born in Boston, Massachusetts, Miss America-Massachusetts 1997
1972 Tia Jackson, WNBA forward, Phoenix Mercury
1971 Jennifer Reed, Miss USA-Michigan 1997
1971 Samantha Druce, youngest woman to swim English Channel
1971 Tom Cavallo, NFL/WLAF linebacker, Frankfurt Galaxy, San Francisco 49ers
1971 Tony Mcgee, NFL tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals
1970 Israel Stanley, NFL/WLAF defensive end, NO Saints, Rhein Fire
1970 Stewart Malgunas, Prince George, NHL defenseman for the Washington Capitals
1969 Conrad Clarks, NFL center for the Indianapolis Colts
1969 Dwight Hollier, NFL linebacker for the Miami Dolphins
1968 Peter van Foxes, soccer player, Ajax
1966 Judy Diduck, ice hockey defenseman, Canada, 1998 Olympics
1966 Michael Franti, born in San Francisco, California, poet, musician, head of Michael Franti & Spearhead band, supports peace and social justice issues
1965 Ed Belfour, Carman, NHL goalie, Chicago Blackhawks
1965 Gary Grant, NBA guard for the New York Knicks
1965 Karen Foster, born in Lufkin, Texas, playmate, Oct, 1989
1964 Louise Mullard, Kurri Kurri NSW, golfer, 1990 T3 Coca Cola Classic
1963 John Cameron Mitchell, born in El Paso, Texas, actor, Misplaced, Band of the Hand
1963 Ken Caminiti, born in Hanford, California, infielder for the San Diego Padres
1962 Sergei Viktorovich Zalyotin, born in Russia, major/cosmonaut
1960 Julius Korir, Kenya, 3K steeplechaser 1984 Olympics gold
1959 Robert Smith, born in Sussex, rock guitarist and vocalist, Cure-Hell's Kitchen
1959 Jerry Only, born in Lodi, New Jersey, Gerald Caiafa, bassist, singer for the Misfits, horror punk, hardcore punk genres, creator, Devilock, hair style
1958 Andie MacDowell, born in Gaffney, South Carolina, model, actress, producer, appeared in 'Green Card', 'Sex, Lies and Videotape', 'Just the Ticket', 'Beauty Shop'
1957 Jesse Orosco, born in Santa Barbara, California, pitcher, New York Mets, Orioles, Dodgers
1954 Dale Eggeling, born in Statesboro, Georgia, LPGA golfer, 1995 Oldsmobile Classic
1953 Edward Ray Fiori, born in Lynwood, California, PGA golfer, 1979 Southern Open
1951 Aleksandr Ivanovich Laveykin, Russian cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-2
1951 Paul Carrack, born in Sheffield, England, rock vocalist, Squeeze/Ace-How Long
1951 Tony Danza, born in Brooklyn, Tony Banta-Taxi, Tony Micelli-Who's the Boss
1949 Patti LuPone, born in Northport, New York, actress and singer, Evita, Life Goes On
1948 Claire Denis, born in Paris, France, actress, Boom Boom, Chocolat
1948 Gary Condit, born in Salina, Oklahoma, Representative-D-California 1989 - 1993
1948 Lord Egremont, English large landowner/multi-millionaire
1948 Paul Davis, born in Meridian, Michigan, country/rock vocalist, I Go Crazy
1947 Alan Warner, rocker, Foundations
1947 Iggy Pop, born in Michigan, rocker, Zombie Birdhouse
1947 John Weider, bassist, Family-Family Entertainment
1946 S Venkataraghavan, cricket, Indian off-spinner, Test ump, ICC referee
1942 Bobby McClure, U.S. gospel singer, Don't Mess Up a Good Thing
1940 Souleymane Cisse, director, Waati, Yeelen, Finye, Baara
1939 Ernie Maresca, singer and songwriter, Runaround Sue, Wanderer
1939 John McCabe, born in Huyton, England, composer, pianist, wrote thirteen symphonies by age 11, composed Notturni ed Alba in 1970, ballets, string quartets, piano music, known for his concerti
1937 Charles Lee Herron, born in Kentucky, FBI most wanted fugitive, Jan 1 1986
1936 Anthony Joseph Gnazzo, composer
1936 Bob Cleary, U.S., ice hockey player 1960 Olympics gold
1936 James Dobson, American Psychologist
1936 James C. Dobson, American Psychologist
1935 Charles Grodin, actor, Woman in Red, Lonely Guy, Heartbreak Kid
1935 Thomas H. Kean, American Politician
1934 Martin Horton, cricketer, England off-spin all rounder, 2 Tests 1959
1933 Easley Blackwood, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, composer, Un Voyage a Cythere
1932 Angela Mortimer, English tennis player, Wimbledon
1932 Elaine May, born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, comedienne/writer/actress, New Leaf
1930 Don Tyson, founder, Tyson Foods
1930 Silvana Mangano, born in Rome, Italy, actress, Death in Venice, Barabbas
1927 Robert Brustein, born in New York City, dean, Yale School of Drama
1926 Elizabeth, Alexandra Mary Windsor II, Queen of England, 1952-
1926 Elizabeth II, British Royalty
1926 Queen Elizabeth II, English Royalty
1924 Daniel Melnick, born in New York City, producer, Get Smart
1924 Ira Louvin, born in Rainsville, Alabama, country singer, Louvin Brothers
1923 Andrea Domburg, Dutch actress, Theo d'Or Prize, Keetje Tippel
1923 John Mortimer, English Novelist
1922 Allan Watkins, cricketer, England batsman late 40s early 50s
1921 Jack Fletcher, born in Forest Hills, New York, actor, Grady, Bob Crane Show
1920 Christopher Dark, born in New York, actor, Suddenly, Tenderfoot
1919 Franc [Franklin E] Essed, Suriname agricultural eng, Oper Grasshopper
1919 John Goddard, cricketer, West Indian all-rounder 1948-57
1917 Emanuel Vardi, born in Jerusalem, Israel, violist, SD Symph 1978-82
1916 Sidney Clute, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Lou Grant, Cagney and Lacey
1915 Anthony Quinn, born in Mexico, actor, Zorba the Greek, Lawrence of Arabia
1915 Garrett Hardin, American Environmentalist
1913 Choh Hao Li, bio-chemist professor, isolated growth hormones
1913 Kai-Uwe von Hassel, German politician
1913 Norman Parkinson, born in England, fashion photographer, Harper's Bazaar
1912 Feike P. Asma, Dutch organist
1912 Nell Koppen, actress, Kniertje-Op Hoop van Zegen
1911 Leonard Warren, born in New York City, baritone, Metropolitan Opera 1939 - 1960
1909 Rollo May, U.S., psychologist, Love and Will
1909 Adam Clymer, American Journalist
1909 James R. Bath, American Businessman
1908 Louis Hostin, born in France, Light Heavyweight, Gold Medals 1932, 1936 Olympics
1907 Antoni Szalowski, composer
1907 Beatrice Kay, born in New York City, singer/actress, Sister Sue-Calvin and Col
1905 Edmund G "Pat" Brown, California Governor, Democrat
1904 Gijsbert van Hall, banker/mayor of Amsterdam, 1957-67
1904 Jean Helion, artist/author, They Shall Not Have Me
1903 Hans Hedtoft, premier Denmark, 1947..55
1902 Bernard J H "Ben" Stroman, recensent/writer, Jomtof and Blue Beard
1901 Julian Bautista, composer
1899 Clement D'Hooghe, composer
1899 Randall Thompson, born in New York City, composer, Trip to Nahant
1898 Steve Owen, NFL tackle, coach for the New York Giants
1897 Aiden Wilson Tozer, American Clergyman
1896 Attila Horbiger, Austrian actor, Die Grosse Liebe, Die Julika
1896 Henry M de Montherlant, French stage author, La Reine Morte
1892 Jaroslav Kvapil, composer
1887 Lillian Walker, born in Brooklyn, New York, entertainer
1886 Charlie Naughton, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actor, Frozen Limits
1881 Jules-Marie Canneel, Flemish painter/caricaturist, Rocks of Oran
1878 Albert Weisgerber, German painter/graphic artist
1872 GW Bitzer, Johann Gottlob Wilhelm Bitzer, Roxbury MA
1871 Leo Blech, born in Aachen, Rhenish Prussia, studied with Engelbert Humperdinck, German opera composer
1871 Vojtech Rihovsky, composer
1867 Benjamin A. Jesurun, Antillian literary
1864 Max Weber, German sociologist/economist/historian, Ancient Judaism
1854 Eusapia Palladino, Napolitanse with parergische phenomenons
1854 Wladyslaw Rzepko, composer
1853 Charles-Theodore Malherbe, composer
1849 Oskar Hertwig, Germany, embryologist, discovered fertilization
1840 Franz Xaver Haberl, German priest/musicologist, Magister choralis
1838 John Muir, U.S., naturalist/discoverer, glaciers in High Seirras
1838 Nat Thompson, cricketer, 1st batsman dismissed in a Test match
1837 Fredrik Bajer, born in Denmark, politican/feminist/pacifist, Nobel 1908
1834 William Rufus Terrill, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1828 Hippolyte Taine, French philosopher/historian, Voyage in Italy
1824 Anselmo Clave, composer
1816 Charlotte Bronte, born in Tornton, England, novelist 'Jane Eyre'
1816 Louis Trezevant Wigfall, Confederate Army
1814 Beni Egressy, composer
1809 Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, Secretary State, Confederacy
1806 Peter van Schendel, Dutch painter
1805 James Martineau, English Philosopher
1803 Levin Minnesota Powell, Commander Union Navy
1795 Vincenzo Pallotti, Italian saint
1782 Friedrich W. A. Frobel, German educator, founded kindergarten
1779 William Knyvett, composer
1775 Alexander Anderson, U.S., engraver/illustrator, Shakespeare
1774 Jean-Baptiste Biot, French physicist, astronomer, and balloonist
1749 Johann Michael Malzat, composer
1730 Antonin Kammel, composer
1729 Catharina II, the Great, writer/emperess of Russia, 1762-96
1729 Catherine the Great, Russian Royalty
1713 Louis Duke de Noailles, marshal of France
1672 Johann Philipp Kafer, composer
1619 John A van Riebeeck, colonial director/founder, Cape Colony
1546 Arcangelo Crivelli, composer
1488 Ulrich von Hutten, German poet/humanist/patriot