April 21 Events in History - April 21 Birthdays - April 21 Deaths
2015 Italian authorities arrested the captain and a crewman of a vessel that shipwrecked in the Mediterranean, drowning at least 800 people; the passengers were migrating from North Africa to Europe
2014 The New York Knicks fire coach Mike Woodson after a season in which the Knicks began as champions and ended with elimination
2014 Atlanta-based Birch Communications, Inc. and Cbeyond announce their merger; Birch will pay approximately $323 million, with Cbeyond stockholders receiving up to $10 per share
2013 American actress, Reese Witherspoon is arrested for disorderly conduct in Atlanta, Georgia
2013 The Astronaut Hall of Fame inducts three new members: Curtis Brown, Eileen Collins, and Bonnie Dunbar
2012 In the Philippines, four new species of freshwater crab are discovered; the crab are bright purple in color
2012 Playing against the Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox pitcher, Philip Humber, pitches the 21st perfect game in MLB history and the third perfect game in team history
2011 In Shanghai, Chinese lorry drivers continue their second day of protest against rising inflation
2011 By order of an Egyptian court, the name of Egypt's former President, Hosni Mubarak, is stripped from public spaces, schools and streets
2010 Renewed tribal clashes in Sudan's South Darfur state result in 52 civilians killed and 55 others wounded
1997 101st Boston Marathon won by Lameck Aguta of Kenya in 2:10:34
1997 26th Boston Women's Marathon won by Fatuma Roba of Ethopia in 2:26:23
1997 Ashes of Timothy Leary and Gene Roddenberry launched into orbit
1996 "Delicate Balance," opens at Plymouth Theater New York City
1996 57th PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Hale Irwin
1996 Barb Mucha wins LPGA Chick-fil-A Charity Golf Championship
1996 Chicago Bulls win NBA record 72 games (72-8)
1996 Matabeleland beat Mashonaland Country Dist to win Logan Cup
1996 Wayne James scores 99 and 99 and ct 11 stp 2 in Logan Cup Final
1995 Boston Celtics final game at Boston Gardens, New York Knicks win 98-92
1995 FBI arrested Timothy McVeigh and charge him with Oklahoma City bombing
1994 "Picnic" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 45 performances
1994 Eddie Murray sets record for switch hit home runs in a games (11 times)
1994 Serbian army bombs distress clinic in Goradze Bosnia, 28 killed
1993 "Wilder, Wilder, Wilder" opens at Circle in Sq New York City for 30 performances
1993 Brazil votes against a monarchy
1993 Rolling Stone Bill Wyman weds Suzanne Accosta on French Riveria
1992 "High Rollers" opens at Helen Hayes theater on Broadway
1992 Mobil Oil tug with 12,000 gallons of oil run aground in Arthur Kill
1991 52nd PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Jack Nicklaus
1991 Jakov Tolstikov wins 4th World Cup marathon (2:09:17)
1991 Rosa Mota wins 4th World Cup female marathon (2:26:14)
1991 Greatest extra-inning comeback, Pitts scores 6 in bottom of 11th erasing 5 run Cub lead, Pirates also trailed 7-2 in bottom of 9th
1990 "Cartoon All Stars to Rescue" shown on all 4 TV networks
1990 National League umpire is arrested for stealing baseball cards
1990 Reds win running their record to 9-0, best start in club history
1989 George W. Bush and Edward W. Rose become CEO of Texas Rangers
1989 Thousands of Chinese crowd into Beijing's Tiananmen Square cheering students demanding greater political freedom
1988 1st four-day games in County Cricket Championship commence
1988 Barbra Streisand records "You'll Never Know"
1987 Brewers lose, ending AL season-opening winning streak at 13 games
1987 Dow Jones Avg soared 664.7; 2nd biggest one-day gain in history
1987 Milwaukee Brewers lose after 13th straight victory to start season
1987 Richard Hadlee makes highest Test Cricket score of 151* (v Sri Lanka)
1987 Tamil bomb attack in Colombo Sri Lanka, 115 killed
1986 15th Boston Women's Marathon won by I Kristiansen of Norway in 2:24:55
1986 90th Boston Marathon won by Rob de Castella of Australia in 2:07:51
1986 Bob Hering sets Formula One power boat record (165.338 mph, Ariz)
1986 Geraldo Rivera opens Al Capone's vault on TV and finds nothing
1985 Bomb attacks in NATO/AEG-Telefunken building in Brussels
1985 Flyers 5-Isles 2-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 2-0 lead
1985 Ingrid Kristiansen wins London Marathon in a record 2:21:06
1985 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA J&B Scotch Pro-Am Golf Tournament
1984 After 37 weeks, "Thriller" is knocked off as top album by "Footloose"
1984 Centers for Disease Control says virus discovered in France causes AIDS
1984 Franz Weber of Austria skis downhill at a record 209.8 kph
1984 Montreal Expo David Palmer no-hits St. Louis Cardinals, 4-0 in a perfect 5 inn game
1983 Soyuz T-8 is launched
1983 1 pound coin introduced in United Kingdom
1982 Atlanta Braves win their 13th straight game
1982 Dr. Michael E. Bakey performs 1st successful heart implant
1982 Dutch Queen Beatrice addresses U.S. Congress
1981 U.S. furnish $1 billion in arms to Saudi-Arabia
1980 84th Boston Marathon won by Bill Rodgers of Mass in 2:12:11
1980 Howard Stern begins broadcasting on WWWW Detroit, Michigan
1980 9th Boston Women's Marathon won by Jacqueline Gareau of Canada in 2:34:28, Rosie Ruiz disqualified as women's champ she hadn't run entire course
1979 "Carmelina" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 17 performances
1977 "Annie" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 2377 performances
1977 Billy Martin pulls Yankee line-up out of a hat, beats Blue Jays 8-6
1977 Broadway play "Annie" opens, 1st of 2,377 performances
1977 C Strouse and M Charnins musical "Annie," premieres in New York City
1977 Zia ur-Rahman appointed president of Bangladesh
1976 Swine Flu vaccine, for non-epidemic, enters testing
1976 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1975 4th Boston Women's Marathon won by Liane Winter of W Germ in 2:42:24
1975 79th Boston Marathon won by Bill Rodgers of Mass in 2:09:55
1975 Last South Vietnam president Nguyen Van Thieu resigns after 10 years
1975 Liane Winter wins world record female Boston marathon (2:42:24)
1974 28th Tony Awards: River Niger and Raisin win
1974 3rd Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Jo Ann Prentice
1972 John Young and Charles Duke explores Moon (Apollo 16)
1972 Orbiting Astronomical Observatory 4 (Copernicus) launched
1971 Original Codex Reguis (with Edda-liederen) returns to Iceland
1970 Reds clout 7 home runs by 6 batters, Braves counter with 3 home runs, 6 for one team and 9 different batters for two teams, all tie or set records
1969 73rd Boston Marathon won by Yoshiaki Unetani of Japan in 2:13:49
1968 22nd Tony Awards: Rosencranz and Guilderstern and Hallelujah Baby! win
1968 Carol Mann wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
1967 Dodgers 1st rain out in Los Angeles (after 737 consecutive games)
1967 EO, Evangelical Broadcasting, begins in Netherlands
1967 Josef Stalin's daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, defects to U.S.
1967 Military coup in Greece, Konstantinos Kollias becomes premier
1967 Svetlana Alliluyeva (Josef Stalin's daughter) defects in New York City
1966 Emperor Haile Selassie (Ethiopia) visits Kingston Jamaica
1965 New York World's Fair reopens for 2nd and final season
1964 Pirates and Cubs combine for 9 home runs, Pirates win 8-5
1963 Beatles meet Rolling Stones for 1st time
1963 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Sunshine Women's Golf Open
1962 Century 21 Exposition opens in Seattle, Washington
1961 Dirk U. Suffocated chosen as Secretary-General of NATO
1961 French army revolts in Algeria
1961 USAF Major Robert M. White takes X-15 to 32,000 m
1960 Brasilia becomes capital of Brazil
1959 1211-kg great white shark becomes largest fish ever caught on a rod
1959 Alf Dean using a rod and reel hooks a 2,664lb, 16' 10" white shark
1957 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
1957 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Fidei Donum
1956 Elvis Presley's 1st hit record, "Heartbreak Hotel," becomes #1
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers win, then record 10th straight game to begin a season
1955 J Lawrence and R E Lee's "Inherit the Wind," premieres in New York City
1955 Minas Gerais Argentina tunnel caves in; 30 die
1954 Gregori Malenkov becomes premier of U.S.S.R.
1954 USAF flies French battalion to Vietnam
1952 BOAC begins 1st passenger service with jets (London-Rome route)
1951 5th NBA Championship: Rochester Royals beat New York Knicks, 4 games to 3
1951 Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Montreal Canadiens, 4 games to 1
1948 1st Polaroid camera was sold in US
1948 2nd NBA Championship: Baltimore Bullets beat Philadelphia Warriors, 4 games to 2
1946 SED, Socialistic Einheitspartei Germany forms in East Germany
1945 Allied troops occupy German nuclear laboratory
1945 He Shima Okinawa conquered in 5 days, 5,000 die
1945 Ivor Nivello's "Perchance to Dream," premieres in London
1945 Russia army arrives at outskirts of Berlin
1945 U.S. 7th Army occupies Neurenberg
1944 NFL Chicago Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers merge (dissolves on Dec 3)
1941 Greece surrenders to nazi-Germany
1940 1st $64 Question, "Take It or Leave It," on CBS Radio
1940 Netherlands beats Belgium 4-2 in soccer
1935 King Boris of Bulgaria forbids all political parties
1934 Moe Berg, Senators catcher, plays AL record 117th cons errorless game
1930 Fire at Ohio State Penitentiary kills 322
1930 Vladimir Mayakovsky's "Moskva Golid," premieres in Moscow
1925 Chuvash Autonomous Region in RSFSR becomes Chuvash ASSR
1925 No baseball games played in NL due to Charles Ebbets' funeral
1925 Noel Coward's "Fallen Angels," premieres in London
1920 John Galsworthy's "Skin Game," premieres in London
1914 U.S. Marines occupy Vera Cruz, Mexico, stay 6 months
1913 German passenger ship Imperator runs aground
1913 Gideon Sundback of Sweden patents the zipper
1910 Cleveland Naps play 1st game at League Park, lose to Detroit Tigers 5-0
1908 Frederick A. Cook claims to reach North Pole, he didn't
1904 Ty Cobb makes his pro debut for Augusta (South Atlantic League)
1898 Phillies' pitcher Bill Duggleby hits a grand slam on 1st at bat
1898 Spanish-American War begins
1894 George Bernard Shaw's "Arms and the Man," premieres in London
1892 Black Longshoremen strike for higher wages in St. Louis Mo
1884 Potters Field reopened as Madison Park
1878 New York installs 1st firehouse pole
1878 Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Inscrutabili
1878 Ship Azor leaves Charleston with 206 blacks for Liberia
1865 Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Washington
1863 Declaration of Baha'u'llah; Baha'i Feast of Ridvan (Jalal 13, 20)
1862 Congress establishes U.S. Mint in Denver, Colorado
1862 Ellen Price Wood's "East Lynne, premieres in Boston
1857 Alexander Douglas patents the bustle
1855 1st train crosses Mississippi River's 1st bridge, Rock Island, Illinois to Davenport Iowa
1836 Battle of San Jacinto, in which Texas wins independence from Mexico
1828 Noah Webster publishes 1st American dictionary
1818 Franz Grillparzer's "Sappho," premieres in Vienna
1794 New York City formally declares coast of Ellis Island publically owned, so they can build forts to protect New York City from British
1789 John Adams sworn in as 1st U.S. Vice President (9 days before Washington)
1785 Russian tsarina Catharina II ends noble privileges
1739 Spain and Naples-Austria sign peace accord
1689 William III and Mary Stuart proclaimed king and queen of England
1654 England and Sweden sign trade agreement
1649 Maryland Toleration Act passed, allowing all freedom of worship
1600 1st date in James Clavell's novel Shogun
1572 France and England sign anti-Spanish military covenant
1526 Battle at Panipat: Mogol Emperor Babur beats sultan Ibrahim Lodi
1521 Battle at Villalar: Emperor Charles I beats Communards
1509 Henry the VIII becomes King of England
1477 Maximilian of Habsburg marries Maria of Bourgondie at proxy
1453 Turkish fleet sinks ships Golden Receiver in Constantinople
1420 Treaty of Saint Maartens Dike
953 Otto I the Great gives Utrecht fishing rights