February 18 Birthdays in History - February 18 Deaths - February 18 Events
1980 Alison Rachel Fitch, Hamilton New Zealand, swimmer 1996 Olympics
1979 Julia Greville, born in Perth, Australia, swimmer 1996 Olympics
1976 Chanda Rubin, Lafayette, Louisiana, tennis star, 1996 Australian Open doubles
1976 Jason Podollan, Vernon, NHL center for the Florida Panthers
1976 Volker Schenk, WLAF RB for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1975 Scott Tucker, Birmingham, Alabama, 400m/800m freestyle relay 1996 Olympics
1975 Gary Neville, English Athlete
1974 Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Russia, tennis star
1972 Lubomir Rybovic, born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, hockey forward, Team Slovakia
1972 Marc Lillibridge, WLAF linebacker for the Amsterdam Admirals
1972 Shani Lynn Nielsen, New Albany, Indiana, Miss America, Indiana-Top 10-1997
1971 George Teague, NFL safety, Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers
1971 Reggie Holt, WLAF safety for the London Monarchs
1970 Tyler Green, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
1969 Alexander Mogilny, Khavarovsk, 1st soviet to defect to NHL, Sabres
1969 Igor Larionov, Voskresensk Russia, NHL forward, Team Russia, Detroit
1968 Molly Ringwald, born in Roseville, California, actress, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink
1967 Colin Jackson, Cardiff, Wales, 100m hurdler 1988 Olympics silver
1967 John Valentin, Mineola, New York, infielder for the Boston Red Sox
1967 Matt Turner, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Florida Marlins
1967 Roberto Baggio, born in Caldogno, Italy, retired Italian footballer, greatest of 125 footballers in 2004 FIFA 100 list
1966 Kris King, Bracebridge, NHL left wing, Winnipeg Jets
1966 Phillip De Freitas, cricket pace bowler, in Dominica England 1986-95
1965 Dr. Dre, born in Compton, California, born Andre Romelle Young, rap singer, record producer, record executive, actor, CEO, Aftermath Entertainment
1964 Kevin Tapani, Des Moines, Iowa, pitcher, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins
1964 Lisa Elaine Comshaw, born in Akron, Ohio, actress, Scanner Cop, Lukas' Child
1964 Matt Dillon, born in New Rochelle, New York, actor, Flamingo Kid, Tex, Kansas
1963 John Gesek, NFL center for the Washington Redskins
1963 Rob Andrew, born in Richmond, England, professional rugby player, director, played for Nottingham and Newcastle, nickname 'Squeaky'
1962 Gary Reasons, NFL linebacker for the New York Giants
1962 Julie Strain, Concord California, actress, Witchcraft IV
1962 Simon Fletcher, NFL linebacker for the Denver Broncos
1961 Alycia Moulton, Sacramento California, tennis star
1960 Andy Moog, NHL goalie, Oilers, Bruins, Olympics-Canada-1988
1960 Greta Scacchi, Milan Italy, actress, Coca-Cola Kid, White Mischief
1960 Roger Wijesuriya, cricketer, bowling avg 294 in 4 Tests for Sri Lanka
1958 Peter Koech, Kiliburani Kenya, 3K steeplechaser 1988 Olympics silver
1957 Marita Koch, born in East Germany, 400m sprinter, Gold Medal 1980 Olympics, Silver Medal 1980 Olympics
1957 Vanna White, Rosich, N Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, TV host, Wheel of Fortune
1954 John Travolta, born in Englewood, New Jersey, actor, Welcome Back Kotter, Pulp Fiction
1953 Derek Pellicci, rock drummer, Little River Band-Help Is On It's Way
1953 Nico Arzbach, rock guitarist/singer, Stampei, Dike
1953 Robin Bachman, Winnipeg, guitarist, BTO-You Aint Seen Nothing Yet
1952 Juice Newton, Judy Cohen, Virginia, vocalist, Angel of the Morning
1952 Veronica "Randy" Crawford, U.S. vocalist, One Day I'll Fly Away
1951 Chen Shui-bian, Statesman
1950 John Hughes, director, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller
1950 Cybill Shepherd, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Moonlighting, Last Picture Show
1948 Bruce Francis, cricketer, Australian opener in 3 Tests 1972
1948 Carolyn B. Maloney, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, Representative-D-New York 1993 -
1948 Sinead Cusack, Ireland, actress, Waterland, Revenge
1947 Carlos A. Lopes, Portugal, marathon runner 1984 Olympics gold
1947 Dennis De Young, born in Chicago, Illinois, vocalist, Styx-Its Raining Again
1947 Eliot L. Engel, born in New York City, New York, Representative-D-New York 1989 -
1947 Princess Maria Christina, Marijke, of Netherlands
1947 Eliot Engel, American Politician
1945 Judy Rankin, born in St. Louis, Missouri, LPGA golfer, Vare Trophy 1976-77
1945 Michael Nader, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Peter-Gidget, Dex Dexter-Dynasty
1941 David Blue, Cohen, born in Providence, Rhode Island, rocker, Cupid's Arrow
1941 Herb Santiago, vocalist, Frankie Lymon and Teenagers-Why Do Fools Fall
1941 Irma Thomas, U.S. vocalist, It's Raining
1939 Claude Ake, political scientist
1939 Marlos Nobre, born in Recife, Brazil, composer, pianist, conductor, commissioned by Free University of Music, Sao Paulo, Ministry of Culture
1939 Petronella CM "Carletta" Banning, actress, Potasch and Perlemoer
1938 Barry Knight, cricketer, England all-rounder mid-60s
1938 Manny Mota, baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1936 Marin Sorescu, poet/dramatist
1936 Ronald William Eastman, cinematogrpaher
1936 Jean M. Auel, American Writer
1936 Ian Hacking, born in Vancouver, British Columbia, analytic philosopher, wrote, 'The Emergence of Probability', brings historical approach to the philosophy of science, won Canda's Killam Prize for the Humanities in 2002
1934 Aldo Ceccato, born in Milan, Italy, conductor, Detroit Symphony Orchestra 1973 - 1977
1934 Audre Lorde, American Poet
1933 Bobby Robson, British soccer coach, PSV
1933 Elisabeth S "Elly" Belder-Ameling, Dutch soprano
1933 Mary Ure, England, model/actress, Reflection of Fear, Windom's Way
1933 Yoko Ono, born in Tokyo, Japan, vocalist and artist
1932 Milos Forman, Czechoslovakian/U.S. director, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', 'Amadeus'
1932 Duane Michals, American Photographer
1931 Dieter Schonbach, composer
1931 Johnny Hart, born in Endicott, New York, cartoonist, creator, comic strips, 'The Wizard of Id', 'B.C.', strips each appeared in over 1,000 newspapers
1931 Maxwell Thurman, U.S. General
1931 Swraj Paul, Indian/British industrial/multi-millionaire, Caparo
1931 Toni Morrison, born in Ohio, novelist, Tar Baby, Beloved, Song of Solomon
1930 Theodore C. Freeman, Haverford Penn, Captain USAF/astronaut
1929 Leonard Cyril Deighton, English author, Ipcress File, Fighter
1929 Len Deighton, British Historian
1928 Jim McElreath, auto racer, 1970 Ontario 500
1927 Fazal Mahmood, cricketer, Pakistani medium-pace workhorse 1952-62
1927 Tabe Bas, actor/opera vocalist, Leiser Wolf in Anatevka
1927 John Warner, American Politician
1927 Richard Snelling, American Politician
1926 Harry "Little" Caesar, blues singer and actor, City Heat, Homer and Eddie
1926 Len Ford, NFL end, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers
1925 George Kennedy, born in New York City, actor, Cool Hand Luke, Airport, Blue Knight
1924 Gunter Haese, German sculptor/graphic artist, Guggenheim prize 1967
1923 Allan Melvin, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actor, Brady Bunch, Barney-All in Family
1922 Eric Gairy, premier, Grenada
1922 Helen Gurley Brown, Portland Me, author/publisher, Cosmopolitan
1920 Bill Cullen, Pitts, TV game show host, over 20 different games
1920 Jack Palance, Lattimer, Pennsylvania, actor, City Slickers
1917 Phyllis Calvert, London, actress, Man in Grey
1916 Betty Phyllis Gathergood, curator
1916 Jean Drapeau, mayor of Montreal, 1954-
1915 David van de Woestijne, Flemish pianist/composer, Les Aeronautes
1915 Marcel Landowsky, composer
1914 Edward George Edwards, chemist
1914 Pee Wee King, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, country vocalist, Pee Wee King Song
1913 Artur Axmann, nazi youth leader
1913 Dane Clark, Brooklyn, actor, Wire Service, Bold Venture, Perry Mason
1912 Heinz Kuhn, German premier, North-Rhine Westphalia
1909 Matti Jarvinen, Finland, javelin thrower 1932 Olympics gold
1909 Wallace Stegner, novelist/critic, Pulitzer-1971-Angle of Repose
1907 Billy Dewolfe, Wollaston Massachusetts, actor, Good Morning World
1907 Harm van Riel, Dutch politician, Dutch Liberal Party
1903 Nikolaj V Podgorny, President U.S.S.R., 1965-77
1901 Reginald Sheffield, born in London, England, actor, Second Chance
1899 Arthur Bryant, English historian, King Charles II
1898 Enzo Ferrari, racing car manufacturer, Modena
1898 K'Tut Tantri, broadcaster/hotelier
1896 Andre Breton, France, surrealist poet and writer, founder of surrealism
1895 George "The Gipper" Gipp, football star, Notre Dame
1895 Semjon Timoshenko, Russian marshal/inspector-general, WW II
1894 Andres Segovia, guitarist, Linares, Spain
1892 Wendell Wilkie, presidential candidate, R-1940, author, One World
1892 Wendell L. Wilkie, American Lawyer
1891 Chester Clute, New Jersey, actor, Niagra Falls
1890 Adolphe Menjou, Pittsburgh, actor, Front Page, Star is Born
1890 Boris L Pasternak, Russian poet and writer, Dr. Zhivago,
1890 Edward Arnold, New York City, actor, Mr Smith Goes to Washington
1890 Lauri SA Haarla, Finnish, stage, writer, Juudas, Sukeltaja
1889 Sybold van Ravesteyn, architect, Blijdorp, CS Rotterdam, Utrecht
1888 Gladys Cooper, England, actress, Margaret-Rogues
1887 Nikos Kasandsakis, writer
1884 Burt Mustin, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor, All in the Family, Andy Griffith Show
1883 Tom Walls, Kingsthorpe England, actor/producer, Undercover
1883 Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek Writer
1880 Eric De Lamarter, composer
1877 Betsy Ranucci-Beckmann, Theodora, Dutch author/actress, Dead Water
1875 Walter Andrae, German archaeologist, Babylon, Assur
1862 Charles M. Schwab, American Businessman
1861 William Throsby Bridges, Australian Soldier
1860 Anders Zorn, Swedish painter/etcher/sculptor, Gustavus Vasa
1859 Sholem Aleichem, Solomon Rabinowitz, author, Fiddler on the Roof
1858 Louise M A, princess of Belgium
1857 Max Klinger, German graphic artist/painter/sculptor
1853 August Belmont, Jr., breeder, Man 'O War, founder, New York Jockey Club
1850 George Henschel, composer
1849 Alexander L Kielland, Norwegian writer/politician, Garman og Worse
1848 Louis Comfort Tiffany, glassmaker, stained glass windows
1844 Willem Maris, Dutch painter, Hague School
1841 Samuel Prowse Warren, composer
1838 Ernst Mach, Chirlitz-Turas Austria, physicist/philosopher/psychologist
1836 Ramakrishna, Hooghly Bengal, Hindu saint, preached unity of religions
1836 Swami Ramakrishna [Gadadhar Chatterji], Indian mystic/hindu leader
1833 James Deshler, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1829 Jean Jacques Alfred Mouton, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1819 Joseph Philbrick Webster, composer
1817 Lewis Addison Armistead, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1817 Walter Page Lane, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1815 Henri Leys, Flemish painter
1805 Louis Malesherbes Goldsborough, Rear Admiral Union Navy
1795 George Peabody, South Danvers Massachusetts, merchant/philanthropist
1790 Marshall Hall, Basford Nottinghamshire, physician
1781 Henry Martyn, Truro, missionary
1776 John Parry, composer
1775 Thomas Girtin, London, artist/watercolorist
1771 Friedrich Christian Ruppe, composer
1770 Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck, composer
1751 Karl Haack, composer
1745 Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta, inventor, battery
1743 Count Alessandro Volta, Como Italy, physicist
1716 Gaspard Fritz, composer
1677 Jacques Cassini, French astronomer, rings of Saturn
1632 Giovanni Battista Vitali, composer
1609 Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, English PM, 1660-67
1559 Isaac Casaubon, naturalized English classical scholar, theologian
1516 Mary I Tudor, Bloody Mary, Greenwich, queen of England, 1553-58