January 21 Birthdays in History - January 21 Deaths - January 21 Events
1980 Aubrie Rippner, born in Los Angeles, California, tennis star, 1995 USTA National Girls 18
1979 Kelly Gaudet, Miss Florida Teen USA 1996
1976 Amanda Little, Miss USA-Texas, 1997, top 6
1976 Emma Bunton, born in Barnet, England, singer, songwriter, member of Spice Girls girl band, which sold over 35 million albums, nicknamed, 'Baby Spice'
1976 Lynn Thomas, Newport News, Virginia, playmate, May 1997
1975 Anette Oldenborg, Miss Universe-Denmark 1996
1975 Faghma Absalom, Miss Universe-Namibia 1996
1975 Willem Korsten, Dutch soccer player, Vitesse
1974 Jerald Sowell, fullback for the New York Jets
1974 Jerry Wunsch, tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1974 Orpheus Roye, defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1973 Bubba Miller, corner for the Philadelphia Eagles
1973 Grady Jackson, defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders
1973 Jamal Cox, WLAF linebacker for the Rhein Fire
1972 Alan Benes, Evansville, Indiana, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
1972 Howard Nathan, NBA guard for the Atlanta Hawks
1972 Shelley Looney, ice hockey forward, USA, 1998 Olympics
1971 Doug Edwards, NBA forward for the Vancouver Grizzlies
1971 Doug Weight, Warren, Michigan, NHL center, Edmonton Oilers, Team USA 98
1971 Tommy Puett, born in Gary, Indiana, actor, Tyler-Life Goes On, America's Top 10
1970 Brennan Little, St. Thomas Ont, golfer, 1994 Western States mini-tour
1970 Ian Salisbury, cricketer, Sussex and England leg-spinner 1992-96
1969 Ashley Sheppard, NFL linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1969 Matt Willig, NFL tackle and guard, Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets
1969 Rusty Greer, Ft. Rucker AL, outfielder for the Texas Rangers
1969 Ted Long, CFL slot back for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
1968 Charlotte Ross, Chicago, actress, Eve-Days of Our Lives
1968 Tom Urbani, Santa Cruz California, pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Tigers
1967 Ulf Stenlund, born in Falun, Sweden, professional tennis player, won one doubles title in Bari, 1987 and one singles title in Palermo, 1986, highest ATP-ranking was 23rd in the World, April, 1987
1966 Chris Hammond, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Florida Marlins
1966 Katrine Michaelsen, Gentokte Denmark, Miss Denmark, 1984
1965 Brian Bradley, Kitchener, NHL center, Tampa Bay Lightning
1965 Cordell Crockett, rocker, Ugly Kid Joe-Mad Man, Too Bad
1965 Eric Moore, NFL tackle for the Cleveland Browns
1965 Tania Abitbol, born in Madrid, Spain, LPGA golfer, 1994 U.S. Women's Open-4th
1965 Jam Master Jay, American Musician
1963 Cindy Schreyer, Forest Park Georgia, LPGA golfer, 1993 Sun-Times Challenge
1963 Detlef Schrempf, Germany, NBA forward, Mavericks, Pacers, Supersonics
1963 Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon, Nigeria, NBA center, Rockets, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics
1963 Jessie Hester, NFL player for the St. Louis Rams
1962 Marie Trintignant, French Actress
1961 Gabrielle Carteris, born in Phoenix, Arizona, actress, Andrea-Beverly Hills 90210
1961 Sherry Ramsay, Stauton, Virginia, actress, Trish Mason-As the World Turns
1958 Miguel Alejandro, New York City, actor, Popi
1957 Jacob Green, NFL defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks
1957 Shaukat Dukanwala, cricketer, Baroda off-spinner, UAE World Cup 1996
1956 Bob Brill, New York City, drummer, Berlin-You Take My Breath Away
1956 Geena Davis, born in Wareham, Massachusetts, actress, film producer, appeared in 'The Accidental Tourist', 'Thelma and Louise', 'A League of Their Own'
1955 Peter Fleming, New Jersey, tennis player, U.S. Open Doubles 1979, 81, 83
1955 Robby Benson, born in Dallas, Texas, actor, One on One, Running Brave, Chosen
1955 Jeff Koons, born in York, Pennsylvania, artist, known for large reproductions of ordinary objects, including brightly colored balloon animals made of stainless steel
1953 Fausto Bara, Mexico, actor, Gaucho-Renegades
1953 Paul Allen, born in Seattle, Washington, co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates, worth $10 billion, 'Time' magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World
1950 Billy Ocean, Leslie S Charles, Trinidad, singer, Caribbean Queen
1950 Joseph R Tanner, Danville, Illinois, astronaut, STS-66, 82, sk: 97
1950 Gary Locke, American Politician
1947 Jill Eikenberry, New Haven, Connecticut, Ann Kelsey-LA Law, Manhattan Project
1947 Jimmy Ibbotson, Penn, country singer, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
1946 Vincent Placoly, Martinique, writer, L'eau-de-mort guildive
1946 Johnny Oates, American Athlete
1945 Andrew Stein, President of New York City council, D
1945 Chris Britton, rocker, Troggs-Rock and Roll Goldmine
1944 John Kenneth Tavener, composer
1944 Neely Bruce, born in America, composer, conductor, pianist, scholar of American music, Professor of Music and American Studies at Wesleyan University, chorus director for Connecticut Opera
1944 Jack Henry Abbott, American Author
1942 Mac Davis, Lubbock, Texas, singer and actor, Mac Davis Show, North Dallas 40
1942 Edwin Starr, U.S. singer, War
1941 Placido Domingo, born in Madrid, Spain, opera tenor, Pinkerton-Mme Butterfly
1941 Richie Havens, Brooklyn, folk singer, Here Comes the Sun
1940 Jack Nicklaus, Columbus Ohio, golfer, Player of Yr 1967,72,73,75,76
1940 Marquis of Tavistock, English large landowner/multi-millionaire
1939 Mary Ellen McAnally, Illinois, poet, Dance of the Zygotes
1939 Wolfman Jack, Bob Smith, born in Brooklyn, New York, DJ, Midnight Special
1935 Ann Wedgeworth, Abilene, Texas, actress, Tiger's Tale, Men's Club, Bogie
1933 Itzhak Fuks, Israeli El Al captain, crashed in Amsterdam
1933 William Wrigley III, chewing gum mogul, Wrigleys
1932 Boris Shakhlin, Russia, gymnast, Gold Medals 1956, 1960, 1964 Olympics
1930 Valentin Ignatyevich Filatyev, Russia, cosmonaut
1926 Franco Evangelisti, Italian composer
1926 Raf Reymen, Flemish actor
1926 Steve Reeves, Glasgow Montana, actor, Hercules, Hercules Unchained
1925 Lola Flores, Cadiz Spain, singer and actress, Kuma Ching, Faraona
1925 Oswald "Ossie" Stevens Nock, railway writer
1924 Benny Hill, born in Southampton, England, comedian, Benny Hill Show
1924 Telly Savalas, Garden City, New Jersey, actor, Acapulco, Kojak
1923 Judith Merril, Josephine Juliet Grossman, sci-fi writer
1922 Jean P Vroom, Dutch sculptor
1922 Paul Scofield, born in England, stage and screen actor, considered one of the best British actors of the 20th century
1921 Barney Clark, 1st to receive a permanent artificial heart
1921 John Doucette, Brockton Massachusetts, actor, Lock Up, Big Town
1920 Donald Cuthbert Coleman, economic historian
1920 Errol Walton Barrow, Prime Minister of Barbados, DLP, 1966 - 1976, 1986 - 1987
1920 Torsten Nilsson, composer
1919 Jinx Falkenburg, Barcelona Spain, actress, Masquerade Party
1918 Geoffrey Dawes, physiologist
1917 Rohan Butler, historian
1916 Al James Woodie exander, songwriter/vocalist
1915 Alan Hewitt, New York City, actor, Det Brennan-My Favorite Martian
1912 Konrad Bloch, Germany, biochemist, studied cholesterol-Nobel 1964
1911 Stanley William Reed, cineaste
1910 Lord Cayzer, British financier/swcheeps magnate/multi-millionaire
1909 Todor Skalovski, composer
1908 Bengt Stromgren, Goteborg Sweden, astrophysicist, studied gas cloud
1906 Fred Fehl, Austrian/US Broadway photographer
1905 Christian Dior, Normandy France, fashion designer, long-skirted look
1904 Joseph Ford McGuinn, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Dick Tracy's G-Men
1904 Richard P Blackmur, Massachusetts, critic/poet, Good European
1898 Avery Claflin, composer
1898 John George, Syria, actor, Kolb-Adventures of Fu Manchu
1897 J Carrol Naish, New York City, actor, Charlie Chan-Adv of Charlie Chan
1891 Francisco Lazaro, Portuguese runner
1891 Nikolay Semyonovich Golovanov, composer
1891 Timothy Mather Spelman, composer
1889 Bert Collins, cricketer, Aussie batsman in the post WW I years
1889 Pitirim A. Sorokin, Russian/US sociologist, Social mobility
1887 Alfred Henry Ackley, composer
1887 Wolfgang Kohler, German/U.S. Gestalt psychologist, Mentality of Apes
1886 Gustaaf Sap, Belgian minister of Finance/Economy
1885 Umberto Nobile, Italian general
1885 Huddie Ledbetter, Musician
1884 Katie Sandwina, Germany, legendary woman weight-lifter
1884 Roger Nash Baldwin, founder, American Civil Liberties Union
1883 Olav Aukrust, Norway, poet
1878 Egon Friedell, Austria, journalist/actor/writer, Der Partylowe
1875 John Lindworsky, German jesuit/psychologist, Der Wille
1875 Paul E Kahle, Germany, professor of oriental studies
1872 Frans Beelaerts van Blokland, Dutch foreign minister
1872 Jonkhr Frans Beelaerts van Blokland, Dutch foreign minister
1867 James Marcus, actor, Eagle, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Lone Avenger
1867 Maxime Weygard, French general/Governor-General, Algeria
1867 Willem C Royaards, Dutch theater director, Summer Games
1865 Heinrich E Albers-Schonberg, German rontgenologist
1859 Antoni Wincenty Rutkowski, composer
1855 John M Browning, U.S., weapons manufacturer
1848 Henri Duparc, French composer
1840 Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake, pioneer English woman physician
1833 Norman Willis, union leader, Britain's Trades Union Congress
1829 Oscar II Frederik, King of Sweden, 1872 - 1907, Norway, -1905, poet
1824 Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, Lieutenant General 2nd Corps, ANV, Confederate
1824 Thomas J. Jackson, American Soldier
1823 Alexandre Edouard Goria, composer
1821 John Cabell Breckinridge, D, 14th U.S. Vice President, 1857 - 1861, major-general, Confederate
1815 Horace Wells, dentist, pioneered use of medical anethesia
1814 Thomas Attwood Walmisley, composer
1813 John C Fremont, Pathfinder, map maker/explorer, western U.S., Gov, AZ
1813 John Charles Fremont, American Soldier
1801 Ramon Vilanova y Barrera, composer
1796 John Gelinde van Blom, Frisian notary/author
1792 Tsjalling Hiddes Halbertsma, Fries story teller, Rhymes and Tales
1775 Manuel Garcia, composer
1771 Arnold A. Buyskes, Dutch Vice-Admiral/colonial director
1762 Giuseppe Antonio Silvani, composer
1759 Johan Valckenaer, Dutch politician/patriot
1751 Josephus Andreas Fodor, composer
1746 Johann H Pestalozzi, born in Zurich, Switzerland, educator, Leonard and Gertrude,
1743 John Fitch, inventor, had a working steamboat years before Fulton
1735 Johann Gottfried Eckard, composer
1659 Adriaen van der Werff, Dutch portrait painter/engraver/architect
1571 John I Pontanus, physicist/historian, Amsterdam
1337 Charles V, the Wise, king of France, 1364-80