July 11 Birthdays in History - July 11 Deaths - July 11 Events
1981 Mary Beth Arnold, born in Reno, Nevada, gymnast, World-bronze-95
1977 Brandy Gold, born in Northridge, California, actress, Annie-Baby Makes 5
1975 Dawn Piepenbrink, wildrose Wis, pairs skater, & Nick Castaneda
1975 Lil' Kim, born New York City, New York, born Kimberly Denise Jones, hip hop, rapper, debut album 'Conspiracy' generated three hit singles
1974 Andre Ooyer, soccer player, Ajax/FC Volendam
1973 Christine Monge, born in San Francisco, California, female pitcher, Colorado Silver Bullets
1972 Jerrott Willard, NFL linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs
1972 Joe Johnson, NFL defensive end for the New Orleans Saints
1972 Ken Irvin, NFL cornerback for the Buffalo Bills
1972 Michael Rosenbaum, American Actor
1971 Brett Hauer, born in Edina, Minnesota, NHL defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers
1970 Billy Ashley, born in Taylor, Michigan, outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1970 Pubudu Dissanayake, Sri Lanka cricket wicket-keeper 1993
1968 Esera Tuaolo, NFL defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings
1967 Andy Ashby, born in Kansas City, Missouri, pitcher for the San Diego Padres
1967 Donne Wall, born in Potosi, Missouri, pitcher for the Houston Astros
1966 Debbe Dunning, born in Burbank, California, actress, Tool Time Girl-Home Improvement
1966 Mel Appleby, rocker, Mel and Kim-Coming to America
1966 Rod Strickland, NBA guard, Portland Trail Blazers, Washington Wizards
1965 Lisa Rinna, born in Newport Beach, California, actress, Billie-Days of Our Life
1964 Earl Jones, born in Inkster, Michigan, 800m runner 1984 Olympics bronze
1963 Al MacInnis, Inverness NS, NHL defenseman, Team Canada, St. Louis
1962 Dale Hellestrae, NFLer for the Dallas Cowboys
1959 Richie Sambora, guitarist, Bon Jovi-You Give Love a Bad Name
1959 Suzanne Vega, rock vocalist, My Name is Luka, Tom's Diner
1958 Mark Lester, born in Oxford, England, actor, Oliver, Prince and Pauper
1958 Ray Dodds, rocker, Fairground Attraction-You Send Me
1957 Michael Rose, born in Kingston, Jamaica, rocker, Black Uhuru-Brutal, Positive
1957 Peter Murphy, born in Northampton, England, vocalist, goth rock genre, member of rock group, Bauhaus, released solo albums Deep, Love Hysteria, nicknamed, 'The Godfather of Goth'
1957 Vince Williams, actor, Hamp-Guiding Light
1956 Sela Ward, born in Meridian, Mississippi, actress, Hilary-Emerald Point NAS, Sisters
1955 Sergey Babinov, U.S.S.R., ice hockey star, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1954 Benny Defranco, rocker, Defrnco Family
1953 Leon Spinks, U.S., heavyweight boxing champ, 1978, Gold Medal 1976 Olympics
1953 Peter Bergman, born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, actor, Eat or Be Eaten
1952 Stephen Lang, born in New York City, actor, Another You, Death of a Salesman
1951 Bonnie Pointer, singer, The Pointer Sisters
1951 Lawrence J Delucas, born in Syracuse, New York, PhD/astronaut, STS-50
1951 Sridharan Jeganathan, cricketer, two Tests for Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand 1983
1950 Bonnie Pointer, singer, Pointer Sisters-Jump, I'm So Excited
1950 Jim Higgs, cricketer, Australian leg-spinner 1978-81
1946 Beverly Todd, born in Ohio, actress, Roots, Having Babies, Redd Foxx Show
1946 Ed Markey, born in Malden, Massachusetts, Representative-D-Massachusetts 1976 -
1946 Ed Markey, American Politician
1945 Adrienne Barbeau, born in Sacramento, California, actress, Maude
1945 Robin Muyser, Dutch bassist, Les Baroques
1944 Bill Boggs, born in Philadelphia, TV host/producer, Midday, Morton Downey, Jr. Show
1944 Peter de Savary, English financier/multi-millionaire
1943 Susan Seaforth Hayes, actress, Days of our Life, Young and Restless
1943 Howard Gardner, born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, psychologist, invented theory of multiple intelligences, influenced by Jerome Bruner, Nelson Goodman, Jean Piaget, MacArthur Prize Fellowship, 1981
1942 Marian Sarstadt, dancer/ballerina
1940 Terry Patchett, politician
1939 Larry Laoretti, born in Mahopac, New Jersey, PGA golfer, U.S. Seniors Open 1992
1939 Seth Gaaikema, Dutch night club performer
1938 Terry Garthwaite, U.S. guitarist/singer, Joy of Cooking
1935 Earlene Dennis Brown, born in Latero, Texas, shot putter 1960 Olympics bronze
1934 Giorgio Armani, born in Milan, Italy, fashion designer, American Gigolo
1933 Olga Havlova, political activist
1932 Alex Hassilev, rocker, Limeliters
1931 Herman de Vries, Dutch sculptor
1931 Tab Hunter, actor, Damn Yankees, Lust in the Dust, Battle Cry
1931 Thurston Harris, born in Indianapolis, vocalist, Little Bitty Pretty One
1930 Gregory C Bell, born in Terre Haute, Indiana, long jumper 1956 Olympics gold
1930 John Alabaster, cricketer, New Zealand most prolific leg-spinner with 49 wkts
1930 Harold Bloom, American Critic
1929 Hermann Prey, born in Berlin, Germany, baritone, Wolfram-Tannhauser
1928 Nic Jonk, sculptor/painter, Jonas and the Whale
1928 Robert Washburn, composer
1928 Carl Olson, American Athlete
1927 Herbert Blomstedt, born in Springfield, Massachusetts, conductor, Oslo Phil 1954-61
1926 Patrick Wymark, born in Cleethorpes, England, actor, Skull, Tomb of Ligeia
1926 Ralph D Abernathy, U.S., president, SCLC
1926 Rodolfo Arizaga, composer
1926 Frederick Buechner, American Clergyman
1925 Mattiwilda Dobbs, born in Atlanta, Georgia, soprano
1925 Nicolai Gedda, born in Stockholm, Sweden, opera tenor, Opera Two to Six
1924 Brett Somers, born in Canada, American actress, singer, comedienne, game show panelist
1922 Gene Evans, born in Hollbrook, Arizona, actor, My Friend Flicka, Matt Helm, Alamo
1916 Gough Whitlam, ALP, Australia, PM, 1972-75
1916 Howard Brubeck, composer
1915 Colin Purdie Kelly, U.S., 1st U.S. air hero, during WW II
1915 George Ivan Smith, diplomat
1915 Yul Brynner, born in Sakhalin Island, Japan, actor, King and I, 10 Commandments
1914 Ahti Sonninen, composer
1913 Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, U.S., sci-fi author, Space Lords
1913 Kofi Busia, born in Wenchi, Ghana, statesman, leader of the Ghana Congress Party, which became the United Party, Catholic, Prime Minister, 2nd Republic of Ghana, 1969 - 1972
1910 Irene Hervey, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Aunt Meg-Honey West
1910 John Francis Boyd, journalist
1907 Richard de Bury, English Writer
1906 Harry Von Zell, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, TV announcer, Burns and Allen
1906 Herbert Wehner, German communist/anti-communist politician, SPD
1902 Leo Collard, Belgian minister of Education, 1946/54-58
1902 Samuel Abraham Goldsmith, Dutch/US phycist
1899 E. B. White, Charlotte's Web, Elements of Style
1898 Hendrik J Pos, Dutch philosopher/CEO, Committee of Watchfulness
1898 Herman de Man, Salomon H Hamburger, Dutch writer/Radio Orange
1897 Blind Lemon Jefferson, rocker
1894 Walter Wanger, Feuchtwanger, U.S. producer, Stagecoach
1893 Jack Durston, cricketer, England fast bowler against Australia 1921
1892 Giorgio Federico Ghedini, composer
1892 Thomas Mitchell, born in New Jersey, academy award winning actor, Outlaw, Adventures
1890 Arthur W. Tedder of Glenguin, British air marshal, WW II
1890 Georg Annenkov, Russian/French painter
1889 Alfred E. Green, born in Perris, California, director, Copacabana, Jolson Story
1888 Carl Schmitt, German nazi-lawyer, Verfassungslehre
1888 Lyman Bryson, Valentine Nebr, educator, U.N. Casebook
1885 Roger de la Fresnaye, French sculptor/painter
1882 Leonard Nelson, German philosopher, Democracy und Fuhrerschaft
1876 Max Jacob, French writer, Concentration Camp, Le Siege de Jerusalem
1871 Stjepan Radic, founder/leader, Croatian Farmers' Party
1866 R Beer-Hofmann, writer
1862 Liza Nina Mary Frederica Lehmann, composer
1861 Anton Stepanovich Arensky, composer
1861 George William Norris, Rep/Sen-Neb, Lame duck-amendement
1860 Johannis J van Laar, Dutch chemist, thermodynamics
1857 Alfred Binet, French child psychologist
1857 Iacob Moresianu, composer
1851 Millie and Christine, North Carolina, siamese twins
1844 Peter I Karadjordjevic, King of Serbia/Yugoslavia
1841 Daniel de Lange, Dutch composer
1841 William Paul Roberts, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1838 John Wanamaker, merchant, Wanamakers Department Store
1837 Paul Lacombe, composer
1836 Carlos Gomez, composer
1826 Alexander Aphanashev, Russian story teller, Narodnye roesskie skazki
1825 Edward Henry Hobson, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1824 Adolphe-Abraham Samuel, composer
1816 French A. Durlet, Belgian sculptor/architect
1811 Joseph Lanman, Commander Union Navy
1810 Eugene L Simonis, Belgian sculptor
1767 John Quincy Adams, Braintree, Massachusetts, 6th President of the United States, Democrat, 1825 - 1829
1754 Thomas Bowdler, famous prude, bowdlerized Shakespeare
1738 Albert-Kasimir, duke of Saxon/viceroy of Hungary/Netherlands
1697 Jean-Baptiste-Bourguignon d'Anville, French geographer/cartographer
1694 Charles-Antoine Coypel, French carpet designer
1662 Maximilian II Emanuel, elect of Bayern
1657 Frederik I, King of Prussia, 1701-13
1558 Robert Greene, Elizabethan dramatist, Friar Bacon
1540 Adolf van Nassau, German son of Willem the Rich/Juliana of Stolberg
1274 Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, 1306-29
154 Bar Daisan, Bardesanes, Syrian theologist