July 8 Birthdays in History - July 8 Deaths - July 8 Events
1992 Taylor Maine Pearl Brooks, daughter of country singer Garth Brooks
1982 Sophia Bush, American Actress
1980 Robbie Keane, Irish Athlete
1976 Michael Renfurm, Surinam/Dutch soccer player, Sparta
1976 Staci Wilson, born in Livingston, New Jersey, soccer defender 1996 Olympics
1974 Demetrius Allen, NFL wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons
1973 Kathleen Robertson, actress, Beverly Hills 90210
1972 Brandon Rock, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, 800m runner
1972 Jay Bellamy, NFL safety for the Seattle Seahawks
1972 Karl Dykhuis, Sept-iles, NHL defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers
1972 Saurav Ganguly, cricketer, centuries in 1st two Tests for India 1996
1972 Tom Hutton, NFL punter/kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles
1971 Jeff Kopp, NFL linebacker for the Miami Dolphins
1971 John Achterberg, soccer player, NAC
1971 Wendy Benson, born in New York City, actress, Meredith-As the World Turns
1970 Lisa Powell, born in Sydney, NSW Australia, field hockey forward 1996 Olympics
1970 Marlies Askamp, WNBA forward, Phoenix Mercury
1970 Todd Martin, born in Hinsdale, Illinois, tennis star, 1988 USTA Boys' 18
1970 Beck, born in Los Angeles, California, born Bek David Campbell, guitarist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, popular recordings include 'Odelay', 'Sea Change'
1969 Bobby Ayala, born in Oxnard, California, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
1969 Dana Hall, NFL safety for the Cleveland Browns
1969 Ernie Young, born in Chicago, Illinois, outfielder for the Oakland A's
1969 Lisa Arce, born in Manhattan Beach, California, WPVA volleyballer, National-4th-1995
1969 Lori Hallier, Victoria BC Canada, actress, Shannon-Santa Barbara
1968 C B Washington, NFLer for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1968 Glen Featherstone, born in Toronto, NHL defenseman, Hartford Whalers
1968 Michael Weatherly, born in New York City, actor, Cooper Alden-The City/Loving
1968 Michel Langerak, soccer player, Dordrecht '90
1968 Billy Crudup, born in Manhattan, New York, actor, appeared in film, 'Dedication', 'Watchmen', 'Public Enemies', 'Almost Famous', 'Big Fish'
1967 Mikhail Borodulin, hockey forward, Team Kazakhstan 1998
1965 Corey Parker, born in New York City, actor, How I Got into College, Roger-Eddie Dodd
1964 Alexei Gusarov, born in Moscow, Russia, NHL defenseman for the Colorado Avalanche
1964 Maryalice Demler, born in New York, Miss NY-America 1991
1963 Bob Ctvrtlik, born in Long Beach, California, volleyball outsider, Gold Meda 1988 Olympics, Bronze Medal 1992 Olympics
1963 Mike Ridley, born in Winnipeg, NHL center, Vancouver Canucks
1962 Martin Pavlu, hockey forward, Team Italy 1998
1962 Rob Burnett, born in North Caldwell, New Jersey, head writer, David Letterman
1961 Graham Jones, rock guitarist, Haircut 100
1961 Toby Keith, born in Clinton, Oklahoma, country singer, hit singles include, 'Should've Been a Cowboy', 'How Do You Like Me Now?', toured with the USO
1960 Jeff Stork, born in Longview, Washington, volleyball setter, Olympics-G-88,B-92, 96
1960 Valerie Pettiford, New York City, actress, Sheila Price-One Life to Live
1958 Carlos Cavazo, rocker, Quiet Riot-We're Not Gonna Take It
1958 Fred Young, born in Glasgow, Kentucky, singer, Kentucky Headhunters-Davy Crockett
1958 Kevin Bacon, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actor, Diner, Footloose, She's Having a Baby
1957 Clyde Butts, cricketer, West Indies off-spinner late eighties
1956 Millard Frank Hampton, born in Fresno, California, 4x100m runner 1976 Olympics gold
1956 Russell Christian, rocker, Christians-Harvest the World
1953 Jonathan Segal, born in New York City, actor, Jonathan-Paper Chase
1953 Anna Quindlen, American author, journalist, and New York Times columnist
1952 Ulrich Wehling, born in East Germany, cross country, Gold Medal 1972, 1976, 1980 Olympics
1952 A. Whitney Brown, American Comedian
1952 Marianne Williamson, born in Houston, Texas, spiritual activist, author, speaker, lecturer, wrote, 'A Course in Miracles', a program about choosing love over fear, 'A Return to Love', breakthrough success attributed to appearance on Oprah Winfrey
1951 Andy Fletcher, rocker, Depeche Mode-Just Can't Get Enough
1951 Anjelica Huston, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Prizzi's Honor, Alien
1951 Greg T. Walker, rock bassist, Blackfoot
1951 Ned Sublette, born in Lubbock, Texas, composer, musician, musicologist, producer, guitarist, studied classical guitar with Emilio Pujol, composition with Kenneth Gaburo, Cuban music scholar, known for mixing country-western, afro-Caribbean salsa, cumbia, rumba music styles
1949 Wolfgang Puck, Austrian Celebrity
1948 Kim Darby, N Hollywood, actress, True Grit, Enola Gay, Rich Man Poor Man
1948 Raffi, children's singer, Baby Beluga
1946 Cynthia Gregory, born in Louisiana, ballerina, New York Ballet Co
1944 Jaimoe "Johnny" Johanson, U.S. rock drummer, Allman Brothers
1944 Jeffrey Tambor, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Jeffrey-Ropers, Larry Sanders
1943 Faye Wattleton, born in St. Louis, Missouri, sociologist/president, Planned Parenthood
1942 Chuck Negron, born in Bronx, New York, rock vocalist, 3 Dog Night-Joy to the World
1942 Janice Pennington, born in Kansas, playmate, May 1971, model, Price is Right
1942 Phil Gramm, Sen-R Texas, 1985-
1940 Marcia Rodd, actress, Little Murders, T R Baskins
1938 Marian Ackerman, women's rights advocacy administrator
1937 Barbara Ann Loden, actress, Ernie Kovac's Show
1936 Rudolf W de Korte, Dutch Unilever-director/minister EA, L
1935 John David Crow, football player, Heisman Trophy 1957
1935 Steve Lawrence, born in Brooklyn, singer and actor, Go Away Little Girl, Lonely Guy
1935 Vitali Ivanovich Sevastiyanov, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz 9, 18B
1933 Marty Feldman, born in London, England, comedian, Young Frankenstein
1931 Jerry Vale, born in New York City, singer, Arriverderci Roma
1931 Louis W. Ballard, born in Cherokee, Quapaw, Native American composer, author, artist, wrote 'Incident at Wounded Knee'
1931 Roone Arledge, born in Forest Hills, New York, head of sports broadcasting, ABC
1930 Valeri Aleksandrovich Yazdovsky, Russian cosmonaut
1929 Shirley Ann Grau, author, Keepers of the House
1928 Carol Henry, born in Newark, New Jersey, choreographer, Garry Moore Show
1928 Norma Donaldson, singer and actress, Poetic Justice, 5 Heartbeats
1927 John Ashbery, American Poet
1926 John Dingell, born Colorado Springs, Colorado, Representative-D-Michigan 1955 -
1926 Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, American
1926 John Dingell, American Politician
1926 Ian Gilmour, English Politician
1923 Harrison Dillard, Cleveland, 100m runner, 4 Gold Medals 1948, 1952 Olympics
1921 John Money, New Zealander Psychologist
1920 Dolph Sweet, born in New York City, actor, Gimme a Break, Which Way is Up
1919 Walter Scheel, German Foreign minister/president
1918 Craig Stevens, born in Liberty, Missouri, actor, Craig-Dallas, Peter Gunn
1917 Faye Emerson, born in Elizabeth, Louisiana, actress, I've Got a Secret
1917 Glenn Langan, born in Denver, Colorado, actor, Amazing Colossal Man, Margie
1917 Pamela Brown, born in London, England, actress, Cleopatra, Beckett
1917 J. F. Powers, American Novelist
1915 Charles Hard Townes, born in Greenville, South Carolina, physicist, developed lasers
1914 Billy Eckstine, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, jazz singer, Tenderly, A Fool in Love
1913 Walter Kerr, New York drama critic, Sad Clowns
1912 Jacques Stehman, composer
1911 Gertrude Niesen, born in New York, actress, Start Cheering
1911 Ken Farnes, cricket bowler, fast England in pre-WW II years
1910 Govan AM Mbeki, South African leader, ANC/SACP
1909 Petar Segedin, Croatian novelist, Holy Devil
1908 Louis Jordan, born in Arkansas, alto saxman, Caldonia
1908 Nelson Rockefeller, American Vice President
1907 George W. Romney, Gov-R-Michigan, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1969 - 1973
1907 Kishio Hirao, composer
1906 Philip Johnson, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Cortalyou architect
1904 Bill Challis, arranger/pianist
1901 Donald Benjamin Harden, archaeologist
1900 George Antheil, Trenton, New Jersey, composer, Airplane Sonata
1899 David Eli Lilienthal, U.S. government organizer, Wisconsin
1898 Alec Waugh, London, novelist, Island in the Sun, brother of Evelyn
1898 Melville Ruick, Boise Idaho, actor, Barton-City Hospital
1895 Anton G J van de Velde, Flemish writer and director, God and the Worms
1894 Clemens VI Trefois, Flemish architect/sociologist
1893 Fritz Perls, father of Gestalt therapy
1892 Richard Aldington, writer
1891 Elisabeth Zernike, Dutch writer, Poor Part, Bruidstijd
1891 Josef Hora, Czechoslovakian writer/poet, Working Day
1890 W Hasenvlever, writer
1890 Hanns Johst, German Playwright
1889 Eugene Pallette, born in Winfield, Kansas, actor, Adv of Robin Hood, Mark of Zorro
1885 Ann Jemima Flower, oldest resident of Netherlands
1885 Emil Bloch, German philosopher
1882 Percy Grainger, Melbourne, composer/pianist/conductor, Hill Songs
1882 Waverley John Anderson, Scottish viscount/governor of Bengal
1871 Clement Harris, composer
1871 Kornelis ter Laan, 1st Dutch socialist mayor, Zaandam
1870 Marie C of Zeggelen, Dutch novelist, Koloniaaltje
1869 William V Moody, U.S. poet, Death of Eve, Faith Healer
1867 Kathe Kollwitz, Germany, print maker/sculptor, Bauernkrieg
1857 Rudolf Dellinger, composer
1851 Arthur J Evans, English archaeologist, Crete
1844 Mary Johnson Lincoln, educator, Boston Cooking School
1839 John D. Rockefeller, U.S. capitalist and founder of Standard Oil
1838 Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, inventor, rigid dirigibles
1836 Joseph Chamberlain, British minister of Commerce/Colonies
1829 Pierre A Vicomte de Ponson du Terrail, French serial writer
1826 Benjamin Henry Grierson, Major General Union volunteers
1826 Robert Kingston Scott, Major General Union volunteers
1824 Waldimir "Kriz" Krzyzanowski, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1821 William Harvey Lamb Wallace, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1819 Alexander Hays, Major General Union volunteers
1819 Vatroslav Lisinski, composer
1809 Ljudwit Gaj, Croatian writer/poet, Pjesma iz Zagorja
1757 Richard Wainwright, composer
1638 Matteo Coferati, composer
1637 Johann Georg Ebeling, composer
1621 Jean de la Fontaine, French poet, Fables
1604 Heinrich Albert, Germany, composer, Arien oder Melodien
1574 Giovanni Battista Stefanini, composer
1545 Don Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip II
1528 Emanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy/governor of Netherland