March 10 Birthdays in History - March 10 Deaths - March 10 Events
1984 Olivia Wilde, American Actress
1983 Carrie Underwood, American Musician
1977 Shannon Miller, born in Rolla, Missouri, gymnast, Olympics 2 gold-2 silver/3 bronze-92, 96
1976 Barbara Schett, born in Innsbruck, Austria, tennis star
1975 Stefan Bergkvist, born in Leksand, Sweden, NHL defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins
1973 Eva Herzigova, born in Litvinov, Czechoslovakia, model, Guess Jeans, Wonderbra
1972 Jack Kellogg, WLAF CB, Frankfurt Galaxy
1971 Frank Habermann, WLAF defensive linebacker, Rhein Fire
1971 Morris Unutoa, corner for the Philadelphia Eagles
1971 Shad Williams, born in Fresno California, pitcher for the California Angels
1970 Antonio Edwards, NFL defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks
1969 Jay Hillmann, WLAF running back, Rhein Fire
1969 Ricky Seagall, rocker, Partridge Family
1969 Stephen Leaney, born in Australia, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 Infinit TPC-7th
1967 Derrick Graham, guard for the Seattle Seahawks
1966 Edie Brickell, Mrs. Paul Simon/rocker, New Bohemians
1966 Michael Timlin, born in Midland, Texas, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays
1966 Stephen Mailer, born in New York City, actor, Red Meat, League of Their Own, War and Love
1965 Paul Masotti, CFL receiver for the Toronto Argonauts
1965 Rod Woodson, NFL cornerback/kick returner for the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers
1964 Felicia Collins, born in Albany, New York, guitarist, David Letterman
1964 Cynthia Brimhall, born in Ogden Utah, playmate, October, 1985
1964 Edward Anthony Richard Louis, Prince of Britain/Elizabeth II grandson
1964 Greg Campbell, cricketer, Aussie pace-bowler 1989-90
1964 Neneh Cherry, born in Stockholm Sweden, Swedish pop singer, Money Love
1963 Jasmine Guy, born in Boston Massachusetts, actress, Whitley-Different World
1963 John Cangelosi, born in Brooklyn, New York, outfielder for the Houston Astros
1962 Andre Waters, NFL safety for the Arizona Cardinals
1962 Gary Clark, rocker, Danny Wilson-Mary's Prayer
1961 Jesse Sapolu, NFL guard for the San Francisco 49ers
1961 Laurel B. Clark, born in Ames Iowa, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut
1961 Mitch Gaylord, born in California, gymnast, Olympics 1984, actor, American Anthem
1960 Linda Jezek, born in California, backstroke swimmer, Pan Am Gold-1979
1960 Lance Burton, American Entertainer
1958 Sharon Stone, born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, actress, Basic Instinct, Sliver, Casino
1957 Adolfo Horta, born in Camaguey, Cuba, HW boxer, 1980 Olympics silver
1957 Shannon Lee Tweed, St. Johns NF, playmate, Nov 1981, actress, Meatballs 3
1957 Shannon Tweed, Canadian Actress
1956 Janet Anderson, born in West Sunbury, Pennsylvania, LPGA golfer, 1982 U.S. Women's Open
1955 Bunny DeBarge, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, rocker, Debarge
1955 Juliusz Machulski, born in Poland, director, writer and actor, Do It Yourself
1954 Tina Charles, English Musician
1953 Caroline H "Carolien" van de Berg, actress, Havinck
1953 Paul Haggis, Canadian Director
1952 Oupa J. Gqozo, South African warden/army commandant, Ciskei
1950 Ted McKenna, rocker, Alex Harvey Band
1949 Larry Wall, Canadian Author
1948 Austin Carr, NBA star for the Cleveland Cavaliers
1947 Avril "Kim" Campbell, Canada's 1st female premier, 1993-
1947 Laurie Langenbach, Dutch author
1947 Tom Scholz, rock guitarist/keyboardist, Boston-More Than a Feeling
1947 Bob Greene, American Journalist
1947 Kim Campbell, Canadian Statesman
1946 Gaylord Birch, drummer, Reconstruction, Honey Dripper
1945 Katharine Houghton, born in Hartford, actress, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
1943 Alfred Whitford Lerdahl, composer
1943 Angelique Pettyjohn, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Body Talk, Star Trek
1943 Stephen Montague, composer
1941 Daniel Kirkland Lentz, composer
1941 Sandra Palmer, born in Ft. Worth, Texas, LPGA golfer, 1986 Mayflower Classic
1940 Chuck Norris, Carlos Ray, born in Oklahoma, martial arts actor, Missing in Action
1940 David Rabe, born in Dubuque Iowa, playwright, Streamers
1940 Dean Torrence, born in Los Angeles, California, surf music singer, Jan and Dean-Little Old Lady
1940 Francis Schwartz, composer
1940 Wayne W. Dyer, psychologist, Universe Within You
1940 Wayne Dyer, American Psychologist
1939 Irina Press, born in U.S.S.R., 80m hurdles/Pentathelete, Gold Medals 1960, 1964 Olympics
1938 Ijaz Butt, cricketer, Pakistani opening batsman in 8 Tests 1958-60
1938 Marina Vlady, born in Clichy, France, actress, Conjugal Bed, The Hunt
1938 Ron Mix, NFL tackle for the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders
1937 Oscar Abrams, community organizer
1936 Juda Bar-Norwegian, Israeli/Dutch mime/actor, King
1936 Sepp Blatter, Swiss Leader
1935 Gary Owens, announcer, Laugh-in
1934 Judith Jamison, artistic director, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater
1933 Bernadetta Matuszczak, composer
1932 Anatoliy Roschin, born in U.S.S.R., super heavyweight wrestler, 1972 Olympic gold
1930 Raymond Rasberry, pianist and singer
1928 Arthur Milton, cricketer, England opening batsman late 50's
1928 James Earl Ray, assassin, Martin Luther King, Jr.
1927 Claude Laydu, actress, Diary of a Country Priest
1927 Donn Trenner, born in New Haven, Connecticut, orchestra leader, ABC's Nightlife
1927 Paul Wunderlich, German lithographer, painter and sculptor
1926 Marques Haynes, NBA hall of famer, Harlem Globetrotters
1925 Ed van der Elsken, movie photographer, Een liefdesgeschiedenis
1925 Sef Imkamp, Dutch politician
1923 Ara Parseghian, football coach, Northwestern, Notre Dame
1923 Kenneth "Jethro" Burns, country singer, Homer and Jethro
1922 Adam Kennedy, born in Lafayette, Indiana, actor, Dion-Californian
1922 Pamela Mason, born in London, actress, Navy vs. Night Monsters
1922 Joe Gold, American Businessman
1921 Cec Linder, born in Galica, Poland, actor, Goldfinger
1921 Paul Coates, born in New York City, columnist, Tonight! America After Dark
1920 Jethro Burnsburns, country singer, Homer and Jethro
1920 Boris Vian, French Writer
1918 Heywood Hale Broun, journalist
1916 James Herriot, born in Scotland, writer, All Creatures Great and Small
1916 Manuel A "Manny" Greenhill, record producer
1915 Harry Bertoia, Italian Artist
1914 Chandler Harper, golfer, 1950 PGA champ
1911 Warner Anderson, born in Brooklyn, actor, Doctor, Lineup, Matthew-Peyton Place
1909 Gerard Croiset, Dutch paragnost
1908 Carl Albert, U.S. speaker of house, 1971-77
1908 Kristian Palusalu, born in Finland, heavyweight wrestler, 1936 Olympic gold
1907 Robert de Roos, composer
1905 Rene Bernier, composer
1903 Bix Biederbecke, rocker
1900 Sherman Billingsley, born in Enid, Oklahoma, talk show host, Stork Club
1899 Finn Hoffding, composer
1899 Maxwell Maltz, born in America, cosmetic surgeon, author, self-help pioneer, invented Psycho-Cybernetics, system to improve one's self-image, lead a better life, wrote, 'Psycho-Cybernetics', believes positive self-view key to achieving goals
1898 Cy Kendall, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Mysteries of Chinatown
1896 Harry Krimer, actor, Napoleon
1896 Nancy Cunard, writer
1892 Arthur Oscar Honnegger, born in Le Havre, France, composer, King David
1892 Eva Turner, British soprano
1892 Arthur Honegger, Swiss Composer
1891 Jacob van Gelderen, economist/sociologist/Dutch 2nd Chamber, SDAP
1888 Barry Fitzgerald, born in Dublin, Ireland, actor, Academy Award-Going My Way
1888 Krsto Odak, composer
1884 Stuart Holmes, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Prisoner of Zenda
1880 Michael Jacobs, born in New York City, boxing promoter
1878 Karel van de Woestijne, Flemish writer/poet, God at Sea
1877 David Mendes Chumaceiro, born in Curacao, poet, Crisalidas
1875 Alexander Borisovich Goldenweiser, composer
1873 Jakob Wassermann, born in Germany, novelist, My Life as German and Jew
1872 Felix Borowski, composer
1870 Alfred Kastner, composer
1867 Lillian D. Wald, U.S., sociologist/organizer, Visiting Nurses
1865 Pim [Willem JH] Mulier, Dutch journalist/writer/sport-organizer
1850 Mary Mills Patrick, U.S., 1st President of Istanbul Woman's College
1845 Alexander III A Romanov, Russian tsar, 1881-94
1844 Pablo Martin M de Sarasate y Navascuez, composer, Spanish Dancing
1842 Ina Donna Coolbrith, U.S., poet laureate of California
1839 Dudley Buck, born in Hartford, Connecticut, organist/church composer
1833 Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, born in Spain, writer, Three-Cornered Hat
1832 William Henry Penrose, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1824 Thomas James Churchill, Major General Confederate Army
1822 Willem Roelofs, Dutch painter and lithographer
1818 George Wythe Randolph, Secretary War Confederacy
1812 Victor Tesch, Belgian lawyer/Minister of Justice
1810 John McCloskey, U.S., President of St. John's College, Fordham U
1809 William David Porter, Commander Union Navy
1788 Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff, German poet, Das Marmorbild
1787 William Etty, English painter, nudes
1780 Juan Jose Landaeta, composer
1776 Luise, queen of Prussia/wife of Frederik Willem III
1772 Friedrich von Schlegel, Germany, romantic writer/critic, Lucinde
1771 Georg F. Creuzer, German philological/historian, Idea und Probe
1755 Philipp Christoph Kayser, composer
1748 John Playfair, born in Scotland, clergyman, geologist and mathematician
1713 Christian Friedrich Schale, composer
1713 Raphael Weiss, composer
1698 Gaetano Maria Schiassi, composer
1656 Adolf H. van Rechteren, Dutch diplomat and politician
1628 Constantine Huygens, Jr., Dutch poet, painter and cartoonist
1538 Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk; executed by Queen Elizabeth, 1572
1503 Ferdinand I, German emperor, 1558-64
1452 Ferdinand II, the Catholic, King of Aragon/Sicily, expelled Jews