March 11 Birthdays in History - March 11 Deaths - March 11 Events
1982 Hasan Raza, cricketer, Test cricketer at the age of 14
1982 Thora Birch, American Actress
1979 Joel Madden, American Musician
1975 Cedric Henderson, NBA forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers
1975 Shawn Springs, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks
1974 Billy Granville, linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals
1974 David Cameron, Australian rower, 1996 Olympics
1974 Kevin Donovan, born in Des Plaines, Illinois, figure skater, 1997 Great Lakes-2nd
1973 Kennedy Otieno, Kenya cricket wicket-keeper, 85 vs. Australia 1996 World Cup
1973 Mike Mihelic, CFL offensive tackle for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1973 Sammie Brennan, CFL defensive back, BC Lions
1973 Tony Veland, NFL defensive back, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1972 Carl Greenwood, NFL cornerback for the New York Jets
1972 Chris Shelling, WLAF cornerback, Rhein Fire
1972 Jamal Duff, NFL defensive end for the New York Giants, Washington Redskins
1971 Bob Kronenberg, WLAF corner, Rhein Fire
1971 Jiri Vykoukai, born in Olomouc, Czech Republic, hockey player, Team Czech Republic, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1971 Marta Lovera Parquet, Miss Universe-Paraguay, 1996
1971 Martin Rucinsky, born in Most, Czechoslovakia, NHL left wing, Canadiens, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1971 Johnny Knoxville, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, born Philip John Clapp, actor, comedian, co-creator of MTV television series, 'Jackass', appeared in film, 'The Ringer'
1970 Brett Liddle, born in Boksburg, South Afrrica, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 Newcastle
1970 Evgeniy Koreshkov, hockey forward, Team Kazakhstan 1998 Olympics
1969 Dan Lacroix, Montreal, NHL left wing for the New York Rangers
1969 John Fina, NFL offensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills
1969 Terrence Howard, American Actor
1968 John Barrowman, actor, Peter Fairchild-Central Park West
1968 Lisa Loeb, born in Bethesda, Maryland, singer, songwriter, actress, hit song, 'Stay (I Missed You)', appeared in 'Firecracker' film, 'Dweezil and Lisa' television series
1967 Andrew Zesers, cricketer, played for Australia in 1987 World Cup
1967 Bill Houlder, born in Thunder Bay, NHL defenseman, Tampa Bay Lightning
1967 Brad Carson, American Lawyer
1966 Pavel Petrovich Mukhortov, Russian cosmonaut
1966 Ralph Tamm, NFL guard/center for the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs
1966 Steve Reed, born in Los Angeles, California, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
1965 Eric Jelen, West Germany, tennis star
1964 Peter Berg, born in New York City, New York, actor, film director, producer, known for role as Dr. Billy Kronk on television medical drama 'Chicago Hope', directed films 'The Kingdom', 'Hancock'
1964 Raimo Helminen, born in Tampere, Finland, hockey forward, Team Finland, 1998 Olympic Bronze
1961 Bruce Watson, born in Ontario, Canada, rock guitarist, Big Country-Wonderland
1961 Mike Percy, rocker, Dead or Alive-Spin Me Round
1957 Cheryl Lynn, American Musician
1956 Curtis L. Brown, Jr., North Carolina, astronaut, STS-47, STS-66, 77, 85, sk:95
1955 [Kater]Nina Hagen, born in East Berlin, East Germany, actress, Blue Angel
1955 Nina Hagen, German Musician
1954 Gale Norton, American Public Servant
1953 Chet Catallo, guitarist, Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance
1952 Douglas Adams, born in England, author, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
1952 Susan Richardson, born in Coatesville Pennsylvania, actress, Susan-8 is Enough
1950 Bobby McFerrin, singer, Don't Worry Be Happy-Grammy 1989
1950 Jerry Zucker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, director, Airplane, Naked Gun
1949 Richard de Bois, Dutch drummer and producer
1948 George Kooymans, Dutch guitarist/singer, Golden Earring
1948 Roy Barnes, American Politician
1947 Dominique Sanda, born in Paris, France, actress, 1900, First Love
1947 Geoffrey Hunt, Australia, world-champion squash player
1947 Mark Stein, singer, organist and keyboardist, Vanilla Fudge
1946 Brigitte Fossey, born in Tourcoing, France, actress, Man Who Died Twice
1945 Harvey Mandel, rock guitarist, Drei Amerikanische LP's
1945 Timothy Mason, consultant, British Arts Council
1945 Tricia O'Neal, born in Shreveport Louisiana, actress, Piranha Part II
1944 Ric Rothwell, drummer, Mindbenders-Games of Love
1942 Peter Eyre, born in New York City, New York, actor, films include 'Hedda', 'Dragonslayer', 'The Affair of the Necklace'
1941 David Boies, American Lawyer
1937 John Ward, New Zealand cricket wicket-keeper, 8 Tests 1964 - 1968
1936 Antonin Scalia, born in Trenton, New Jersey, 105th Supreme Court Justice, 1986-
1934 George Stamatoyannopoulos, born in Greece, medical genetics researcher
1934 Joep Straesser, composer, Blossom songs, Ramasasiri
1934 Keith Speed, born in Evesham, England, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Meriden in Warwickshire 1968 - 1974
1934 Sam Donaldson, born in El Paso, Texas, ABC White House correspondent, Prime Time
1934 Sydney Burke, cricketer, South Africa quick, 11 wkts on Test debut vs. New Zealand 1961
1933 Terry J. Hatter, Jr., U.S. judge in California
1932 Nigel Lawson, British government official, The Power Game
1932 Valerie French, born in London, England, actress, Jubal
1931 Peter Walters, CEO, Midland Bank
1931 Rupert Murdoch, born in Australia, publisher, New York Post and CEO of FOX
1930 David Gentleman, designer and painter
1929 Erskine Childers, civil servant
1929 Francisco Bernardo Pulgar Vidal, composer
1929 Jackie McGlew, cricketer, dour South African opening bat of the 50'
1928 Albert Salmi, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Daniel Boone, 79 Park Avenue
1928 Peter Roger Hunt, born in London, England, director, Dr. No
1927 Alan Betts, emeritus professor, Royal Veterinary College
1927 Raymond Jackson, Jaki, British cartoonist
1927 Robert Mosbacher, U.S. politician
1927 Ron Todd, British trade unionist
1926 Adrienne Keith Cohen, travel editor
1926 Ilhan Mimaroglu, composer
1926 Patricia Tindaole, born in England, architect
1926 Ralph Abernathy, civil rights leader, Southern Christian Leadership
1925 James Miskin, QC/recorder of London
1923 A Louise Brough Clapp, born in Oklahoma, tennis player, 4 time Wimbledon champ
1923 Ad[rianus C] de Besten, Dutch literary, River Basin
1923 Morschi Mirando, Thomas Weiss, German/Dutch gypsy artist
1923 Terry Alexander, London, actor, Tony-Behind the Scenes
1922 Abdul Razak bin Hussain, premier of Malaysia, 1970-77
1922 Thom Kelling, Dutch singer and guitarist, Programa de Manha
1922 Vinnette Carroll, born in New York City, actress, Alice's Restaurant, Reivers
1921 Astor Piazzolla, Argentina composer, Tango Nuevo
1921 F[rancis] M[arion] Busby, Jr., U.S., sci-fi author, Star Rebel
1920 D. J. Enright, born in England, poet and novelist, Some Men are Brothers
1920 Henry Marking, CEO, British Airways
1920 Kenneth Dover, chancellor, St. Andrews University
1919 Mercer Ellington, son of Duke Ellington and bandleader
1917 GE Goran Schildt, Finnish art historian and writer, Solbaten
1916 [James] Harold Wilson, L, British Prime Minister, 1964-70, 1974-76
1916 Harold Wilson, English Statesman
1915 Vijay Hazare, cricketer, prolific Indian batsman 1946-54
1913 John Jacob Weinzweig, born in Toronto, Canada, composer, Enchanted Hill
1913 Thomas Gray, professor and anaesthetist
1912 Robert Clifford Latham, pepys Scholar
1912 Xavier Montsalvatge, Spanish composer, El gato con botas
1911 Alan Gifford, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor, Time Lock, Up Periscope
1911 Fitzroy Maclean, British diplomat soldier politician and historian
1910 Robert H. G. Havemann, German chemist
1909 Ljubica Maric, composer
1908 Lawrence Welk, born in Strasburg, North Dakota, orchestra leader, Lawrence Welk Show
1907 Eleni Gatzoyiannis, heroine, saved her kids
1907 Helmuth J. von Moltke, German politician, July 20th plot
1907 Jessie Matthews, born in London, England, actress, Gangway, First a Girl
1907 Margaret Herbison, British minister, Lab
1906 Aasan Ferit Alnar, composer
1904 Cornelis Jan Bakker, Dutch and U.S. nuclear physicist
1904 Maurits Wertheim, Dutch writer, Isaac De Fuentes
1903 Dorothy Schiff, publisher, New York Post
1903 George Dickinson, cricketer, bowled for New Zealand in their 1st 3 Tests
1902 Josef Martin Bauer, writer
1899 Frederick IX, Christian FFMKWG, King of Denmark, 1947-72
1898 Dorothy Gish, born in Massillon, Ohio, film actress, Orphans of the Storm
1897 Henry Dixon Cowell, born in Menlo Park, California, composer, New Musical Resources
1892 Raoul Walsh, born in New York City, director, Thief of Baghdad, Battle Cry
1892 Wladyslaw Anders, Polish general, WW I, WW II
1890 Vannevar Bush, American Scientist
1885 Malcolm Campbell, 1st auto racer to travel 5 miles/min, 8 km/min
1884 Jan Lemaire, Dutch writer and actor, Beautiful Juliet
1879 Justus Hermann Wetzel, composer
1879 Niels Bjerrum, Danish chemist, ph tests
1876 Carl Ruggles, born in Marion, Massachusetts, composer, Evocations
1876 David Wijnkoop, Dutch revolutionary socialist
1872 Abraham van Stolk Jzn, lumber merchant and art collector
1863 Andrew Stoddart, cricketer, My Dear Victorious Stod
1863 Wobbe de Vries, Dutch linguist
1860 Thomas Hastings, born in New York City, architect, New York Public Library
1846 Antonio C. G. Crespo, Brazilian and Portuguese poet
1840 Edmund Kirby, Jr., Brigadier General Union volunteers
1832 Franz Melde, German phyicist, Melde test
1832 William Ruffin Cox, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1827 Septimus Winner, composer
1822 Allison Nelson, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1819 Henry Tate, English sugar producer Tate Gallery
1819 Marius Petipa, French ballet dancer and choreographer, Don Quiotte
1818 John Wilkins Whitfield, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1812 James Speed, Attorney General Union
1812 Pieter Blusse van Oud-Alblas, Dutch liberal minister of Finance
1812 William Vincent Wallace, composer
1811 Marsena Rudolph Patrick, Major General Union volunteers
1811 Urbain Jean Joseph le Verrier, co-discoverer, Neptune
1793 Jan F. Willems, Flemish writer and philologist
1781 Anthony Philip Heinrich, composer
1754 Juan Melendez Valdes, Spanish lawyer/poet
1731 Robert Treat Paine, judge, signer, Declaration of Independence
1726 Louise-Florence Depinay, born in France, writer, Woman, Man and 2 Kingdoms
1725 Henry Benedict Stuart, Italian Statesman
1683 Giovanni Veneziano, composer
1654 Heinrich Georg Neuss, composer
1596 Isaac Elsevier, book publisher
1549 Henric Spieghel, Dutch Renaissance poet, Hertspiegel
1544 Torquato Tasso, born in Italy, Renaissance poet, Aminta, Apologia