March 13 Birthdays in History - March 13 Deaths - March 13 Events
1985 Emile Hirsch, American Actor
1976 Danny Masterson, American Actor
1975 Landon Wilson, St. Louis, NHL right wing for the Colorado Avalanche
1974 Andre Batista Santos "Vampeta", Brazilian soccer player, PSV
1974 Corinna Broiz, born in Garberville, Colorado, lightweight judoka 1996 Olympics
1974 Thomas Enqvist, born in Stockholm Sweden, tennis star, 1991 Wimbledon jr boys
1973 Bobby Jackson, NBA guard for the Denver Nuggets
1973 Dan Wilkinson, NFL defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals
1973 Edgar Davids, Dutch soccer player, Ajax, AC Milan
1973 Trezelle Jenkins, NFL tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs
1972 Avrom Smith, WLAF RB, London Monarchs
1972 Brian Saxton, NFL tight end for the New York Giants
1972 Rickey Brady, NFL tight end, NO Saints
1972 Ryan McCoy, WLAF LB, London Monarchs
1972 Shea Olliff, born in Augusta, Georgia, Miss America-Georgia, 1997
1972 Trent Dilfer, NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1971 Curtis Conway, NFL wide receiver and kick returner for the Chicago Bears
1971 Li Chen, born in Changsha China, tennis star, 1995 Futures-Austin Texas
1971 Paul Henderson, Australian 100m/200m 1996 Olympics
1971 Ralf Kleinmann, WLAF kicker and punter, Frankfurt Galaxy
1971 Robert Samuels, cricketer, West Indies Test opening batsman vs. New Zealand 1996
1971 Ryan Hayden, Indianapolis Indiana, 400m hurdler
1971 Tony Vinson, NFL running back, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens
1971 Tracy Wells, actress, Heather-Mr Belvedere
1969 Chris Zorich, NFL defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears
1969 Kevin Kaminski, Churchbridge, NHL center for the Washington Capitals
1968 Akira Nogami, born in Narashino, Chiba, professional Japanese wrestler, actor, wrestled for the New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion, NJPW, in 1991, reigned as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, in 2000, appeared in television show, Kamen Rider Kuuga, competed part-time after 2004, regularly wrestling with Keiji Mutoh's All Japan Pro Wrestling
1968 Christopher Collett, born in New York City, actor, Manhattan Project
1967 Colleen Rosensteel, S Greensburg, Pennsylvania, heavyweight judoka 1996 Olympics
1967 Satu Huotari, ice hockey defenseman, Finland, 1998 Olympics
1966 Tine Scheuer-Larsen, Denmark, tennis star
1964 Will Clark, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, infielder for the Texas Rangers
1963 Mariano Duncan, S P de Macoris, Dominican Republic, infielder, New York Yankees
1963 Vance Johnson, NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos
1962 Liane Tooth, Sydney NSW Australia, field hockey forward 1996 Olympics
1961 Cor Lems, soccer player, ADO The Hague/Dordrecht '90
1960 Adam Clayton, born in Oxfordshire, rock bassist, U2-I Will Follow
1959 Dirk Wellham, cricketer, century on NSW debut and Australian debut
1959 Ronnie Rogers, guitarist, T'Pau-Heart and Soul
1958 Debi Nicolle Johnson, born in Torrance, California, playmate, October, 1984
1958 Rick Lazio, born in Amityville, New York, Representative-R-New York 1993 - 2001
1957 John Hoeven, born in Bismarck, North Dakota, politician, Republican, 34th Governor of North Dakota, longest-serving Governor in the U.S.
1956 Dana Delany, born in New York City, actress, Colleen McMurphy-China Beach, Exit to Eden
1955 Glenne Headly, born in New London, Connecticut, actress, Dick Tracy, Making Mr. Right
1955 Olga Rukavishnikova, born in U.S.S.R., pentathlete, 1980 Olympics silver
1955 Patricia J. Engfer, general manager, Hyatt Regency-Orlando
1954 Robin Duke, born in Toronto, Canada, comedienne, SNL, SCTV, Club Paradise
1953 Andy Bean, born in Lafayette, Georgia, PGA golfer, Western 1978, Kemper 1978
1953 Deborah Raffin, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Ransom, Demon, 40 Carats
1951 Fred Berry, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Rerun-What's Happening
1950 Bernard Julien, cricketer, WI left-arm pace all-rounder mid-70's
1950 Danny Kirwan, London, rock guitarist, Fleetwood Mac
1950 Joe Bugner, Hungarian/British/Australian boxer, European Champ 1971
1950 Robert S. Woods, born in California, actor, Bo-One Life to Live, Waltons
1950 Steve Hill, country vocalist, A Winning Hand
1950 William H. Macy, born in Miami, Florida, actor, Homicide, Water Engine
1950 Charles Krauthammer, American Journalist
1947 Lesley Collier, British ballet dancer
1943 Andre Techine, director and writer, Scene of the Crime, Rendez-Vous
1943 Stephen Vincent Benet, writer
1939 Neil Sedaka, born in Brooklyn, New York, singer and songwriter, Breaking Up is Hard to Do
1938 Hans-Joachim Hespos, composer
1938 Jean-Claude Risset, composer
1938 Joseph Bellino, footballer, 1960 Heisman Trophy
1938 Patricia W. Amicone, educator and midwife
1937 Fofo losefa Fiti Sunia, born in Fagasa, Pago Pago, Representative-D-American Samoa 1981 - 1988
1936 Clarence Nash, animation voice, Donald Duck
1935 Don Nute, born in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, Denver University, actor
1933 Frank Murkowski, born in in Seattle, Washington, Senator-R-Alaska 1981 - 2002, Governor-R-Alaska 2002 - 2006
1933 Mike Stoller, composer, Lieber and Stoller-Hound Dog, Charlie Brown
1931 Marc Dessauvage, Flemish architect
1931 Rosalind Elias, born in Lowell Massachusetts, mezzo-soprano, Grimgerde-Die Walkuere
1931 Wolfgang Kohlhaase, born in Berlin, actor, director and writer, Solo Sunday
1930 Doug Harvey, hockey star, 3 time James Norris winner
1929 J. D. Slater, writer
1929 Peter Breck, born in Rochester, New York, actor, Black Saddle, Big Valley, Benji
1929 Will Eisma, composer
1927 Charles Sickman Corsen, Dutch Antillean poet
1926 Frederick Hemming McClintock, criminologist
1926 Raul Alfonsin, Argentine President, 1983-89
1925 Anthony Milner, composer
1925 Bertha Tickey, born in Dinuba, California, softball pitcher, Hall of Fame 1973
1925 Roy Haynes, U.S. jazz drummer, Trio Music with Chick Corea
1922 Brun Smith, cricketer, New Zealand right-handed batsman of late 1940's
1922 Jim Rodger, sports writer
1921 Allan Jaffee, comic strip cartoonist/illustrator, MAD Magazine
1921 Cyril Poole, cricketer, England batsman against India 1951-52
1920 Frans van der Elst, Flemish attorney/MP, Volksunie
1918 Faye Glenn Abdellan, U.S. government official, health services
1918 George McAfee, NFL halfback for the Chicago Bears
1917 Ina Ray Hutton, born in Chicago, Illinois, orchestra leader, Ina Ray Hutton Show
1917 Maria Vlamynck, Flemish author
1917 Tessie O'Shea, born in England, actress, Entertainers
1916 Corinne Boggs, political administrator
1916 Lindy Boggs, born in Louisiana, Representative-D-Louisiana 1973 - 1991
1914 Carl-Olof Anderberg, composer
1914 Tessie O'Shea, entertainer
1913 Sammy Kaye, saxophonist, Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye
1913 William J. Casey, headed CIA during Iran-contra scandal, 1981-87
1912 Ernst Hess, composer
1912 Igor Youskevitch, dancer
1912 James Friell, political cartoonist
1911 Jose Ardevol, composer
1911 L. Ron Hubbard, sci-fi writer/scientologist, Dianetics
1910 Sammy Kaye, born in Rocky River Ohio, orchestra leader, Sammy Kaye Show
1909 Gilbert Inglefield, Mayor of London, 1967-68
1909 Trofim Lysenko, Russian Celebrity
1908 Helen Sinclair Glatz, musician
1908 Paul Stewart, born in New York City, actor, Top Secret USA, Deadline
1908 Walter Annenberg, born in Milwaukee, publisher, Triangle-TV Guide and Ambassador to Great Britain
1907 Albert Hughes Williams, teacher and historian
1907 Dona Maria Pia de Braganca, pretender to the Portuguese throne
1907 Frank Wilcox, born in DeSoto, Missouri, actor, John-Beverly Hillbillies
1904 Henry Iliffe Cozens, pilot
1901 Paul Fix, born in Dobbs Ferry, New York, actor, Rifleman
1899 Pancho Vladigerov, composer
1898 Josie Sedgwick, born in Texas, actress, Son of Oklahoma
1897 Marcel Thiry, Belgian poet, Statue of Fatigue
1897 William Herald, Australia, swimmer, 1920 Olympics
1896 Dorothy Aldis, writer
1892 Alec Rowley, composer
1892 Janet Flanner, journalist, New Yorker
1890 Michael Taube, composer
1888 Paul Morand, French Diplomat
1887 Carlos Isamitt, composer
1886 Henri D Gagnebin, Swiss organist
1886 John "Home Run" Baker, hall of famer, hit 2 home run in 1911 world series
1884 Emanuel Stickelberger, Swiss writer, Bluthochzeit
1884 Hugh S. Walpole, born in New Zealand, novelist and playwright, Jeremy, Maradick at 40
1884 Oskar Loerke, German writer, Longest Day-1926
1883 Enrico Toselli, composer
1881 Balthazar H. Verhagen, Netherlands/South African dramatist and writer
1875 Maria E G "Lizzy" Ansingh, Dutch painter, Caught Sultane
1872 Oswald Garrison Villard, American journalist
1862 Vasily Mikhaylovich Metallov, composer
1860 Hugo Filipp Jakob Wolf, born in Windisch-Graz, Austria, composer
1859 Ivo Bligh, cricketer, Lord Darnley England captain vs. Australia 1882-83
1858 Maximilien Luce, French painter
1855 Percival "Percy" Lowell, U.S. astronomer, predicted discovery of Pluto
1855 Percival Lowell, American Scientist
1850 Emilio Serrano y Ruiz, composer
1832 Alberto Randegger, composer
1824 George Jessel, English Judge
1822 Moritz Grave von Strachwitz, German poet
1820 Louis Herbert, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1818 Albion Parris Howe, Major General Union Army
1798 Abigail Powers Fillmore, 1st lady, 1850-53
1781 Karl F. Schinkel, German architect, painter and writer, Schloss Tegel
1779 Oliver Shaw, composer
1770 Daniel Lambert, born in England, giant, weighed 739 lbs, 334 kg, at death
1768 Charles Louis WJ van Keverberg, Dutch civil servant
1767 Heinrich Domnich, composer
1764 Charles Earl Grey, Whig, British Prime Minister, 1830-34
1752 Josef Reicha, composer
1746 Maurus Haberhauer, composer
1744 David Allan, Scottish painter
1741 Jozef II, arch duke of Austria/RC German emperor, 1765-90
1733 Joseph Priestley, born in England, clergyman and scientist, discovered oxygen
1712 Isfrid Kayser, composer
1700 James Kent, composer
1700 Michel Blavet, composer
1696 Louis F A D Duke de Richelieu, French marshal
1615 Innocent XII, Antonio Pignatelli, Pope, 1691-1700
1599 Johannes Berchmans, Dutch Jesuit and saint
1548 Sasbout Vosmeer, Dutch Catholic theologist and apostole