March 13 Events in History - March 13 Birthdays - March 13 Deaths
2015 Scientists have concluded that a large ocean exists beneath the icy surface of Ganymede, the largest moon of Jupiter; the discovery was made by using the Hubble Space Telescope to observe aurora movements at the moon's poles
2014 The European Central Bank announces its readiness to ensure that interest rates will remain steady or decrease as inflation rises
2014 The government of the U.K. has announced that it will put 11 million pounds into the funding of the Square Kilometer Array project, a radio telescope that will collect massive amounts of data from space, requiring immense computing resources
2013 For the first time in its history, the European Parliament rejects a European Union budget
2013 In Greenland, the Siumut party wins the parliamentary election, setting up Aleqa Hammond to become the country's first female Prime Minister
2012 A Harvard Medical School study claims that red meat increases the risk of death and has additional negative health implications
2012 Twenty-five year old Alaskan, Dallas Seavey becomes the youngest winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
2011 Over 200,000 people are evacuated from Japan as fear of nuclear contamination from the power plants grows
2011 Japan estimates over 46,000 structures were damaged in the 9.0 magnitude earthquake
2010 Six people are killed by a remotely operated bomb while travelling in southern Afghanistan in Tirin Kot, the capital of Afghanistan's Uruzgan province
1996 Sri Lanka beat India in World Cup semi as riots stop play
1996 Thomas Hamilton kills 16 kindergardeners, their teacher and himself
1995 9th Soul Train Music Awards: Boyz II Men, Anita Baker win
1995 Anti fascist Kazachstan anti-parliament forms
1995 Hungarian Forint devalued 9%
1995 Istanbul police shoot dead 16 Alawitische demonstrators
1994 33.3% of Austria votes for ultra-right FP
1994 Cuba Godding, Jr. (26) weds Sara Kapfer (26)
1994 Donna Andrews wins LPGA Ping Welch's Golf Championship
1994 Oil tank/airship crash at Bosporus (huge fire/15+ killed)
1994 President Mangope of Bophuthaswana deposed
1993 Blizzard of '93 hits north-east U.S.
1992 570 die in a Turkish earthquake
1992 FCC rules companies can own 30 AM and 30 FM stations (formerly 12)
1992 Martina Navratilova and Judy Nelson settle their galamony suit
1991 Exxon pays $1-billion dollars in fines and cleanup of Valdez oil spill
1990 Nicholoas Braithwaite elected premier of Grenada
1989 27th shuttle, Discovery 8, launched, 1st woman to do the countdown
1989 FDA orders recall of all Chilean fruit in U.S.
1989 U.S. space shuttle STS-29 launched
1988 14th People's Choice Awards: Fatal Attraction, Bill Cosby. win
1987 Ice Dance Championship at Cincinnati won by Bestemianova and Bukin (URS)
1987 John Gotti is acquitted of racketeering
1987 Washington Caps score 5 goals against Toronto in 3 minutes and 3 seconds
1986 Soyuz T-15 carries 2 cosmonauts to Soviet space station Mir
1985 Funeral services held for Konstantin Chernenko (Moscow)
1985 Michael Secrest (U.S.) begins 24-hour ride of 516 miles, 427 yards
1984 Last day of 1st-class cricket for G Chappell, R Marsh, B Laird
1984 WA beat Queensland by four wickets to win the Sheffield Shield
1983 "Woman of the Year" closes at Palace Theater New York City after 770 performances
1983 1st USFL overtime game-Birmingham Stallions beat Oakld Invaders 20-14
1982 Ice Dance Championship at Copenhagen won by Torvill and Dean (GRB)
1982 Ice Pairs Championship at Copenhagen won by Baess and Thierbach (GDR)
1982 Men's Figure Skating Champions in Copenhagen won by Scott Hamilton (USA)
1982 Worlds Ladies Fig Skate Champs in Copenhagen won by Elaine Zayak (USA)
1982 Elaine Zayak, lands 6 triple jumps to win world skating championship
1981 NCAA St. Joseph's upsets top seed DePaul
1980 Eric Heiden skates world record 1000m (1:13.60)
1980 Ford Motor Company found innocent in death of 3 women in a fiery Pinto
1980 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Dortmund won by Jan Hoffmann GDR
1979 European Monetary System is established, ECU created
1979 Gairy dictatorship in Grenada overthrown by New Jewel Movement
1979 Isle's Mike Bossy's 5th career hat trick
1978 Moluccans "suicide commandos" occupies Province house
1977 Dennis Lillee takes 6-26, England all out 95 in Centenary Test
1975 Bernard Slade's "Same Time, Next Year," premieres in New York City
1974 Charles de Gaulle Airport opens near Paris
1974 Glenn Turner scores twin tons for New Zealand's 1st win against Australia
1973 Syria adopts constitution
1973 "Irene" opens at Minskoff Theater New York City for 605 performances
1973 Minskoff Theater opens at 200 W 45th St. New York City
1971 Live at Fillmore East recorded
1970 100 year Beehive anniversary ends in brawl in Amsterdam
1970 Digital Equipment Corp introduces PDP-11 minicomputer
1970 SF city employees begin 4-day strike
1969 Apollo 9 returns to Earth
1968 Beatles release "Lady Madonna" in the UK
1967 Congo sentences ex-premier Moise Tsjombe to death
1967 Robert Anderson's "You Know I Can't Hear You ...," premieres in New York City
1966 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lagunita Golf Invitational
1965 Beatles' "Eight Days a Week," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 2 weeks
1965 Jeff Beck replaces Eric Clapton of the Yardbirds
1964 Turkey threatens Cyprus with armed attack
1963 2 Russian reconnaissance flights over Alaska
1963 Hindemith and Wilder's opera "Long Christmas Dinner," premieres in New York City
1963 Indonesia and Netherlands recover diplomatic relations
1962 Yugoslavia grants 1,000 prisoners amnesty
1961 Elizabeth Gurley Finn (70) becomes President of U.S. Communist Party
1961 Floyd Patterson KOs Ingemar Johansson in 6 for heavywgt boxing title
1961 John F. Kennedy sets up the Alliance for Progress
1961 Landslide in U.S.S.R., kills 145
1961 Old type, black and white notes cease to be legal tender
1961 Pablo Picasso (79) marries his model Jacqueline Rocque (37)
1960 Fay Crocker wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
1960 NFL's Chicago Cardinals moves to St. Louis
1960 White Sox unveil new road uniforms with players' names above number
1958 Government troops land in Sumatra Indonesia
1957 Bloody battles after anti-Batista demonstration in Havana Cuba
1956 New Zealand bowl out WI for 77 at Eden Park to score their 1st Test Cricket win
1955 Bir BSD Mahendra succeeds Tribhubana as king of Nepal
1955 Patty Berg wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
1954 Braves' Bobby Thomson breaks his ankle, he is replaced by Hank Aaron
1954 Viet Minh General Giap opens assault on That Bien Phu
1951 2nd Dutch government of Drees forms
1951 Israel demands DM 6.2 billion compensation from Germany
1950 General Motors reports net earnings of $656,434,232 (record)
1949 U.S. Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Yvonne C Sherman
1949 U.S. Mens Figure Skating championship won by Richard Button
1948 10th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Kentucky beats Baylor 58-42
1947 "Brigadoon" opens at Ziegfeld Theater New York City for 581 performances
1947 19th Academy Awards - "Best Years of Lives," De Havilland, March win
1945 Queen Wilhelmina returns to Netherlands
1945 Sicherheitsdienst arrest Dutch resistance fighter Henry Werkman
1944 U.S.S.R. recognizes Italian Badoglio government
1943 Baseball approves official ball (with cork and balata)
1943 Failed assassin attempt on Hitler during Smolensk-Rastenburg flight
1943 Frank Dixon wins Knights of Columbus mile (4:09.6)
1942 Julia Flikke, Nurse Corps, becomes 1st woman colonel in U.S. army
1941 A Bougne forms AGRA (Amis du Grand Reich Allemand)
1940 Finland-Russian cease fire signed, Finland gives up Karelische
1938 Austria annexed by Nazi Germany
1935 Driving tests introduced in Great Britain
1933 Josef Gobbels becomes German minister of Information and Propaganda
1930 Clyde Tombaugh announces discovery of Pluto at Lowell Observatory
1929 Bradman scores 123 Australia vs. England at MCG, his 2nd Test Cricket ton
1928 450 die in St. Francisquito Valley Dam burst (Calif)
1928 Rudolph Friml's musical "Three Musketeers," premieres in New York City
1925 NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens sweep Toronto Arenas in 2 games
1925 Tennessee makes it unlawful to teach evolution
1924 German Republic day
1923 Lee de Forest demonstrates his sound-on-film moving pictures (New York City)
1922 George Bernard Shaws "Back to Methusaleh V," premieres in New York City
1922 WRR-AM in Dallas Texas begins radio transmissions
1922 NHL Championship: Ottawa Senators outscore Toronto St. Pats, 5 to 4, in 2 games
1921 Mongolia (formerly Outer Mongolia) declares independence from China
1920 Wolfgang Kapp's coup attempt in Berlin fails
1918 American Red Magen David (Jewish Red Cross) forms
1918 1st NHL championship: Mont Canadiens beat Toronto Arenas, outscoring them 10-7 in a 2 game set
1915 Dodgers manager Wilbert Robinson tries to catch a baseball dropped from an airplane, but the pilot substituted a grapefruit
1913 Kansas legislature approved censorship of motion pictures
1912 Stanley Cup: Quebec Bulldogs sweep Moncton (NB) in 2 games
1911 Ivan Caryll's musical "Pink Lady," premieres in New York City
1911 Stanley Cup: Ottawa Senators beat Galt (Ont), 7-4
1904 Bronze statue of Christ on Argentine-Chilian border dedicated
1900 British troops occupy Bloemfontein, Orange-Free state
1895 Spanish cruiser Reina Regente sinks off Gibraltar, 402 die
1894 J L Johnstone of England invents horse racing starting gate
1888 Great Blizzard of 1888 rages
1887 Chester Greenwood of Maine patents earmuffs
1884 Siege of Khartoum Sudan begins
1884 U.S. adopts Standard Time
1878 Oxford defeats Cambridge in their 1st golf match
1869 Arkansas legislature passes anti-Klan law
1868 Senate begins President Andrew Johnson impeachment trial
1865 U.S. Confederate Congress calls on black slaves for field service
1861 Jefferson Davis signs bill authorizing use of slaves as soldiers
1852 Uncle Sam cartoon figure made its debut in the New York Lantern weekly
1846 Friedrich Hebbel's "Maria Magdalena," premieres in Konigsberg
1835 Charles Darwin departs Valparaiso for Andes crossing
1797 Cherubini's opera "Medee," premieres in Paris
1790 John Martin, 1st American-born actor, performs in Philadelphia
1781 Sir William Herschel sees "comet" (really discovered Uranus)
1772 Gotthold Lessing's "Emilia Calotti," premieres in Brunswick
1759 27th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
1735 1st U.S. Moravian bishop, David Nitschmann, consecrated in Germany
1677 Massachusetts gains title to Maine for $6,000
1656 Jews are denied the right to build a synagogue in New Amsterdam
1639 Cambridge College renamed Harvard for clergyman John Harvard
1634 Academe Franeaise opens
1591 Battle at Tondibi: Moroccans army under Judar beats sultan Askia Ishaq II of Songhai
1569 Battle of Jarnac, Count of Anjou defeats Huguenots
1567 Battle at Oosterweel: Spanish troops destroy Geuzenleger
1564 Cardinal Granvelle flees Brussels
1560 Spanish fleet occupies Djerba, at Tripoli
1519 Cortez lands in Mexico
1138 German king Koenraad II von Hohenstaufen crowned
607 12th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
483 St. Felix III begins his reign as Catholic Pope