March 20 Birthdays in History - March 20 Deaths - March 20 Events
1984 Christy Romano, American Actress
1976 Arno Knapen, Dutch soccer player, Holten, FC Twente
1976 Chester Bennington, American Musician
1975 Brian Buetsch, born in Rockford, Illinois, figure skater, 1997 Great Lakes Sr champ
1974 P J Bogart, New York City, diver 1996 Olympics
1973 Jane March, born in Edgeware, England, actress, Lover
1973 Nico Boje, cricketer, South African ODI left-arm spinner 1996
1973 Norman Tome, Australian soccer striker, Olyroos, 1996 Olympics
1972 Shana Zadrick, born in Grand Junction, Colorado, model, Guess Jeans
1972 Ajah Wilson-Ogechukwu, soccer player, Roda JC
1971 Janis Kelly, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, volleyball player 1996 Olympics
1971 Manny Alexander, born in Dominican Republic, infielder for the Baltimore Orioles
1970 Kristin Klein, born in Santa Monica, California, volleyball outside hitter 1996 Olympics
1970 Ralph Dawkins, NFL running back, NO Saints
1970 Ron George, NFL linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons
1970 Todd Burger, NFL guard for the Chicago Bears
1969 Caroline Brunet, born in Quebec City Quebec, kayaker, 1996 Olympics silver
1969 Konstantine Starikovitch, Podolsk Rus, 238lbs U.S. weightlift 1996 Olympics
1969 Sharon Manning, WNBA center and forward, Charlotte Sting
1969 Thang Thanh Nguyen, born in Soc Trang, Vietnam, murderer, FBI Most Wanted
1968 Eric Viscaal, Dutch soccer star, PSV/AA Gent
1968 Jurgen Rumrich, born in Miesbach GER, hockey forward, Team Germany 1998
1968 Sheree Megan Higgins, born in Matamata New Zealand, golfer, 1991 Bridgestone
1967 Bryan Genesse, actor, Rocco-Bold and Beautiful, Grady-Street Justice
1967 Dana Rinehart Dalton, born in Orlando, Florida, Miss Florida-America, 1991
1967 Mookie Blaylock, NBA guard for the Atlanta Hawks
1966 Blas Minor, Merced California, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
1966 Giulio Caravatta, CFL quarterback for the BC Lions
1965 Chris Hoiles, Bowling Green, Ohio, catcher for the Baltimore Orioles
1965 Danielle Woodward, born in Melbourne VIC Australia, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1964 Ruth Davidon, born in Baltimore, Maryland, rower, Olympics-6th-96
1963 Paul Annacone, born in Southampton, New York, tennis star
1963 Paul Mirkovich, rock keyboardist, Nelson-Love and Affection
1963 Ramon Andersson, born in Middle Swan Australia, canoeist, Olympics-br-92, 96
1963 David Thewlis, English Actor
1962 Stephen Sommers, American Director
1961 John Clark Gable, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Bad Jim
1961 Kathy Guadagnino, born in Albany, New York, LPGA golfer, 1985 U.S. Women's Open
1961 Slim Jim Phantom, Jim Mcdonnell, rock drummer, Stray Cats
1959 Dale Reid, born in Ladybank Scotland, LPGA golfer, European Solheim Cup team
1959 Richard Drummie, rocker, Go West-Call Me, Don't Look Down
1958 Holly Hunter, born in Atlanta Georgia, actress, Broadcast News, Roe vs Wade
1958 Rickey Jackson, NFL defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers
1957 Spike Lee, born in Atlanta, director, Mo Better Blues, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X
1957 Theresa Russell, Paup, San Diego, California, actress, Black Widow, Razor's Edge
1956 Phillip Oppenhein, British MP
1954 Charlie Simmer, born in Ontario, NHL left winger for the Los Angeles Kings
1954 Jim Seales, born in Hamilton Ala, singer, Shenandoah-Sunday in the South
1952 Anand Armitraj, born in India, tennis player, Brother of ViJay
1951 Guy Perry, rock guitarist and vocalist, Motels-Only the Lonely
1951 Jimmie Vaughan, guitarist, Fabulous Thunderbirds
1951 John Wetton, rocker, Asia
1951 Madan Lal, cricketer, Indian medium pacer in the 70's
1951 Tanya Boyd, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Celeste-Days of our Life
1950 William Hurt, born in Washington D.C., actor, Big Chill, Children of a Lesser God
1948 Bobby Orr, born in Parry Sound, Ontario, HOF NHL defenseman for the Boston Bruins
1948 John de Lancie, actor, Q-Star Trek Next Gen, Days of our Lives
1948 Pamela Sargent, U.S., sci-fi author, Venus of Dreams, Cloned Lives
1947 Carl Palmer, drummer, Asia-Heat of the Moment, Emerson Lake and Palmer
1947 John Eastburn Boswell, medievalist
1946 Ranger Doug, Douglas Green, Illinois, singer, Riders in Sky-Cowboy Way
1945 Larry Combest, born in Memphis, Texas, Representative-R-Texas 1985 - 2003
1945 Pat Riley, born in Schenectady, New York, NBA coach, Lakers, Knicks, Heat
1945 Tim Yeo, British MP/under-sect, State of Environment
1940 Vito Picone, rocker, Elegants
1940 Mary Ellen Mark, American Photographer
1939 Brian Mulroney, P-C, 18th Prime Minister of Canada, 1984 - 1993
1939 Earl of Seafield, Ginger, English large landowner
1938 Frans J van der Heijden, Dutch journal/Dutch MP, CDA
1937 Elizabeth Gille, writer translator/editor
1937 Helmut Recknagel, born in Germany, 90m ski jump, Gold Medal 1960 Olympics
1937 Jerry Reed, born in Atlanta, Georgia, singer/actor, Bat 21, Smokey and the Bandit
1937 Joe Rivers, rocker, Johnnie and Joe
1937 Mark Saville, QC, British high court judge
1934 Eric Hebborn, artist/faker
1934 Marion Conti, arch bishop, Aberdeen England
1933 David James Moore, educationalist
1933 Jacquez Guyonnet, composer
1931 Antonio Tauriello, composer
1931 David Montgomery, chairman, British Forestry Commission
1931 Hal Linden, Harold Lipshitz, actor, Barney Miller, Blacke's Magic
1931 John Rae, British educator, Conscience and Politics
1928 Anthony Blond, British publisher, The Publishing Game, Book Book
1928 Fred Rogers, born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, children TV host, Mr Rogers' Neighborhood
1928 Hans Kung, Swiss religious theologist
1928 Jerome Cousins Biffle, born in Denver,Colorado, long jumper, Gold Medal 1952 Olympics
1927 John Pierre Herman Joubert, composer, Chamber Music for brass quintet
1926 Ted Bessell, born in Flushing, New York, actor, Don-That Girl, Frankie-Gomer Pyle
1925 James Pickles, judge
1925 John D Erlichman, Politician, Nixon aide, Watergate
1925 John Ehrlichman, American Politician
1923 Marc Saporta, French writer/essayist, Le Grand Defi
1922 Arnold Burgen, college president, Academia Europaea
1922 Carl Reiner, born in Bronx, comedian, 2000 Year Old Man, Dick Van Dyke Show
1922 Doug Barnard, Jr., born in Augusta, Georgia, Representative-D-Georgia 1977 - 1993
1922 Jack Kruschen, born in Winnipeg, Canada, actor, Papa-Webster, Busting Loose
1922 Larry Elgart, born in New Haven, Connecticut, bandleader/alto sax, Elgart Orchestra
1922 Ray Goulding, born in Lowell Massachusetts, comedian, Bob and Ray
1921 Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow, Senegal, director general, UNESCO
1921 Primoz Ramovs, composer
1920 Douglas G. Chapman, biomathematical statistician
1920 Marian McPartland, jazz pianist, Bill Mayer, Jimmy McPartland
1920 Werner Klemperer, born in Cologne, Germany, actor, Col Klink-Hogan's Heroes
1918 Bernd-Alois Zimmermann, German composer, Soldiers
1918 Jack Barry, born in Lindenhurst, New York, game show emcee, Joker's Wild
1917 Dolf Verspoor, literary/interpreter, M Nijhoff Prize 1958
1917 Kalervo H. Hortamo, Finnish poet, Sydanmaa
1917 Peter Caddy, founder, Findhorn Community
1917 Vera Lynn, singer, Anniversary Waltz
1916 Pierre Messmer, PM, France
1915 Rudolf Kirchschlager, president of Austria, 1974-86
1915 Svyatoslav Richter, pianist
1914 Sviatosiav Richter, born in Zhitomir, Ukraine, pianist, Stalin Prize-1945
1914 Wendell Corey, born in Dracut, Massachusetts, actor, 11th Hour, Peck's Bad Girl
1914 William Baddeley, rector, St. Jame's Piccadilly
1913 Judith Evelyn, born in Seneca, South Dakota, actress, 13th Letter, Tingler, Rear Window
1911 Mieke Verstraete, Belgian/Dutch actress, Pleasantly Settled
1908 Frank Stanton, born in Muskegon, Michigan, broadcasting executive, CBS
1908 Michael Redgrave, Bristol Eng, actor, Browning Version, Lady Vanishes
1908 Philip "Felix" Bekkers, actor, Czardasvorstin
1907 Hugh MacLennan, Canadian Author
1906 Abraham Beame, Mayor-D-NYC, New York City's 1st Jewish mayor
1906 Ozzie Nelson, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, actor, Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
1906 Pavel P Parenago, Russian astronomer
1904 B[urrhus] F[rederic] Skinner, Pennsylvania, Behaviorism pioneer, Skinner box
1904 B. F. Skinner, American Psychologist
1903 Vincent Richards, hall of fame tennis pro, elected 1961
1902 Edgar Buchanan, born in Humansville, Missouri, actor, Uncle Joe-Petticoat Junction
1902 Kathryn Forbes, short story writer, mama's bank account
1896 Hal Walker, Ottumwa, Iowa, director, I Married Joan
1890 Lauritz Melchior, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, baritone tenor, National Symphony
1888 S V Vegesack, writer
1885 Eugen Herrigel, Germany, philosopher/early pioneer of Zen in Europe
1885 Hendrik A de Fish, Henri Pauwels, Flemish philological/sociologist
1883 Colin Campbell, born in Falkirk, Scotland, actress, High Bright Sun, Leather Boys
1883 Karl Hasse, composer
1882 Rene Coty, born in Le Harve, France, president of France, 1953-58
1873 Sergei V Rachmaninov, Russian/U.S. pianist/composer, Aleko
1872 Bernhard Seklas, composer
1872 Karin Michaelis, writer
1870 Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, Prussian general/politician, East Africa
1868 Obe Postma, Frisian poet/geography/historian, Frisian Clay Farm
1863 Ernesto Nazareth, composer
1856 Frederick Winslow Taylor, father of scientific management
1856 Frederick W. Taylor, American Scientist
1853 George Godfrey, born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, heavyweight boxer, Old Chocolate
1846 Auguste Bender, writer
1834 Charles William Elliot, born in Boston, President of Harvard, 1869-1909
1834 Charles W. Eliot, American Educator
1834 Charles William Eliot, American Educator
1833 Henry Southwick Perkins, composer
1830 Eugene Asa Carr, Major General Union Army
1829 Charles Albert White, composer
1828 Henrik Ibsen, born in Norway, playwright, Peer Gynt, Hedda Gabler
1826 Carel Vosmaer, Dutch art historian/poet/editor
1825 William Nelson Rector Beall, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1823 John Echols, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1820 Alexander J Cuza, monarch of Moldavia, Wallachia and Romania
1813 Matthias Keller, born in Ulm, Germany, hymm writer, O Farther un High
1812 George Bibb Crittenden, Major General Confederate Army
1811 George Caleb Bingham, U.S., politician/painter, Country Election
1811 Napoleon FKJ Bonaparte II, Napoleon's son/King of Rome
1804 Neal Dow, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1799 Thomas Hewitt Key, English Writer
1774 John Braham, composer
1770 Johann Friedrich Holderlin, born in Tubingen, Germany, poet, Der Rhein
1750 Martinus van Marum, Dutch chemist/physicist, Homo Diluvii Testus
1739 Eligio Celestino, composer
1728 Franciscus L Kersteman, Dutch lawyer/astrologist
1725 Abdul-Hamid I, 27th sultan of Turkey, 1774-89
1680 Baron Emanuele d' Astorga, Italian composer, Stabat mater
1634 Balthasar Bekker, Frisian theologist, Examiner of Comets