March 31 Birthdays in History - March 31 Deaths - March 31 Events
1982 Jessica Joseph, born in Royal Oak, Michigan, dance skater, Butler-1997 National
1980 Jenny Smith, born in Western Australia, gymnast 1996 Olympics
1976 Amanda Moody, born in Orem, Utah, Miss America-Utah, 1996
1976 Josh Saviano, actor, Paul Pfeiffer-Wonder Years
1974 Anthony Hicks, NFL linebacker, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1974 Carol Ann Plante, actress, Sara Henderson-Harry and the Hendersons
1974 James Burgess, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers
1974 Jason Odom, tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1974 Nina Georgala, Miss Universe-Greece, 1996
1973 Vanessa Mambi, Miss Universe-Curacao, 1996
1972 John Godina, born in Fort Sill Oklahoma, shot putter/discus thrower, 1996 Olympics silver
1972 Kelly O'Leary, born in Halifax Nova, Scotia, kayaker 1996 Olympics
1972 Alejandro Amenabar, Spanish Director
1971 Ewan McGregor, born in Scottish, actor, Trainspotting
1971 Pavel Bure, born in Moscow, Russia, NHL left wing, Vancouver Canucks
1971 Pavel Bure, NHL forward, Team Russia, Vancouver, Silver Medal 1998 Olympics
1970 Derek Brown, NFL tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1970 Oleg Romanov, NHL defenseman, Belarus, 1998 Olympics
1970 Stuart Carruthers, Australian field hockey fullback 1996 Olympics
1969 Kevin Sargent, NFL tackle and guard for the Cincinnati Bengals
1969 Steve Smith, NBA guard for the Atlanta Hawks
1968 J R Reid, NBA forward, New York Knicks, Charlotte Hornets
1967 Glenn Montgomery, NFL defensive tackle, Seattle Seahawks, Oilers
1967 Nanci Bowen, born in Tifton, Georgia, LPGA golfer, 1995 Nabisco Dinah Shore
1966 Natalie Gosselin, Levis Quebec, 52kg judoka 1996 Olympics
1966 Thomas Fitzgerald, born in Brooklyn, New York, team handball left wing 1996 Olympics
1965 Marlon Vonhagt, cricketer, 1 ODI Sri Lanka 1984-85 World Series Cup
1965 Patty Fendick, born in Sacramento, California, tennis star, 1989 Auckland
1965 Tom Barrasso, born in Boston, NHL goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins
1965 William McNamara, born in Dallas, Texas, actor, Texasville, Beat, Stealing Home
1964 Dave Wyman, NFL linebacker for the Denver Broncos
1964 David Diaz-Infante, NFL guard, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1964 Erik Turner, born in Omaha, Nebraska, rock guitarist, Warrant-Cherry Pie
1964 Isabelle Ferrari, born in Italy, Italy's Miss Teenager
1964 Rod Jones, NFL cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals
1962 John Taylor, NFL wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers
1961 Ron Brown, born in Los Angeles, California, 4x100m runner 1984 Olympics gold
1960 Anne Howard, born in San Diego, California, actress, Nicole Love-Another World
1960 Mark Tuinei, NFL tackle for the Dallas Cowboys
1959 Angus Young, born in Glascow, Scotland, rock guitarist, AC/DC-Highway to Hell
1958 Jay Feenan, born in Windham, New Hampshire, rower 1996 Olympics
1958 Pat McGlynn, born in Edinburgh, rock guitarist, Bay City Rollers
1957 Marc McClure, born in San Mateo, California, actor, Ross-California Fever
1957 Mary Cadorette, born in East Hartford, Connecticut, actress, Vicky-3's a Crowd
1957 Patrick G. Forrester, born in El Paso, Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Army/astronaut
1955 Svetozar Marovic, Yugoslavian Politician
1955 Stephen F. Lynch, American Politician
1954 Tony Brock, born in England, rock drummer, Babys-Missing You
1953 Greg Martin, born in Louisville, Kentucky, singer, Kentucky Headhunters-Davy Crockett
1953 Sean Hopper, born in California, rock keyboardist, Huey Lewis and The News
1951 Ed Marinaro, born in New York City, actor, Joe-Hill St. Blues, Sonny-Laverne and Shirley
1950 Alison McCartney, pathologist/Breast Cancer campaigner
1950 Richard Hughes, rocker, Johnny Winter Band
1948 Al Gore, born in Washington D.C., Senator-D-Tennessee, 1985 - 1992, 45th Vice President 1993 - 2000
1948 David Eisenhower, Eisenhower's grandson, married Julie Nixon
1948 Rhea Perlman, born in Brooklyn, actress, Zena-Taxi, Carla-Cheers
1948 Thijs van Leer, Dutch singer/flutist, Focus, Introspection
1947 Al Goodman, rock vocalist, Ray, Goodman, Brown
1947 Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, president, Colombia, 1990-94
1947 Jon-Jon Poulos, born in Chicago, Illinois, rocker, Buckinghams
1946 Aftab Gul, cricketer, Pakistani opening batsman in six Tests 1969-71
1946 Al Nichol, born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, rock guitarist and vocalist, Turtles
1946 Gabe Kaplan, born in Brooklyn, New York, comedian/actor, Welcome Back Kotter
1944 Rod Allen, B Rodney Bainbridge, rock bassist/vocalist, Fortunes
1943 Christopher Walken, born in Astoria Queens, actor, Deer Hunter, Brainstorm
1940 Barney Frank, born in Bayonne, New Jersey, Representative-D-Massachusetts 1981 -
1940 Jim Criner, WLAF head coach for the Scottish Claymores
1940 Patrick Leahy, born in Montpelier, Vermont, Senator-D-Vermont 1975 -
1939 Liz Claiborne, Brussels Belgium, fashion designer, women
1938 Nathaniel Taylor, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Rollo-Sanford and Sons
1938 David Steel, British Politician
1937 Willem Duyn, Mouth, Dutch singer, Mouth and MacNeal
1936 Marge Piercy, author, Small Changes, Gone for Soldiers
1935 Herb Alpert, bandleader/trumpeteer, Tijuana Brass, CEO, A&M
1935 Judith Rossner, U.S., writer, August
1934 Grigori Grigoyevich Nelyubov, Russia, cosmonaut, Vostok 1 backup
1934 John D. Loudermilk, rock drummer/vocalist, Language of Love, Norman
1934 Wim H. Sinnige, Dutch alderman of finance, social democratic
1934 Richard Chamberlain, born in Beverly Hills, California, actor, Dr. Kildare
1933 Bob Simmons, born in Fulham, England, stuntman, double for James Bond
1933 Shirley Jones, born in Smithton, Pennsylvania, actress, Partridge Family, Elmer Gantry
1932 Godfrey Lawrence, cricketer, South African fast bowler, 8-53 vs. New Zealand 1961
1932 John Jakes, born in Chicago, writer, Sir Scoundrel, Great Women Reporters
1932 Nagisa Oshima, born in Kyoto, Japan, director, Town of Love and Hope
1931 Miller Barber, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, PGA golfer, 1968 Byron Nelson Classic
1929 Lee Patterson, born in Vancouver, BC, actor, Dave-Surfside Six, Another World
1929 Liz Claiborne, fashion designer
1928 Gordie Howe, born in Floral, Saskatchewan, NHL right wing, Detroit Redwings
1927 Cesar Chavez, born in Yuma, Arizona, farm labor leader, United Farm Workers
1927 William Daniels, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Dr. Mark Craig-St. Elsewhere, 1776
1926 John Fowles, born in England, novelist, Collector, French Leiutenent's Woman
1926 Sydney Chaplin, son of Charlie/actor, Adding Machine, Psycho Sisters
1924 Leo Buscaglia, born in Los Angeles, California, "Dr. Hug", psycholigist, Love
1924 Charles Guggenheim, American Director
1923 Donald Argee Barksdale, born in Berkley, California, basketballer 1948 Olympics gold
1923 Lawrie Miller, New Zealand cricketer, opening bat in 13 Tests
1922 Patrick J G McGee, born in North Ireland, actor, Clockwork Orange
1922 Richard Kiley, born in Chicago, actor, Man of La Mancha, Endless Love
1920 Marga [Sara Voeten-] Minco, Dutch writer, Bitter Herb
1918 Ted Post, Director, Peacemaker, Beneath the Planet of the Apes
1916 John Vivyan, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Imitation of Life, Mr. Lucky
1915 Eliseo Morales Pajaro, composer
1915 Henry Morgan, born in New York City, comedian/TV panelist, I've Got a Secret, Arena
1915 Jack Perry, businessman
1914 Octavio Paz, Mexico, writer/diplomat, Salamandra, Topoemas
1912 Wilhelmus Berkelmans, civil servant/resistance fighter
1911 Robert Hamer, British Director
1909 Pieter Jongeling, Dutch MP, GVP, editor, Netherlands Daily
1909 Robert Brasillach, French author/nazi collaborator
1907 Eddie Quillan, Philadelphia, actor, Julia, Hell Town
1906 Lauri Saikkola, composer
1900 Henry WFA, English duke of Gloucester/earl of Ulters
1900 Lorinc Szabo, Hungary, poet, Huszonhatodik ev
1895 John Jay McCloy, lawyer/banker, Secretary of War 1941 - 1945, President Chase Man
1895 Vardis A Fisher, U.S. author, Darkness and Deep
1895 John J. McCloy, American Lawyer
1893 Clemens Krauss, born in Vienna, Austria, conductor, Berlin State Orchestra 1937
1892 Stanislav Wladyslaw Maczek, Polish/British general-major/commandant
1891 Erich Walter Sternberg, composer
1891 Ion Pillat, Romaniams poet/senator, Umbra timpului
1891 Victor Varconi, born in Hungary, actor, Divine Lady, King of Kings, Big City
1887 Jose Maria Usandizaga, composer
1885 Jules Pascin, Julius Pincas, Bulgarian/US painter/cartoonist
1878 Jack Johnson, 1st black heavyweight boxing champ, 1908 - 1915
1872 Arthur Griffith, Irish journalist, founder of Sinn Fein
1872 Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev, born in Russia, dance master, Imperial Ballet
1868 Karl Bonhoeffer, German psychiatrist/neurologist
1854 Dugald Clerk, inventor, engine operating the 2-stroke cycle
1848 John Henry Roberts, composer
1847 Jarolslaw Zielinski, composer
1844 Andrew Lang, born in Scotland, author, The Blue Fairy Book
1840 John Herbert Kelly, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1839 Nikolay Przhevalsky, naturalist, explorer of east central Asia, OS
1838 Leon Dierx, French poet
1837 Robert Ross McBurney, 1st paid secretary of the YMCA
1837 Stephen Dodson Ramseur, Major General Confederate Army
1835 John La Farge, U.S. painter
1835 John LaFarge, American Artist
1831 Archibald Scott, Scottish chemist
1824 William Morris Hunt, American Artist
1822 Rafael Hernando, composer
1812 Thomas Gold Appleton, born in Boston, Massachusetts, American critic, writer, and artist
1811 Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen, Germany, chemist, Bunsen Burner
1809 Edward FitzGerald, born in England, writer, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
1809 Nikolai Gogol, father of 19th-century Russian realism, Dead Souls
1809 Otto Jonas Lindblad, composer
1791 Franciszek Wincenty Mirecki, composer
1747 Johann A P Schulz, German composer
1747 Johann Abraham Peter Schulz, German composer, Moon has Risen
1732 Franz Joseph Haydn, born in Austria, composer, help develop classical style
1723 Frederik V, King of Denmark/Norway, 1746-66
1717 Florian Wrastill, composer
1684 Francesco Durante, composer
1675 Benedict XIV, Prospero L Lambertini, Italy, Pope, 1740-58
1621 Andrew Marvell, born in England, poet, To His Coy Mistress
1596 Rene Descartes, born in France, philosopher, he thought, therefore he was
1570 Louise Juliana, countess of Nassau
1519 Henry II, King of Germany, 1547 - 1559
1499 Pius IV, Gianangelo de' Medici, Italian lawyer/pope, 1559-65