March 5 Birthdays in History - March 5 Deaths - March 5 Events
1989 Jake Lloyd, born in Fort Collins, Colorado, actor, played young Anakin Skywalker in George Lucas' 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace' and 'ER' television show
1978 Kimberly McCullough, born in California, actress, Robin-General Hospital
1977 Bryan Berard, NHL defenseman, Team USA 1998 Olympics, New York Islanders
1977 Natalie Bevins, Miss USA West Virginia 1997
1976 Adriana Serra-Zanetti, born in Modena Italy, tennis star, 1995 Moscow semi
1975 Chris Silverwood, cricketer, England Test pace bowler vs. Zimbabwe 1996
1975 Niki Taylor, model, Elle, Marie Claire
1975 Jolene Blalock, born in San Diego, California, actress, best known for playing role of Vulcan T'Pol in 'Star Trek: Enterprise', film 'Slow Burn'
1974 Brad Schumacher, U.S., 400m/800m freesytyle, Olympics gold 96
1974 Hans Bond, Dutch soccer player, FC Volendam
1974 Kevin Connolly, actor, Beverly Hillbillies, Rocky V, Angus
1974 Eva Mendes, born in Miami, Florida, actress, known for movie, 'Training Day', and films, 'Hitch', 'The Spirit', 'We Own the Night'
1974 Matt Lucas, born in Paddington, England, comedian, actor, known for 'Little Britain' television show
1974 Matt Robinson, American Actor
1973 Nicole Pratt, born in Mackay, Australia, tennis star, 1995 Futures Australia
1973 Paul Lieftink, Dutch soccer player, NAC, Spakenburg
1972 Brandon Hamilton, CFL cornerback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1972 Brian Grant, NBA forward for the Portland Trailblazers and Sacramento Kings
1972 Hernan Gumy, born in Buenos Aires Argentina, tennis star
1972 Mikael Tillstrom, born in Sweden, tennis star
1972 Tom Hipsz, CFL defensive tackle, Montreal Alouettes
1971 Amy Peistrup-Matthews, born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, WPVA, Old Orchard-17-1995
1971 Brian Hunter, born in Portland, Oregon, outfielder, for the Houston Astros
1971 Chad Fonville, born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, infielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1971 James Roberson, WLAF defensive end, Rhein Fire
1971 Jose Mercedes, El Seybo, Dominican Republic, pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers
1970 John Frusciante, American Musician
1968 Marq Mellor, born in Long Island, New York, field hockey forward, 1996 Olympics
1968 Roman Phifer, linebacker for the St. Louis Rams
1968 Shjon Podein, born in Rochester, NHL left wing for the Philadelphia Flyers
1967 Nicole Boegman, Australian long jumper, 1988, 1992, 1996 Olympics
1966 Greg Clark, CFL linebacker, Saskatchewan Roughriders
1966 Michael Irvin, NFL wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys
1966 Tracy Kerdyk, born in Coral Gables, Florida, LPGA golfer, 1995 JAL Big Apple
1964 Reggie Williams, NBA forward and guard for the Denver Nuggets
1963 Eddo Brandes, cricketer, Zimbabwe Test pace bowler
1963 Joel Osteen, born in Houston, Texas, pastor, Lakewood Church, ministry reaches over seven million viewers per week in the U.S., author of 'Your Best Life Now'
1962 Elise Burgin, born in Baltimore, Maryland, tennis star
1962 Robert L. Curbeam, Jr., born in Baltimore, Maryland, astronaut, STS-85, sk: 99
1961 Dan Stuart, U.S. singer and songwriter, Green on Red
1961 Zeke Mowatt, NFL tight end for the New York Giants
1958 Andy Gibb, born in Manchester England, singer and TV host, Solid Gold
1958 Bill Timoney, TV commercial actor, Addicted to Love
1957 Mark E. Smith, English rock vocalist, Fall-Fall in a Hole
1957 Tim Holden, born in St. Clair, Pennsylvania, Representative-D-Pennsylvania 1993 -
1956 Mark Handley, born in Hollywood, California, writer, screenwriter, playwright, married, lived in log cabin with his wife to live in isolation, wrote play Idioglossia, which became the film, Nell, starring Jodie Foster, 1994, directed by Michael Apted
1956 Teena Marie, American Musician
1955 Marcia McCabe, actress, Alice-One Life to Live
1955 Penn Jillette, born in Massachusetts, magician, Penn and Teller-Penn and Teller are Dead
1954 Marsha Warfield, comedian/actress, Roz-Night Court
1953 Valery Grigoriyevich Korzun, Russian colonel/cosmonaut, TM-24
1952 Alan Clark, keyboardist, Dire Straits-Sultans of Swing
1951 Rodney Hogg, cricketer, prolific Australian wicket-taker 1978-84
1950 Eugene Fodor, born in Turkey Creek, Colorado, violinist, 1974 Tchaikovsky Award
1950 Harvey Jacob Alperin, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actor, Cocktail
1949 Bernard Arnault, French Businessman
1948 Eddy Grant, Guyana, reggae performer, Electric Avenue
1948 Jacques Kloes, singer, Dizzy Man's Band
1947 Eddie Hodges, born in Mississippi, actor/singer, High Hopes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
1946 Michael Warren, born in Indiana, actor, Bobby Hill-Hill Street Blues
1946 Murray Head, born in London, England, born Murray Seafield Saint-George Head, actor, singer, hit song, 'One Night in Bangkok'
1946 Rocky Bleier, born in Wisconsin, NFL running back for Pittsburgh Steelers
1945 Randy Matson, U.S., shot putter, Olympic gold 1968
1944 Paul Sands, born in Los Angeles, California, comedian/actor, SCTV, Story Theater, St. Elsewhere
1942 Michael D[iamond] Resnick, sci-fi author, Sideshow, Eros Ascending
1941 Don Sherwood, American Politician
1940 Mary Rose Oakar, born in Cleveland, Ohio, politician, first Democratic woman elected to U.S. Congress, member, U.S. House of Representatives
1939 Charles Fuller, U.S. writer, Zooman, Soldier Story
1939 Terry Curry, English multi-millionaire
1938 Fred "Hammer" Williamson, born in Gary, Indiana, NFLer, Chiefs
1938 Paul Evans, singer and pedal guitarist, Damascus Road
1937 Stephen Fitz-Simon, entrepreneur
1937 Olusegun Obasanjo, Statesman
1936 Dale Douglass, born in Wewoka, Oklahoma, PGA golfer, 1970 Phoenix Open
1936 Dean Stockwell, born in California, actor, Werewolf of Washington, Blue Velvet
1935 Malcolm J. Anderson, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1957
1935 Philip K. Chapman, born in Melbourne, Australia, astronaut, Apollo 14 support
1934 James B Sikking, California, actor, Hill St. Blues, Star Trek 3, Doogie Howser
1932 Walter Charles Marshall, scientist
1931 Anthony Headges, composer
1931 Barry Tuckwell, born in Melbourne, Australia, hornist, London Symphony Orchestra 1955 - 1968
1930 Lorin Maazel, born in Neuilly, France, conductor, NBC Symphony Orchestra 1941
1929 Joan Shawlee, born in Forest Hills, New York, actress, Prehistoric Women
1927 Jack Cassidy, born in Richmond Hill, Virginia, actor, Oscar/Jetman-He and She
1922 Ebrahim Maka, Indian cricket wicketkeeper, 2 Tests 1952
1922 James Noble, born in Dallas, Texas, actor, Governor Gatling-Benson
1922 Pier Paolo Pasolini, born in Bologna, Italy, director, Teorema, Pigsty
1921 Berkley Bedell, born in Spirit Lake, Iowa, Representative-D-Iowa 1975 - 1987
1920 Del Latta, born in Weston, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1959 - 1989
1920 Leontine Tg Kelly, 1st black female bishop, Methodist
1920 Virginia Christine, actress, Mrs. Olson
1918 Halsey S. Colchester, British SAS, spy for MI6 and priest
1918 Ranga Sohoni, Indian cricketer, pace bowler of late 40's avg 101
1918 James Tobin, American Economist
1917 Joseph Stone, lawyer
1917 Virginia Christine, born in Stanton, Iowa, actress, Tales of Wells Fargo
1916 Horace Ian Parrott, composer
1913 Yulian Grigor'yevich Kreyn, composer
1911 Joseph Tomelty, actor and playwright, Bedevilled, Moby Dick, Melba
1910 Joan Sterndale Bennett, born in New Jersey, actress, Elizabeth-Dark Shadows
1909 Sutan Sjahrir, premier of Indonesia, 1945-47
1908 Rex Harrison, born in England, actor, My Fair Lady, Dr. Doolittle
1908 Sophie Stewart, born in Scotland, actress, As You Like It, Under the Red Robe
1905 Gilroy Roberts, U.S. chief engraver, 1948-64
1904 Karl Rahner, German Theologian
1903 Lowell Peters, born in Cleveland Tennessee, vocalist, Southernaires
1901 Julian Przybos, Polish poet, Sruby
1900 Ludwig Donath, actor, Jolson Story, Jolson Sings Again
1899 Patrick Hadley, composer
1898 Zhou Enlai, Chinese Statesman
1897 Mei-ling Soong, Madame Chiang Kai-shek
1895 Fritz Usinger, German writer, Eternal Struggle
1894 Henry Daniell, born in London, actor, Camille, Philadelphia Story, Body Snatchers
1893 Emmett J. Culligan, founder of water treatment organization
1891 Harold Ogden "Chic" Johnson, born in Chicago, Illinois, comedian, Olsen and Johnson
1889 Frits Slomp, Frits de Rover, Dutch vicar/resistance fighter
1888 Friedrich Schnack, German journalist and writer, Rosewood
1887 Heitor Villa-Lobos, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, composer, Salon Waltz
1886 Paul Radmilovic, born in England, swimmer, 3 1908 Olympic gold medals
1879 Walter Long, actor, Moby Dick, Sheik, Sea Devils, Dragnet Patrol
1879 William Beveridge, English Economist
1877 Malcolm D. Whitman, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1898
1874 Arthur van Schendel, Dutch writer, The World a Dancing Party
1874 Henry Travers, born in England, actor, Bells of St. Mary, High Sierra
1871 Maria do Carmo Geronimo, Brazilian lives to be at least 126
1870 [B] Franc[lin] Norris, U.S., writer, McTeague, Octopus
1870 Rosa Luxemburg, Polish Activist
1869 Michael von Faulhaber, cardinal and archbishop of Munich
1868 Prosper Poullet, Belgian viscount, jurist and minister
1867 Theodor Zockler, German theologist, Stanislauer Anstalten
1853 Arthur W. Foote, born in Salem, Massachusetts, organist and composer, Suite for Strings in E
1853 Howard Pyle, illustrator, painter and author, King Stork
1852 Isabella Gregory, born in Ireland, writer and playwright, Golden Apple
1850 Daniel Brink Towner, composer
1845 Alfonse Hasselmans, composer
1843 William F. Sudds, composer
1840 Constance Fenimore Woolson, born in New Hampshire, writer, Jupiter Lights
1836 Charles Goodnight, American Celebrity
1828 Johann Gungl, composer
1825 John Dunovant, Brigadier General in the Confederate Army
1825 Joseph Albert, German photographer, albertotype
1824 Elisha Harris, U.S., physician/found American Public Health Assoc
1824 James Merritt Ives, lithographer, Currier and Ives
1824 Lucy Larcom, American Poet
1817 Austen H. Layard, British archaeologist and diplomat
1805 Theodore Labarre, composer
1794 Jacques Babinet, French physicist, mathematician and astronomer
1774 Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse, composer
1756 Thomas Linley, composer
1751 Jan Krtitel Kuchar, composer
1750 Jean B G d'Ansse de Villoison, French classical, Apollonii Lexicon
1748 William Shield, composer
1746 Jacob Wallenberg, Swedish writer and naval chaplain
1733 Vincenzo Galeotti, Tomazelli, Italian dancer/choreographer
1696 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Venetian Rococo painter, Isaac's Sacrifice
1668 Francesco Gasparini, composer
1658 Antoine Cadillac, french colonial governor of America
1637 John van der Heyden, Dutch painter and inventor, fire extinguisher
1585 Johan Georg I, elector of Saxon, 1611-56, Peace of Prague
1578 Charles d'Albert duke of Luynes, premier of France/Governor of Picardie
1574 William Oughtred, England, mathematician/inventor, slide rule
1326 Louis I, the Great, King of Hungary, 1342-82, Poland, 1370-82
1324 David II Bruce, king of Scotland, 1331 - 1371