May 16 Birthdays in History - May 16 Deaths - May 16 Events
1986 Megan Fox, born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, actress, sex symbol, debut film, 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen', breakout role, Mikaela Barnes in movie, 'Transformers', voted 'Sexiest Woman in the World' by FHM
1981 Jessica Ponzo, Miss New Jersey Teen USA 1996
1979 Evan Ferrante, actor, Owen-Swan's Crossing
1978 Vincent Larusso, Livingston, New Jersey, actor, Adam-Mighty Ducks, D2, D3
1974 Conal Groom, Northford Conn, rower 1996 Olympics
1974 Keith Thibodeaux, cornerback for the Washington Redskins
1973 Tori Spelling, American Actress
1972 Keith Burns, NFL linebacker, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1972 Matthew Hart, cricketer, New Zealand lefty spinner 1994-
1971 Khari Jones, CFL/WLAF quarterback, BC Lions, Scottish Claymores
1970 Eric Lynch, NFL running back, Detroit Lions
1970 Gabriela Sabatini, Argentina, tennis player 1988 Olympics silver
1969 Marcel Schewe, cricketer, Holland wicket-keeper 1996 World Cup
1969 Steven Earl Lewis, born in Los Angeles, California, 4X100/400m runner 1988 Olympics gold
1969 Tracey Gold, New York City, actress, Carol-Growing Pains, Incredible Sunday
1969 Tricia Cast, actress, Nina-Young and Restless
1969 Tucker Carlson, American Journalist
1969 David Boreanaz, American Actor
1968 Ralph Tresvant, Boston, singer, New Editon
1966 Janet Jackson, born in Gary, Indiana, singer, Michael's sister, Control
1966 Scott Reeves, born in Santa Monica, California, actor, Ryan-Young and Restless
1966 Sean Quilty, Australian marathoner 1996 Olympics
1966 Thurman Thomas, NFL running back for the Buffalo Bills
1965 Brent Jasmer, born in Portland, Oregon, actor, Sly-Bold and Beautiful
1965 Lori Sippel, Stratford Ontario, softball pitcher 1996 Olympics
1965 John Schofield, born in Barnsley, England, professional soccer player, midfielder, manager of Lincoln City, assistant manager, Cheltenham Town
1965 Krist Novoselic, American Musician
1964 John Salley, NBA star, Detroit Pistons
1963 Jimmy Osmond, rocker, Osmond Brothers
1962 Gary Crocker, cricketer, Zimbabwe Test batsman
1961 Nina Arvesen, born in White Plains, New York, actress, Cassandra-Young and Restless
1961 Kevin McDonald, Canadian Comedian
1960 Anne Parillaud, Paris, France, actress, Subway, Nikita, Innocent Blood
1960 Chester Brown, Canadian Cartoonist
1959 Bob Patterson, born in Jacksonville, Florida, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs
1959 Mare Winningham, born in Phoenix, Arizona, actress, St. Elmo's Fire, Turner and Hooch
1959 Ty Armstrong, Waxahachie, Texas, Nike golfer, 1993 Anheuser-Busch-19th
1958 Glenn Gregory, rock vocalist, Heeaven 17-Electric Dreams
1957 Joan Benoit Samuelson, born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, marathoner, Gold Medal 1994 Olympics
1955 Debra Winger, Columbus, Ohio, actress, Officer and Gentleman
1955 Hazel O'Connor, Coventry, England, singer and actress, Breaking Glass
1955 Jack Morris, St. Paul, Minnesota, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers
1955 Olga Korbut, Grodno, Belorussia, gymnast, Olympic-2 golds-1972
1955 Jon Porter, American Politician
1954 Janet Maw, actress, Sparrow, King John, Mayor of Casterbridge
1954 [Dafydd] Rhys Williams, Saskatoon, Canada, MD/astronaut, sk: STS-90
1953 David Maclean, British minister of state
1953 Richard Page, born in Los Angeles, California, rocker, Mr Mister
1953 Rick Rhoden, pitcher, New York Yankees
1952 Pierce Brosnan, County Meath Ire, actor, Remington Steele, Golden Eye
1951 Jonathan Richman, rocker, Modern Lovers-New England, Egyptian Reggae
1950 Johannes Bednorz, German superconductivity physicist, Nobel 1987
1949 Rick Reuschel, pitcher, New York Yankees
1949 William Sputnik Spooner, rock guitarist, Grateful Dead, Tubes
1948 Jimmy Hood, born in Lesmahagow, Scotland, Member of Parliament for Lanark and Hamilton East, Labor Party, worked as a mining engineer
1947 Barbara Lee, U.S. singer, Chiffons, He's So Fine
1947 Bill Smitrovich, actor, Crime Story, Miami Vice
1947 Rosie Barnes, born in Nottingham, England, born Rosemary Susan Allen, politician, founding member of the Social Democratic Party, served the Council for Social Democracy, charity organizer
1947 Bob Edwards, American Journalist
1946 Jessi B. Wilson, Mississippi, murderer, FBI Most Wanted List
1946 Roger Earl, rocker, Foghat
1945 Brewster H Shaw, Jr., Michigan, Col USAF/astronaut, STS-9, STS 61B, STS-28
1945 Jim Moran, born in Buffalo, New York, Representative-D-Virginia 1991 -
1945 Nicky Chinn, English songwriter/producer, Chinn and Chapman
1945 James P. Moran, American Politician
1944 Billy Cobham, Panama, jazz artist, Same Ole Love
1943 Dan Coats, born in Jackson, Michigan, Representative-R-Indiana 1981 - 1999
1943 Jon Jost, director, All the Vermeers in New York
1943 Elizabeth Andrews, British Politician
1941 Maurice Henry Weddington, composer
1940 Bernardo Bertolucci, Parma, Italy, director, 1900, Last Emperor
1940 Gareth Roberts, chancellor, Sheffield University
1939 Ken Blanchard, born in Orange, New Jersey, author, professional speaker, management expert, co-wrote, 'The One Minute Manager' with Spencer Johnson, sold over 13 million copies in 37 languages, wrote more than 30 successful books
1938 Anthony Walker, commandant, Royal College of Defense Studies
1938 Stuart Bell, born in County Durham, England, politician, Labor Party, Member of Parliament for Middlesbrough
1938 John Walters, British Musician
1937 Jim Hunt, born in Wilson, North Carolina, politician, Democratic Party, first and only four-term Governor of North Carolina 1976 - 2001
1937 Yvonne Craig, Taylorville, Illinois, actress, Batgirl-Batman, Kissin Cousin
1936 Philippe de Montebello, Paris, art exhibitionist, Treasures of Tut
1936 Roy Hudd, comedian, Blood Beast Terror, Vampire Beast Craves Blood
1936 Karl Lehmann, German Clergyman
1935 Carol Shields, Canadian Author
1934 Anthony Walker, commandant, Royal College of Defense Studies
1934 Nicholas Goodison, CEO, TSB Group
1932 Isaac "Redd" Holt, U.S. drummer, Young-Holt Unlimited-In Crowd
1931 Donald James Martino, Plainfield, New Jersey, composer, Noturnno-Pulitzer 1974
1931 Jack Dodson, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor, Howard Sprage-Andy Griffith Show
1931 Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., born in Paris, France, Representative-R-Connecticut 1969 - 1971, Senator-R-Connecticut 1971 - 1989, Governor-D-Connecticut 1991 - 1995
1931 Peter Levi, born in Ruislip, England, poet, writer, professor of poetry, University of Oxford, Catholic, spent time in the priesthood
1930 Desmond Langley, Governor, Bermuda
1930 Don Conicannon, government minister
1930 Friedrich Gulda, Austrian pianist/composer, Hangman's Songs
1930 Betty Carter, American Musician
1929 Adrienne Rich, born in Baltimore, Maryland, feminist writer, 'The Diamond Cutters' and 'Arts of the Possible'
1929 John Conyers, Jr., born in Highland Park, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1965 -
1929 Osmo Uolevi Lindeman, composer
1929 John Conyers, American Politician
1928 Billy Martin, baseball 2nd baseman and manager, New York Yankees, Oakland A's
1928 Reginald Askew, dean, King's College London
1927 John Walford, solicitor
1926 Jan Zimmer, composer
1926 Robert Jay Lifton, American Psychologist
1924 Dawda Kairaba Jawara, president, Gambia, 1970-94
1924 Frank F. Mankiewicz, New York City, columnist, Perfectly Clear
1923 Merton Miller, American Economist
1922 Colin Cole, Principal King of Arms
1922 Russell Wood, treasurer, Queen Elizabeth
1921 Harry Carey, Jr., Saugus California, actor, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
1921 Robert Croften Brown, politician
1920 Martine Carol, Maryse Mopurer, Saint-Mande France, actress, Nana
1919 Liberace, West Allis WI, pianist, Liberace Show, Evil Chandell-Batman
1919 Richard Mason, born near Manchester, England, author, learned Japanese in World War II, interrogated prisoners of war, wrote 'The Wind Cannot Read', 'The Fever Tree', 'The World of Suzie Wong'
1919 [Wladziu Valentino] Liberace, West Allis Wisconsin, pianist
1918 Edward Thomas, historian/intelligence expert
1918 Juan Rulfo, Mexican writer, Pedro Paramo
1918 Kevin Skelton, Bishop, Lichfield
1917 George Gaynes, Helsinki Finland, actor, Henry-Punky Brewster
1917 Geraint Jones, conductor/organist
1916 Adriana Caselotti, cartoon voice
1916 Bernard Braden, broadcaster/actor, All Night Lone, Full Treatment
1916 Ephraim Katzir, biophysicist/president, Israel
1916 Irene Elizabeth Beatrice Ighodaro, doctor/social reformer
1914 Edward T. Hall, American Scientist
1913 Woody Herman, jazz clarinetist/bandleader/composer, Thundering Herds
1912 Studs Terkel, born in New York, author, historian, broadcaster, Pulitzer Prize winner
1911 Margaret Sullavan, born in Norfolk, Virginia, actress, Back Street
1911 Olaff J de Landell, JB Wemmerslager van Sparwoude, writer
1909 Charles Wislon, principal, Glasgow University
1909 David Brock, American Author
1908 Hilary Preston, editor
1908 Mohammed Roem, Indonesian foreign minister, Linggadjati
1907 Robert Tisdall, Ireland, 400m hurdler 1932 Olympics gold
1906 Arturo Uslar Pietri, Venezuela, writer/minister, Lanzas Coloradas
1906 Ernie McCormick, cricketer, Australian quickie of late 30's
1906 Nicholas Beriozoff, ballet master
1905 H[erbert] E[rnest] Bates, novelist, Feast for July, Love for Lydia
1905 Henry Fonda, Grand Is, Nebraska, actor, Mr Roberts, On Golden Pond
1904 Hugh Plaxton, Canada, ice hockey player 1928 Olympics gold
1904 Lily Pons, opera singer and actress, That Girl From Paris
1902 Jan Kiepura, Sosnowiec Poland, vocalist/actor, Her Wonderful Lie
1898 August de Schrijver, Belgian politician/founder, CVP
1897 Walther Geiser, composer
1893 Jose Calvo Sotelo, Spanish minister of Finance, 1925-30
1893 Paul Amadeus Pisk, composer
1892 Coenraad B van Haeringen, linguist/etymologist, Dutch Dictionary
1892 Richard Tauber, Ernst Seiffert, Austria/British, tenor/conductor
1889 Joan Collette, Dutch, male, painter, New Church, Delft
1887 Bull Montana, Vogliera Italy, actor, Brass Buttons, Victory
1887 J van Hoddis, writer
1880 Julian Tannen, New York, comedian, Great Moment
1878 Taylor Holmes, Newark, New Jersey, actor, Tobor the Great, Beware My Lovely
1866 Ernest Watson Burgess, U.S. sociologist, ecological school
1858 Frank Lynes, composer
1858 Hanus Trnecek, composer
1857 Juan Morel Campos, composer
1850 Arthur Henry Mann, organist/composer
1845 Dietrich Schafer, German historian, Deutsche Hanse
1832 Philip Danforth Armour, founder, Armour Foods
1831 David Edward Hughes, inventor, microphone, teleprinter
1827 Petrus J H Cuypers, architect, Amsterdam Museum, Central station
1824 Edmund Kirby Smith, Florida, General Confederate Army
1824 Levi Parsons Morton, R, 22nd U.S. Vice President, 1889 - 1893
1822 Eduard Hille, Dutch composer and conductor
1819 Daniel Ammen, Captain Union Navy
1816 Henry Hopkins Sibley, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1806 George C Cadwalader, Major General Union volunteers
1804 Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, educator and founder, U.S. kindergarten
1801 William Henry Seward, Secretary of State, 1861 - 1869, buys Alaska at 2 cents per acre
1801 William H. Seward, American Statesman
1788 F Ruckert, writer
1788 Friedrich Ruckert, born in Schweinfurt, Germany, pseudonym, Freimund Raimar, writer, poet, master of 30 languages, professor of Oriental languages
1782 John Sell Cotman, water color artist
1763 Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin, chemist, discovered chromium, beryllium
1761 John Opie, born at Trevellas, England, teacher, artist, portraitist, historical works include, the Assassination of James I, Murder of Rizzio
1748 Antonius van Alphen, apostolic vicar of De Bosch
1718 Maria G Agnesi, Italy mathematician curves= xy=a, a-y
1659 Campegius Vitringa, Dutch theologist
1641 Dudley North, financier/economist
1609 Ferdinand, Austria, cardinal of Spain/governor of Netherlands
1558 Andreas of Austria, Bohemia cardinal/Governor of Netherlands, 1598 - 1600